Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Random Thursday: Cake Pops & Crazy Cool Heels

So today I don't really have anything to post. I do have a few reviews that I've been working on but nothing that's completed so I thought I'd post something random as opposed to nothing at all.

Last night, my boyfriend and I were at Starbucks when I spotted some Cake Pops! I've never tried them and have always wanted to make them but could never find the time. He bought me the three available flavors: Birthday Cake, Tiramasu, and Rocky Road.

So, how did they taste? Honestly, not as amazing as I thought they'd be. To me, it was basically just a chunk of raw cookie dough coated in sweet icing. I liked the Tiramasu best but my dad liked Rocky Road. None of them actually stood out to me though and I don't recommend them.

Ok, and now for something pretty cool! I've been following shoe designer Kobi Levi for sometime and realized that I've never shared his work with you all. He's not your traditional shoe designer. His designs are out of this world -things that you would never even imagine wearing on your feet. I love his designs and I think he's awesome.

Slide 2010
Chewing Gum 2009
XXX Pump 2010

I highly encourage taking a peek at his blog. I guarantee you that 99% of his designs are like nothing you've ever seen at your local department store shoe section.

All shoe images belong to Kobi Levi.


  1. Too bad about the cake pops haha. They look so cute but I can imagine how they wouldn't taste too great.

  2. HAHAHA...those shoes are great.

  3. starbucks had a promo a few days ago, if you bought a coffee you could get one of those "petits" for free. We got a cupcake a bar, but I saw those too, so cute and under 200 calories.

  4. amazing shoes! so sad the cake pops were disappointing! theyre the cutest things ive ever seen xxx

  5. @ Anna Elizabeth.. Mhmm this was definitely one of those things where the "cover" looked better than the actual content.

    @ tiffyama.. Love them!

    @ Vintage Makeup.. I want to give some others a try. The ones from Starbucks though weren't too tasty. =\

    @ Justine.. I like the cupcakes -especially the Vanilla. I should've gotten one of those instead!

    @ LUCYBOOTS.. I know! They're so adorable but the taste was NOT what I expected.

  6. It would be so cute with animal designs. Lol.
    Hahaha, the XXX design is funny...

  7. LOL they're pretty funny. I've never seen shoes like them!

  8. Awesome!
    I want these candy pops (we don't have starbucks in France )= ) but not specially these ones, just cuties like that that taste so good!