Sunday, January 9, 2011

Love Session, MAC, Swatches, & Haul

First off, I just wanted to say thank you to all my supportive readers -especially everyone who commented and emailed. Your kind words really made me feel so much better and pushed me to want to blog again. On Wednesday night when I wrote the last post, I really did feel like taking a break but having a pretty great day Friday along with reading all of your comments and emails made me feel at ease again.

To get the "makeup/beauty" part of the post out of the way, I thought I'd share my haul first. On Friday, my parents and I went to China Town in SF to eat some Dim Sum and walk around. My dad got a "Got Dim Sum?" shirt with little images of different Dim Sum food -the man really loves his Dim Sum. I picked up something I've been looking for for ages -a little Kimmidoll key chain (sort of pricey at $8.95 -it's slightly cheaper online.) I chose the "Honest" doll for shallow reasons: because she was the cutest! =P

If you'd like to know the name of the store I bought this from, email me. I don't want to give them any free advertising because the cashier (I believe she's also the owner) was so incredibly rude to me. In most cases, I wouldn't have bought anything at all if I experience poor customer service but I loved the key chain too much -plus the other workers were nice. This was probably the best store in China Town that I visited that day.

Then at noon, my boyfriend came by. He got me Benefit's new Bella Bamba blush ($28.00) and samples of High Beam Highlighter and Stay Don't Stray Primer. I didn't swatch Bella Bamba yet because I want to take photos first for a review.

When I opened the bag, I asked him how he got the extra samples since I love beauty samples. He goes, "Oh yea, I had to holler at her for them." LOL.. =P Also, the adorable Benefit bag got wrinkled because he put it in his pocket. Boys -they seriously don't understand "why" pretty shopping bags and packaging are so important to us girls. I don't like plastic bags but nice paper bags can be used for gift giving and can be recycled. I try to avoid plastic bags but sometimes the cashier shoves your purchases into the bags so fast! Then they get grumpy when you say, "no bag please" -oh well, I reuse 99% of any shopping bags I receive anyways.

He also got me Enchane and Woo Me Kissable Lipcolours from MAC's new Peacocky Collection ($18.00 each.) I wore Woo Me today and I absolutely adore it it -it could possibly even be a new (all time) favorite lip gloss/liquid lipstick.

If you're interested in any of the Kissable Lipcolours, I'd recommend buying them soon. I've noticed several sold out products from both the MAC Peacocky and Mickey Contractor collections. (Most of the products for Mickey Contractor are already sold out online. In the U.S., the collection is only available at the top 22 MAC stores in the country -I was lucky to have two nearby. I'll share another haul with you soon.)

See the following links for full collection swatches of Peacocky and Mickey Contractor


Above (with flash) from left: Mac Kissable Lipcolours in Enchane and Woo Me
Above (with flash) from left: Mac Kissable Lipcolour in Woo Me
I also picked up some sushi and dessert earrings from Claire's that were Buy 2 Get 1 Free. I've been looking for these for so long so I was happy to find them (each pack was $8.50.) I was going to buy them on Etsy (for around $5 a pair plus shipping) but I'm glad I waited! my favorite is the middle pack -I bought the pack all the way to the right (same but in different colors) because I didn't know which to choose for the "free" ones. I'm not sure I like the sushi anymore -they look kind of weird and I'd prefer different sushi rolls.

Ok now for the written, random portion..

Today I felt like writing a somewhat rather mushy post. I've had a ton of support over the last few days over  and I just wanted to thank everyone again for supporting me. I also wanted to thank the new readers who started following -I can't believe I have 662 followers (woo hoo!)

Another person that has been beyond amazing when it comes to supporting me is my boyfriend. The thing is, people in my "real" life obviously do care but they don't really understand "the point" of blogging. They don't understand why I put in so much time, money, effort, and love into this blog. For instance, my dad wonders why I blog for free (he told me I should make a LUUUX so that I get something back from blogging.) My mom always nags me for spending on makeup. Friends just don't understand "the point." And even though they all don't fully understand, it's OK because I know they all support me as a person and are always just looking out for my best interest.

A little display in my boyfriend's room of things I've made/bought him. He has these things all around the room but the other day, I saw this display under his TV and thought it was cute. <3

However, my boyfriend does understand why I blog and why I love to so it makes him 10x more lovable. My boyfriend and I are not the overly mushy types (i.e. "OMG I love you soooooooo much I want to marry you and have 15 kids with you!!) BUT he does show me he cares by doing things for me. He cooks for me, practically always lets me have my way (LOL), trades meals with me if we go out to eat and I don't like my order, drives far distances to see me (we're sort of long-distance), checks my blog on a regular basis, listens for hours while I talk about things he's not even interested in, gives me massages to get rid of all the insane knots in my shoulders, rubs my temples when I have headaches, waits endless hours while I shop, will walk/drive out of the way (sometimes to multiple locations) just to cure my food cravings, and buys me makeup -even on crazy MAC launch days. Even though he prefers my "minimal makeup" look, he still supports my habit! And the thing is, that's really not even half of what he does for me.

His qualities as a person are amazing. He's incredibly nice, loyal, forgiving, funny, just plain silly, and the list goes on. Ever since I could remember, the only guys that would come knocking were dumb jocks or guys who were/thought they were gangsters (LOL, I know..) I had a string of terrible boyfriends before I met my current one. He's a great writer, can spit (actually good) rhymes, has awesome taste in music, has excellent taste when it comes to sports (Laker hater like me!), and is slightly dorky in his own way -not in a nerdy way, he's just really goofy. And best of all, I'm a priority in his life and he puts me first. Sometimes I bring on the girl drama and act like he doesn't care (especially during that time of the month) but he does and it makes me really, really happy. No guy (outside of my family) has ever cared about me as much as he has and I'm so thankful for him every single day. Also, he has so much faith in God and has really brought my own faith back -before we were together, I felt so "low" and he got me to really believe again.

These are things I haven't ever really told him so I figured it was about time after all these years. I'm so grateful for him and everyone else I have in my life including my family, friends, and readers. You have no idea how touched I was to receive your emails and comments. I find it crazy that even though I don't know you all personally, I feel this "connection" with all of you. I love how we have this online community here on this blog, other blogs, Specktra, MakeupAlley, etc. where we all have the same passion for makeup, fashion, Hello Kitty, and random cute things. =P

Anyways, this was just a haul/thank you post and I wanted to dedicate to all the loves in my life. =) Oh yea, regular non-ranting posts will show up again soon. Have a fabulous Sunday everyone. <33


  1. I feel the same way too about blogging. No one else in my "real" life understands either! My parents are oblivious to blogging since they are not up to date w/technology, my friends don't understand the need to express in writing about makeup products.. but I know other bloggers understand. It's one thing that's kept me here is because of the mutual understanding between all beauty bloggers :)

    Your BF is so cute to buy you makeup and lipglosses!! I think he is the first I've ever heard of to do that!! :p It's good for you to have someone who truly knows you :) Aw, :)

    The earrings are the cutest! I have to find a Claire's store now! :p The "Honest" doll is so cute!!!!!! Most shops in Chinatown are pretty wacky when it comes to service though :p I live in the Bay Area too and experienced all sorts of things like that :D

  2. I love reading your posts because I really trust what you say. I've gotten a couple things off your reviews and swatches and I really love them!

    About the Kimmidoll... there is a store in Japantown in SF. I don't know the named, but it's near the Hello Kitty Store and they have better service and I'm pretty sure the price is the same! They have a pretty large selection of the dolls also.

  3. What a nice post!
    Your boyfriend is the one, keep him!
    I love the earrings!! Even the sushis one!
    You're nice and you do great posts, It's normal everybody supports you!
    Don't let them take you down!

  4. i've never heard of kimmidolls but they are so cute !!

    the mac lipcolors you got are really pretty! totally my taste.. lol.. all i have are pink/nudes.. and steer away from red/bold colors.. =S

    your bf is so sweet ! =) hehe definitely a keeper!

    and your dad is cool! haha props for the dim sum shirt! and he knows what luuux is ?! lol..

    i love reading your posts, and i'm glad you haven't stopped blogging =)

  5. Once again I absolutely love everything you got. I'm so glad you're going to continue blogging, since your posts are so inspirational to me.

    I really like what you wrote about your boyfriend. I just decided to end a long relationship because I couldn't say anything like that- he never did any of those things for me, I was not put first, and it just didn't make me happy. So reading that you went through some bad relationships before finding one like the one you have right now is encouraging. I hope someday I can find a guy who will treat me like that.

  6. what is Kimmidolls, girl? Ive never heard of it but thank you for posting this. It's sooo cute. i need to get one for myself!

  7. Those MAC lipglosses look gorgeous, and the earrings are so cute!

    I feel the same way as blogging as you do. My mother, boyfriend and some friends support me and read my blog everyday, but some just don't care or understand why it's so important to me. When I sit at my desk to read blogs, I'm very happy. I feel like I'm entering another world.

  8. I'm so glad to see you decided to continue blogging! That is a great haul btw - I really want Bella Bamba after seeing it on everyone's blogs. And your bf is so sweet to you, I wish mine would randomly buy me cosmetics too :(

    I can relate to what you mean about no one understanding why we bloggers choose to blog. Apart from my bff and my bf, no one else I know even knows I own a blog. I have a feeling they wouldn't understand why I put so much time and effort into blogging :P

  9. I love all this products!!!
    the doll is so pretty :D

  10. I´m delighted to know that you reconsider your position and you are back with us. These people don´t deserve the importance that they have given. They must be invisible to you.

  11. those claire's earrings are so adorable - and i'm looking forward to your bella bamba review! glad to see you'll be remaining in the blogging world :)

  12. Great to hear you are in good spirits again, it was nice to see a new Feed notice from you this morning. :)

    And beautiful blush... I have been looking at this one as I am in the market for a new item - I look forward to your review!

    As for writing with no monetary reward and lack of understanding? I am with you... I put aside my post-grad studies in Biomedical Science in order to write a Philosophy thesis for a lecturer who inspired me - not the same situation exactly - but, like you, I am doing it out of complete joy and inspiration. Despite the fact I will probably not be able to make a career/salary out of my studies, I wouldn't want to be doing anything else right now. That is the most important thing, I believe... from blogging, to writing, to poetry, to studies. :)

  13. I'm so glad to hear you are going to keep blogging! I have been following your ordeal and I really feel for you, nobody should have to deal with that.

    Those MAC glosses are gorgeous! I am thinking I may need to get them for myself if they're still available...

  14. I am so happy you are back and that you are feeling good again.Your boyfriend is an amazing person( I wish God gives me a husband as caring as him lol)you are so lucky but I think you deserve good things and good people because you are a very nice person, again I am so happy you are back I was so sad when you said you will be absent for sometime your blog is my favourite blog because your posts are about different things and are so interesting and the best part is you always reply back to every single comment.Oh one more thing I just tried this new product skin 79 BB cream it's amazing ,do try it you can buy it online they have an american site it's basically foundation with skin care properties

  15. Great haul! I'm also thinking of getting Bella Bamba, eventhough I have enough blush in my life! lol. Those Mac lipglosses looks so nice, might need to check it out.

    Your bf sounds like a sweetheart, definitely a keeper! I do feel the same, noone in real life knows about my blog except for my bf and one of my girlfriend (I got het addicted to makeup too so she knows about my blog and its ok). Other people would just not care since it doesnt interest them. So you are not alone, I think most of us are like that. :)

  16. oh I'm so happy for you...hugs! Mine does almost everything your bf does only I wish he would buy me makeup without me asking :)). a girl can only dream...even though he prefers me natural...

  17. I got Exxxhibitionist and So Vain in the kissable lipglasses. I tried Enchantee but it looked horrible on me. I was hoping that it would be like Cultured lipglass but even better. So sad.

    Love this entry btw!

  18. @ Jen.. LOL! My parents are SUPER up to date -more than me it seems like. BUT they don't "get it" -the biggets reason is because it's a "waste of money" (to buy the products) but to me, it's not a waste if it's your hobby and something you love to do.

    You're totally right -I think some of the only people who can truly understand are other bloggers. Makeup seems so frivolous and unimportant to other people.

    LOL.. that's what wishlists are for! I always talk about the things I want/would love to have. ;)

    I hope you find the earrings. =) I love them but haven't had time to wear them yet.

    @ Valerie Zhang.. Aww thank you. =) That's why I blog -I want to help people find good products that are right for them. I know some people probably find my reviews to be way too lengthy, but I right them that way so that people know every pro and con of the product.

    P.S. Thank you for the store recommendation!

    @ rock-or-not.. Thank you for the kind words. I'm so blessed to have so man great readers!

    @ siwing.. Me too! I do own some reds, browns, and plums but I LIVE for nudes and pale pinks. And LOL he knows what LUUUX is now because I told him what happened. I'm glad I'm back to blogging too. =) I guess it felt weird NOT to blog.

  19. @ Jennifer.. Thank you for the very swet words. I'm so happy you enjoy the posts. =)

    I'm sorry about your breakup but it looks like he didn't deserve you anyways. There's no point in being with a guy who doesn't want to do anything for you. Relationships are about being good to each other and they should never be a one way street -I've been in those and they're NOT fun. I really hope you find a guy who deserves you because you're such a lovely, beautiful girl. I think the only advice I can give is to not look. You'll find him when you least expect it. <33

    @ Rinz.. I never knew what they were called until I bought one. The only problem is they scratch up so easily!

    @ G A B Y.. That's so great that your mom supports you. My mom of course cares for my best interest but I don't think she'll ever understand why I love makeup/blogging. I totally agree with what you said -blogging/reading blogs is like entering another world! It makes me so happy.

  20. @ Rinny.. Thanks -I'm glad to be back! LOL it's not totally random. I always talk about new collections/products, make wishlists, or just flat out ask for things. =)

    Me too! I always debate over whether or not to tell people because it can be a little weird. We pour our hearts into blogging so people who don't "get it" well.. just wouldn't get it.

    @ In Palace.. Thank you. =)

    @ Tormentilla28.. I know. I'm really trying here but just thinking about what was done makes me so mad! What's worse is that LUUUX doesn't even seem like they're really trying. My posts are still up on her page. =(

    @ Heatherette.. Thank you! I'm hoping to review Bella Bamba in the next few days. I'm so behind -I have dozens of products to take pics of and review.

  21. @ Jen.. Aww that's so sweet and makes me so happy! Honestly haven't tried it yet but will today. =)

    I can totally understand where you're coming from. Doing what you believe in will always be the right thing to do. Even if there's no "reward", it's always rewarding knowing that you're making yourself happy. What makes it even more reqarding is having others (readers) who enjoy reading what you write!

    @ Bailey.. Thank you so much for the kind words -I really appreicate it.

    And definitely pick up the glosses. I like them! =)

    @ alvira.. Thank you so much for all the kind words in your comment and every comment you've left on the blog. You are such a sweet person and I love that you have so much faith in God -it's a beautul, powerful thing. I'm so grateful to have a reader like you.

    Also, I've been wanting to try BB cream for the longest time! The only reason I haven't tried it yet is because I don't know what shade to choose(because it's online.)

    P.S. I'm a little behind on comments but I'm doing my best!

  22. @ Miss Nikka.. LOL I know how you feel. I have WAY too many blushes but I love blushes/highlighters/bronzers/etc. <33

    I totally agree. Only makeup lovers seems to truly understand us! I have some friends and my bf who support my blog but because they aren't makeu lovers themselves, it can be difficult to see "what" is so great about that blush or lipstick.

    @ Schumitza.. LOL I ask too though. =) OR I make wishlists.

    My boyfriend prefers me natural too! But he knows how much I love makeup so he supports my habit. ;)

    @ Pamela.. I wanted So Vain too but I just love pale shades. I haven't tried Enchantee yet but I already know from swatching that I'll love it! Hope you love the ones you got. <33