Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Kim Kardashian Does Music..

It amazes me when I turn on the radio and hear the trash playing nowadays -which is why I rarely listen to the radio. People have sold out and the industry is, as I've said it many times, about big boobies, big butts, big hair, and no talent. While there are some artists that I semi-like and respect, I don't understand why they so often use their looks 90% of the time and their actual, real talent 10% of the time but that's what people seem to want.

As my film teacher says, "If you keep going to the movies and paying for the crap that's playing in the theaters, they're going to keep producing the same junk," (something along those lines) -and I believe the same applies to music.

It also amazes me how every beautiful person out there assumes that just because he or she is drop dead gorgeous, they can automatically sing and act. AGH! I don't know about the rest of America, but I personally am more interested in a person's voice than how they look. Today, music is just taken over by 1) looks or 2) Auto-tune "singing." With the right machines, ANYONE can sing..

Ok, so why does this make me so mad? Because I've been singing and writing for years. I'm not going to go out there and say, "OMG I'm the best singer songwriter in the world" because obviously, I know I'm not. However, I do work really hard on my music and respect those with a passion for music as well. What I DON'T like is the fact that good music is being screwed over by a bunch of no talent bimbos.

Also, I'm not even saying everyone who's famous is talentless. Again, I'm saying that I wish they'd use more talent as opposed to sex. For instance, I do somewhat like Beyonce. I think she's mad talented and really knows how to put on a performance. But sometimes, I feel like it's more about her booty and big hair than her music. Another example: Lady Gaga. I've seen her older videos and I've thought, "WOW! That girl can sing!!" I don't even particularly like her music but I can't say that she's not talented because she truly is -BUT, she seems to be more focused in trying to be unique with her strange costumes than anything else.

Oh but there are some ladies (of today's music scene) that I absolutely love.. even if they do "sex it up" just a bit: Pink, Colbie Caillat, Mary J. Blige, and Christina Aguilera (even with all her recent troubles).

And then we get to the "rap music" of today. It makes me want to pound my head against the wall. WTF happened to good hip hop ..nowadays, people are blasting Lil' Wayne and Drake. Smh.. If you like Lil' Wayne, I'm sorry for offending you. But in the words of one of my classmates, "He's no Pac." I miss you 80's-90's hip hop.

The only thing that I think is semi-ok on the radio today is maybe country music. And I don't even like country.

I guess this turned into another rant. Oh boy! Let me know your thoughts.. Again, this post really isn't meant to offend anyone at all. I just wanted to express my own, personal thoughts on today's music.


  1. AMEN to everything you said. I love to sing and I adore REAL music. This is just like the paris hilton bs all over again. No bloody talent. I love kim k - well kinda, she's a beauty inspiration - she should stick in front of the camera and just pose. This type of music is an insult to good music. If this is ever played on mtv I quite possibly can barf. I dare half of the so called artists nowadays to just sing live. That should show where talent really is and where editing and remixes are the only talent of the song. Oh well.

  2. Haha! So true. I agree with the whole thing.

    She sounds flat, like she can't project her voice at all. & I'm sure the vocals have had some major remodelling to match the rest of her. I'd love to hear her sing live!

    Even though a lot of what artists nowadays is just for show, (Lady Gaga) I am always impressed when underneath it all they can actually sing.

  3. Indeed, amen. That's one of the reasons I'm a a metal head (not that I don't like other genres of music, truly, I LOVE music) I know it's not for everyone, but a lot of musicians in the metal scene are ACTUALLY MUSICIANS. Yeah, their stuff gets edited and 'fixed' too, but in the end, they can play live shows without extra help because they're the ones making and writing the music in the first place. In my eyes, there isn't much in other genres today that show true virtuosity and talent like metal does. (Also, a lot of metal bands are pretty ugly (some even try to be!!), so at least in that sense, they can't use sex to sell records! haha :D)

    Again, I know it's not for everyone, but it's the auto-tuned generic bubblegum babble that helped turn me on to metal in the first place!

    Great post, this is definitely something that needs to be talked about!

  4. Ohh lord, I really wasn't ready for that...
    I totally agree with you, I don't hear any radio either, nor MTV. There's only a small ammount of crap I can take daily and I believe I have enough with tv comercials...
    Remember when Paris Hilton released a cd a few years back? Deja vu!

  5. When I turned on the radio this morning, I heard this song as well and couldn't get through even half of it.

    Yes, I agree with a lot that you've said. Music isn't what it used to be. I used to be such a CD junkie, going to the music store and buying the latest releases every Tuesday and watching MTV for their MUSIC VIDEOS....but I have to admit, music has gotten better over the past few years. I've kind of drifted into Asian music (kpop/jpop) since 2006, but lately...some stuff on the radio is alright. I do like Gaga and Beyonce, Christina, and some others out there...but there's not much. -sigh-

    I guess if it's what the majority wants, so be it. But, that shouldn't discourage those out there (like yourself) to be discouraged. Talent is talent and even in the smallest ways, talent should always be embraced. :D

    Oh, but the last CD I bought in stores was FM...woo~ ^^

  6. Great post. I agree with everything. I don't like that just because someone becomes popular in the media they have to do everything like shoe line, perfume line, clothing line, singer, modeling, and etc. It's pretty annoying and it does kind of remind me of when Paris Hilton came out with a song.

  7. I had no idea she released a single; it's just awful! Her voice is even terrible with autotune! I don't listen to top 40 radio stations. I actually listen to Jazz stations if I'm listening to radio. There are no good songs anymore; what the industry really needs is good songwriters. Unfortunately in LA everything is about looks and the industry starts here and spreads the obsession with appearance elsewhere. I think all people are too judgmental about appearance anyway. I wish I had been born a little earlier so I could have enjoyed the 90s.

  8. i agree with everything you said !! i get so annoyed by songs on the radio.. so pointless... soulja boy is one example.. his lyrics dont make sense !!

    i love kim k.. but hate this song. lol.. its a joke. but i heard that all the proceeds are going to charity.. so hmmm..

  9. I don't listen to the radio very often any more, in part because of the reasons you were talking about. I especially hate when actresses (who generally can't even act well) or people who are famous for being famous (like Kim K) decide they want to be 'singers', too. Autotune only does so much.

  10. so totally agree with you! rock on!

  11. I agree with you on the music part!

    I also read an article this morning though saying that "stardom" is back now! That maybe explains why artists put more emphasis on their looks than anything else. The article was saying that common people are tired of their celebrities (anyone famous) being bland and "like any of us". So that would exlain the poluarity of Lady Gaga, Niki Minaj and other "stars" who have a personna (even if Lady Gaga says the she doesn't, that the image we get in magazines are her everyday self).

    The article was also saying that in this days and age of social media and youtube, music is not selling like it used to be, therefore singers and band have to rely on their image in order to be able to sell something else than their music.

    But I have to agree, Kim was popular before her music video, and Paris as well, so I see no point in them having records!

    Good luck with your music endeavours! :)

  12. oOo. I don't really have anything agaisnt the music industry today. I love Drake, but I don't find anything in the post offensive though. All I've noticed about music these days is.. ALL THESE SONGS SOUNDS SO SIMILAR. They've evolved so much from the 90's back when Ashanti, R Kelly and Delta Goodrem dominated. 50cent.. Ray J...

    Yap, that's my take :P
    And I agree with Siwing about Soulja boy... :/


  13. WHAT?! There's STILL AUTO-TUNE these days?! WTFH?! OH WOW...just when I thought that those auto-tune clubbing music that were back in the days are gone! How sooo NOT cool! That's why I mostly listen to C-pop, Mando-pop, J-pop, and K-pop music! Yeah, I've always hated Kim Kar"TRASH"ian, that's why I gave her this nickname, but ARGH! Her "singing" is just plain TRASHY as well as this lame song of hers! I think she only did this because a lot of people said she has NO talent and that she's only known because she did a sex scandal like what Paris Hilton's did and she's her friend, in which I COMPLETELY AGREE with! Unfortunately, sex Nicki Minaj! Yuck! She CAN'T even Rap and all she's selling is sex, but yet she denies the whole fact! ARGH! She pisses me off just as much as well! >=( I only like a bit of old "New School" Rap when it just came out because I used to hear it when I was back in High School, bringing back a lot of good, old memories back in those days! But now that I'm hearing not just TRASHY Indie-influenced Rap, but a LOT more TRASHY Pop sings that are Indie-influenced as well, making them sound TRASHY and WEIRD! ARGH! So, now I rarely ever listen to English music nowadays! =( Also, the same goes with the Western magazines that's been around for sooo many years! All they focus on is sell sex in the headlines and at least a full-page acticle about it in their magazines! So, it's another reason why I'm never attracted to those Western magazines! Only the Asian Magazines because they DON'T talk about sex at all and they just have the CUTEST sense of STYLE! =^.^= So, it's another reason why I fell for EVERYTHING that's Asian Fashion instead of the Western Fashion, since Asian Fashion is SOOO KAWAII! =^_^= As for society that we live in nowadays, I TOTALLY AGREE with what you and your teacher said, in that the people out there made what has now become a corrupted society, in which it also applies to the WHOLE Celebrity industry as well! Also, like you said, in that, Celebrities "think" that they can actually sing and all, just because they "think" that they're "hot" and "all that", is what's making the so-called "Celebrities" sooo "infamous" these days, in which they DON'T deserve to be a "Celebrity" AT ALL! As for Lady Gaga though, even though she's definitely got talent alright, she's seems to be more focused on trying to dress BIZARRELY "unique" so that she can become the "spotlight" for the "center of attention"! Oh, how I sooo miss those days where sex sells LESS THAN music! =(

  14. my ears are dying...this song is horribleeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Nice article though! :)

  15. I hate how these socialites have the money and are famous so hence they put out an album, like when Lindsey lohan did it? hello she's an actress! and they wonder why her album tanked, same as paris hilton and those cougars from real housewives show. anyways it will be the same for Kim K, she will have 1 mediocre hit and that would be it.