Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Nudey Tuesday: Physicians Formula Cashmere Wear Ultra Smoothing Bronzer Review & Swatches

Repurchase: No
Price: $13.99 (0.3 oz)
Product: 21.5/25
Packaging: 4.5/5
Value: 7/10
Overall Grade: B
Physicians Formula has recently come out with a few new bronzers and I was lucking to come across one of them, the Cashmere Wear Ultra Smoothing Bronzer, the other week at CVS. Combined with two Physicians Formula coupons (both from the price scanner), I was able to snatch one up for only $3.99! (I also received $7 in Extra Bucks back.)
The Packaging: The compact is covered in velvet brown material (like the Urban Decay NAKED Palette.) On the front, there is a clear, thin plastic window displaying the bronzer inside and a golden tassel. The compact opens from both sides -the front opens to reveal the bronzer and the back opens to reveal a mirror and brush. Both sides contain magnetic closures -they're not the strongest so the front and back flaps become loose easily.
The brush is a tad scratchy and sheds but is definitely an upgrade compared to the brushed included with the other Physicians formula products I've tried. Also, I'm not too happy about the clear "window" on the front and back being made of flimsy plastic. Even when I lightly press my finger on it, it's so thin that it rubs against the bronzer. This makes me weary of throwing it into a drawer with my other bronzers.
Product Description & Directions
The Product: First off, I think Physicians Formula really outdid themselves in terms of the packaging. While the exterior packaging (the compact) is really nice compared to other drugstore compacts, the design of the actual powder is beautiful as well. Like Revlon's (sort of) new CustomEyes Shadow & Liner Palettes, the bronzer contains a design of various "knit" textures. Unlike the Revlon palettes, each shade features a different design (with the exception of the first and last shades which are the same.)
The bronzer itself is smooth, pigmented, and doesn't irritate my sensitive skin. However, I do feel that the bronzer is just a tad powdery. It lasts for about 6 hours on bare skin (pretty good for a drugstore product) but does not live up to its "all day wear" promises. As for the promise of a "youthful bronze glow", I think the glitter particles are too large -finer shimmer would've looked a lot better, more natural, and more luminous.
Their "Skin Pampering Formula" also promises soft and smoother skin but I did not recognize a difference in my skin after several days of use. The powder also promises to instantly "help diffuse fine lines and wrinkles" -which I did not notice because at my age, I have not yet experienced these issues. 
The Color: The bronzer comes in two shades: Light Bronzer and Bronzer. I purchased the darker "Bronzer" shade.
The four shades combine to create a warm medium golden bronze with a touch of peach golden shimmer. The shimmer particles do show up on the face (when looking closely) so this product may not be ideal for those who are looking for a more natural looking bronzer.


Above (no flash) from left: Cashmere Wear Bronzer (shades not mixed)
Above (no flash): Cashmere Wear Bronzer (shades mixed)

Overall: I'm in the middle with this bronzer. This is a very good bronzer but with so many other great bronzers at hand, it's not something I'd reach for often. To me, the glitter particles are slightly too large and apparent on my skin. I prefer something matte (for contouring) or something with finer shimmer particles for a more "naturally glowing" look.
On the other hand, if you're looking for a good basic bronzer at a reasonable price, this could be a great option. I really do like most of Physicians Formula bronzers as opposed to the others at the drugstore. If you're not interested in this particular one, I'd recommend giving some of the others from the brand a try.

Where To Buy: CVS

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  1. really nice package, I have seen this powder around here too, but it was fairly expensive so I passed. Great review!

  2. This is really beautiful. I've seen them around at CVS but I was really into Revlon at the moment :p I really like how all the patterns inside the bronzer.. really interesting for a PF product.

  3. The packaging is so elegant looking! I do remember seeing these but, wasn't really into looking for a bronzer. If ever there's a sale on these...I may try them out (but get the lighter shade). Thanks for the review. :]

  4. i've been lemming this for a long time! thanks for your review, i think i'll skip this :)

  5. This is very pretty in the package, but I just can't imagine it looking good on my face.

  6. wow, awesome packaging. looks like a little book, sort of :]
    Thank you for the review dear.

  7. @ Justine.. I think so too. Get it only if it goes on sale! I personally wouldn't pay full price for it.

    @ Jen.. I have those phases too. =) I'm really into Milani at the moment.

    @ tiffyama.. You're welcome. This is a good bronzer but it's a little glittery! So just keep that in mind if you do happen to get it.

    @ Jennifer.. You're welcome. =) Glad it helped.

  8. @ PoorCollegeStudent.. I agree -love the packaging but for me personally, I'm not too fond of the glitter.

    @ Supergirl.. Give it a try once it goes on sale. =)

    @ Vintage Makeup.. Me too! That's why I bought it. =P

    @ SiSi Sparkles.. You're welcome. =) And I love the packaging too!

  9. Thanks so much for the great pics, review and swatches. I've been eyeing this bronzer lately!