Thursday, March 10, 2011

Too Faced Vintage Sale

The Too Faced Vintage Sale is here so if you love Too Faced, get on this sale!! You can get up to 85% off so the prices are pretty cheap -like drugstore level. Unfortunately, or fortunately (depends on how you look at it), I've given up shopping for beauty and fashion related things for Lent. However, anything that's a "need" like hair ties doesn't qualify ..but I tried to get all those things before yesterday.

Anyways, click here to shop the sale.

What I'm totally drooling over..

 Too Faced "Fierce & Flawless" Set- $20
I really want to try that blush!
Click here to buy
Too Faced "Pixie Pin-Ups" Set- $15
I bought this on sale at Sephora for $25 -what I thought was a great price. However, I ended up giving it away because I already had eyeshadows too similar to the shades included in the set. BUT, if you don't own any of the shades, it's a really pretty set.
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 Too Faced "Mirror Mirror Lip Gloss"- $5
I really love the Mirror Mirror glosses. They smell and taste really good and give lips a very juicy, glossy look. $5 isn't half bad for one of my favorite glosses! I purchased mine at Sephora for $16.
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Too Faced "Sparkler Gloss"- $3
I've been wanting to try these for the longest time but every time I saw them (for a sale price), I always figured I'd just wait for the Too Faced Vintage Sale. Now it's here but I can't buy!
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  1. great sale !! i dont own anything from too faced.. i really want the leopard bronzer though !

  2. I've just bought the Look of love set...and I'm so inlove with it!

  3. @ siwing.. I don't think I have any Too Faced products that I don't like. The brand's definitely worth a try -get something from the sale section first to see if it's for you! =)

    @ LazyCat.. Glad you love your new set. =)

  4. Thanks for the heads up on the great sale! I just bought my first Too Faced products! I got the Nude Attitude Kit. Sorry you are missing the sale but at least it's for such a good reason. I'm so impressed.

    Love your blog, it's my favorite!

  5. I'm so tempted to get stuff thanks to your Wah~

  6. oh, just for the US again...bummer...really wanted to buy

  7. @ Brittany Anne.. I'm trying! LOL.. It's really hard to give up something you love.

    How do you like your new kit?

    And thank you, I'm really glad you enjoy the blog. =)

    @tiffyama.. Aww.. Well at least all the products are on sale. =P

    @ Schumitza.. Sorry! I think that companies keep the sales U.S. only because it may be too pricey to ship internationally? Who knows.. They should AT LEAST make the sale worldwide but have international customers pay for shipping. And if some buy over a certain amount, shipping should be free!