Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Nudey Tuesday: Maybelline FIT Me! Blushes in Medium Nude & Deep Nude Review & Swatches

Repurchase: Maybe
Price: Around $5 (0.16 oz)
Product: 19.5/25
Packaging: 4/5
Value: 9/10
Overall Grade: B-

I stumbled across Maybelline's new Fit Me Blushes at Walgreens for only $3.29 on sale and snagged two in Medium Nude and Deep Nude.

Helpful Hint: Walgreens is currently having a 40% off Maybelline sale on foundation, concealer, powder, blush, lip products, and nail products or beauty tools.

The Packaging: The plastic compacts are short and wide and contain clear lids that open from the left (like a book.) Although they're made of plastic, they do look sleek compared to all the other plastic compacts in the drugstore beauty aisle.

Brushes are also included and while I prefer using my own blush brush, these do appear to be fuller than the usual wimpy brushes included in drugstore powder compacts and surprisingly get the job done. While they're not especially plush and soft, the brushes aren't scratchy and I didn't encounter any loose or broken brush hairs.

The Product: Whoa! Talk about being sheer. These are so sheer that I had to layer them 4-5 times just to get decent swatches. They're sheer on the face too and from what I could tell (because they're so sheer), they lasted about 2.5 hours for me. They do provide a slight hint of color so if that's your thing, this is the blush for you.

Putting the not-so-great color payoff aside, the blushes feel comfortable on the skin and I experienced no allergic reactions or breakouts. There's no scent either so that's a major plus -something you don't often find in drugstore cosmetics (they seem to always have to add some overly perfume-y scent!)
The Color:
  1. Medium Nude- Shimmery light neutral nude with a touch of beige and pink to it
  2. Deep Nude- Shimmery warm nude with a slight touch of peach
Medium nude would not show up on my "medium" skin at all. Deep Nude, on the other hand, gave off a healthy, natural glow and surprisingly, I really like it! I have to mention again though that it will work best for very natural looks so this isn't going to be for everyone. Although this is labeled as a "deep" shade (the line includes light, medium, and deep shades), I think it could work for ladies with more fair to medium skin tones (but note that this is a warmer shade.) It'll definitely be too light for darker skinned beauties because it's just way too sheer.


Above (with flash) from left: Medium Nude, Deep Nude
Above (no flash) from left: Medium Nude, Deep Nude

Overall: I won't be rushing to grab these blushes in every color any time soon as I prefer more pigmented blushes but I am willing to give them another try. I actually really like Deep Nude and can see myself using it on it's own without an entire made up face. Sometimes, other blushes will be too strong on a bare face (with no other makeup) but this is perfect. However, the sheer color payoff did leave me feeling a bit unsatisfied.

Where To Buy: Walgreens (on sale $3.29, regular $5.49), Walmart ($4.48), Target ($4.99), Ulta ($4.99)


  1. Wow, those brushes look surprisingly decent! Too bad the product is so sheer though. Nice pictures =)


  2. I did saw them on sale a week ago, but didn't get them because when I tried them at the drugstore, it didn't really appeal to me! Like you said, very sheer. Ah well...

  3. nice review! so far i haven't heard any good thing about the fit me collection :S

  4. I am not a fan of Maybelline blushes because of the pigmentation; it's a shame because there are some nice colors.

  5. @ Anna Elizabeth.. They really are fairly good brushes -at least for the price! And thank you. =)

    @ Crystal Luvz.. Yup, very sheer. BUT, the formula feels really nice on my skin -something that rarely happens!

    @ In Palace.. Yea, they're pretty wearable =)

    @ Donna ♥ Baby.. Thank you! I've heard a few good things about the eyeshadow but overall, everyting seems to be pretty average. =P

    @ PoorCollegeStudent.. I know! If only they were more pigmented.. I feel like I was a little generous on the grading because the formula actually feels nice on my skin.

  6. Maybelline blushes tend to be on the sheer side! But those shades look really different and unique than your typical pinks/corals.

  7. Even though it's sheer, I really do like Deep Nude because it looks so pretty and natural.

  8. Wow, it would feel like wearing something on your face but not look like it at all..XD
    I checked Walgreens online just now and they have 40% off Maybelline products (the ones you mentioned) too! =D Probably wouldn't get this blush as I, too prefer a slightly more pigmented blush..=) Thanks for the review!

  9. You're welcome. =) Yes, it's a VERY natural looking blush. I like it for extremely natural looks but in general, I also prefer more pigmented blushes.

  10. Fit caused me lots of zits :(

  11. The foundation? Or blush? Oh dear!

  12. Those look exactly like the Maybelline blushes/bronzers from about a year ago.. same exact packaging and brushes! I don't know if they still sell them.. probably not, as I got them both on clearance and I don't see them on the website. The color payout on those weren't all that great either!

  13. Ooh really?! I don't remember. Never really paid attention to their blushes before. =P How do you like the old ones?

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