Saturday, January 22, 2011

$5 Barbie Tees @ Target

I stopped by Target the other day and while passing their checkout counters, I saw a little Barbie display on one of the end caps. There were tee shirts, mugs, Barbie accessories, and all sorts of random products so I happily grabbed two t-shirts. They were marked $9.99 (on the shelf) so I wanted to try them both on to decide on which one to get. To me, 10 bucks is way too steep for a thin, cheap t-shirt.

In the end, I couldn't decide which to get so I brought both to the register. When the cashier scanned one of the tees, it showed up for only $4.99! I ended up buying two -and then also running back to get another pink one (which ended up being ripped on the side so I'll be returning it!!) I think I'll go back to check the prices on the mugs though because maybe all the Barbie items were on sale and not just the t-shirts.

About the sizing.. The t-shirts are available in (from what I remember) S-XXL. I'm an XS in shirts and I got the White in a medium and the Pink in a small. Both smalls fit me but I didn't like how the material of the White tee felt so "stiff." Also, medium was longer and I like the my shirts to cover my butt. The medium for the pink had a ripped side (like the additional pink one I bought) so I got the small which fits fine. The large even fits me although it is loose but it's not overly long and doesn't hang off my butt like most big t-shirts.

Check the seams.. If you buy these these, again, be careful and check the sides of the shirts. The seams tend to tear easily -this can easily be fixed but it's worth mentioning.

Which design do you like more? I like the pink one but I don't wear a lot of pink -I wish it was on white instead. The design on the white tee looks SO CHEAP.. like a DIY iron on job but I really liked the images of all the different Barbie and Ken dolls so whatever. I don't buy many shirts with cartoons or images but I will if they're Hello Kitty or Barbie!

Have a lovely Saturday!! <33


  1. They're cute! Will check this out at Target! :)

  2. wow!! so cute! I love the pink shirt! I love this too :D

  3. I like the pink one. it's got that Barbie Throwback image going on. oh the memories.

  4. Cute. These are classic Barbie pictures! Target always has the coolest and most surprising products, especially dog clothes and toys.

  5. How cute! I'd love to get these and cut them up into tanktops(=

  6. hahahaha boyfriends are fun to toy with! that is funny how I think Ken looks like such a cheese dick(like prince charming in shrek)

  7. I so went to Target looking for these, but alas...there were none to be found. Bummer!

  8. Found in toy section today. $10 though. Got both. :-)

  9. @ Miss Nikka.. I hope you find them! =)

    @ Christine.. Thank you! <3

    @ chiaracat.. Oooh I like that shirt too! =)

    @ My-My.. I like the image on the pink one more too!

    @ Kristie.. I know! OMG don't even get me started.. I'm there like almost every day.

    @ makeupbykatie.. Great idea! Tank tops would be very cute.

    @ Pop Champagne.. LOL ..GREAT comparison. Did you see Toy Story 3?? I think they got Ken down perfectly.

    @ AebonyMoore.. NONE?! =( Did you try the toy section? They didn't have any at the second Target I went to but I think I'm going to go back and check the toy section.

    @ Team Calton.. Yay! And thank you for the head's up about them being in the toy section.

  10. hi i wonder does target still have those barbie tee shirts and the mugs and stuff that you mentioned ?