Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Nudey Tuesday: NEW Wet 'n' Wild Color Icon Palette in Silent Treatment Review & Swatches

Repurchase: Yes
Price: $2.99 (0.12 oz)
Product: 21.5/25
Packaging: 3.5/5
Value: 10/10
Overall Grade: B+
I'm a little late with the Nudey Tuesday for today but thought I'd squeeze it in before it became Wednesday (PST.) I'm going to try to make it as short and non-wordy as possible to make it in time! Anyways, today I'm reviewing Wet 'n' Wild's new Color Icon trio in Silent Night. Reviews for the other shades will be coming soon! =)
The Packaging: The three eyeshadows come in a very basic, black plastic palette with a clear lid. A small compartment at the bottom of the palette holds an eyeshadow brush and a sponge applicator.

Product Description
Product Directions

The Product: Recently, Wet 'n' Wild came out with some new Color Icon palettes containing an upgraded formula that promised 30% better pigmentation than the original. And as promised, Wet 'n' Wild's new Color Icon formula is better than ever. The eyeshadows all contain amazing pigmentation, blend easily, and are very soft. Also, the eyeshadows are a lot less chalky than before which is a major plus!
However, I found the "softness" of the eyeshadows to be a slight issue -they are a bit powdery for my taste and are prone to fallout but still very good for only $2.99.
The Color:

1. Browbone- Very pale, frosted peach with shimmer
2. Crease- Matte, dark bark brown with pale gold shimmer
3. Eyelid- Slightly frosted medium taupe with an almost rosy/pinked "glow" to it and shimmer


Above (no flash) from left: Browbone, Crease, Eyelid

Overall: I already liked the "old" Color Icon eyeshadows but these blow those out the water! They're definitely one of the better drugstore eyeshadows when it comes to color payoff and I love the wide selection of shades. I also think the price is just right because they're very affordable and are a great value considering the product you're getting. Most of the time, when I pay so low for a beauty product, it's really "too good to be true." That's not the case with Wet 'n' Wild's Color Icon eyeshadows -they work and won't put a dent in your wallet.

Where To Buy: Walgreens


  1. love the lid colour in that palette. I recently picked up the color icon 6 shadow ones (well two of them) and they are great.

  2. Loving anything matte at the moment, so not a big fan of the shimmer in the BrowBone highlight. Love your Nudey Tuesday posts though :)
    Keep 'em up!

  3. @ Justine.. The lid color is my favorite too. =) Glad you like your palettes!

    @ Leah.. I don't really like frosty browbone shades but I do like it for the lid! I love mattes too.. And thank you, I'm so glad you like them! =)

  4. i love that dark color!! the swipe seems smooth!!! i need to check this out soon i just love the color combo

  5. i really want to try this brand, this is so pretty :)

  6. I'm seeing these palettes everywhere on the beauty blogging scene! That taupe color is just gorgeous. The price is definitely awesome - who can complain about $2.99? Great swatches and review.

  7. i have this and love this palette ! ^_^ heheh i've never tried the old formula.. but i do love this one !

  8. Yay new post! I discovered your blog only last Saturday and have been reading past posts during essay breaks. Now I'm around the June 2010 mark :)

    Really enjoy the highly detailed reviews you provide and the fact that you approach every new product with a almost standardised system makes it more trustworth!

    Since I'm a UK reader, I can only lust after Wet n Wild...but I've bought some of those shadows from a blog sale so fingers crossed!

    Btw. what's your current makeup hogging situation like? I keep buying more and never seem to use any up.

  9. @ Rinz.. Hope you find it.. Let me know what you think! =)

    @ Christine.. I bought an extra to giveaway! Not sure if I'm giving it away separately or in a Valentine's Day giveaway but will update soon! I've just been so busy.

    @ Kristie.. LOL Yuupppp.. Will you be buying?

    @ siwing.. I like this a lot more than the old formula! Better color payoff and not as chalky. =)

    @ ShimmerDreamz (Cassie).. Wow! That makes me so happy! =) I'm so glad you enjoy reading my posts.

    Just so you know, in the older reviews (where I first started the grading system), the numbers didn't calculate correctly (for the overall grade.) I fixed that months ago but if you ever see the older reviews that are like that, the "product grade" is your best bet. It just took a while to figure out just how many points I wanted each category to have.

    Umm.. I don't even want to think about my makeup collection. It's out of control (for my own standards) but definitely not as crazy as others I've seen. I'll take photos one day.. I have the same problem as you.. I NEVER use anything up (besides lip balm and mascara) but to keep that controlled, I do a makeup clean-up every few months. I give away, swap, and sell the products I don't like/will never use.

  10. wow they're only 2.99 over there?!? i got mine for like 6 in canada! :(