Wednesday, March 16, 2011

MAC You're KILLING ME: Peek @ Quite Cute & Surf Baby

I've been doing some Google image searches lately and stumbled upon the following images. They've been posted and re-posted on dozens of blogs so I honestly don't know where some of these photos are originally from but I have tried to the link photos to the best of my ability. These are NOT my photos. PLEASE contact me via email or comment if any of the following images belong to you and you would like them removed from this post or the credit/source needs to be corrected.

Quite Cute..

Surf Baby..

OMG! I need everything. I'll definitely be able to participate in Surf Baby but I can't buy anything from Quite Cute because I gave up shopping (for makeup/fashion related things) for Lent. BUT, hopefully I get some things as Easter presents or something.. HINT HINT (for my bf.)

The collection details for Surf Baby haven't been released yet but I do have some things on my Quite Cute list including:
  1. Giggly Mineralize Blush
  2. Quite Cute Lipstick
  3. Playing Koi Lipstick
I'd be happy with just the first two though. I want to save room for Surf Baby! They haven't released any LE packaging with their collections in a while some I'm super excited. =)


  1. that blush with the flower looks beautiful. As long as you credit the original, which I have done, I think it's fine.

  2. OMG ive not seen these yet. The lipsticks look gorgeous, i have resisted a lot of the ltd products but i am so getting some of these xx

  3. OMG these are so cute, i got to get something from this collection when its out. :D

  4. Wuah bright colours :) And the blush with hearts are so cute..

  5. ahhhhh i want!!!!!!!!! :D
    the heart blushes are so cute!

  6. awww those blushes are so cute I really like it :)

  7. ohh emm geee !!!! i definitely WANT !!! i love when MAC has LE packaging ! these are super cute.. gotta save up now !!!

  8. oh my god is there more to buy????? darn it!! i want them all!

  9. I want Playing Koi!! I love peachy colours!

  10. I want one of those blushes with the heart inset :D

  11. @ Justine.. Thanks for reassuring me. I don't want anyone to ever feel like I've taken their work because it's happened to me -except they acted like it WAS their work!

    @ Jinz.. Me too. <33

    @ nicoletta.. Me too! I've ignored LE collections for too long. I HOPE my bf gets me some MAC Quite Cute stuff (can't buy any myself since I'm on a makeup/clothes no-buy until Easter.)

    @ Christine.. Me too. I want the blushes most.

    @ Lene.. I love the blushes too. =) And I love the colors as well.

    @ MEOW.. I think so too. =)

  12. @ kaizokumousy.. Love them too. =)

    @ siwing.. I know! That's why I'm excited for Surf Baby -it's all about the packaging. =P

    @ Rinz.. LOL I know how you feel. I'm tired of buying makeup. =\ ..Well, tired of spending money!

  13. @ Pamela.. Me too. I love nudes, peaches, lavenders, and pale pinks. <3

    @ Rinny.. Me too! They're adorable. =)