Sunday, March 20, 2011

Revlon NEW ColorBurst Lipsticks in Icy Nude, Pink Sugar, Candy Pink, Cherry Ice, Petal Review & Swatches

Repurchase: No
Price: $10.49 (0.13 oz)
Product: 20.5/25
Packaging: 4.5/5
Value: 8.5/10
Overall Grade: B-

About three months ago, Revlon came out with new ColorBurst glosses and a five new ColorBurst lipstick shades. It took me about a month or two to find all the shades (they were sold out at several retailers) -I was very determined. I don't think all the time and work were worth it though. =P

Note: CVS has raised their prices for Revlon ColorBurst lipsticks from $8.99 to $10.49. However, during the last 3 weeks, the scanner has shown that the price is still $8.99 (on sale) for CVS members. So, I think that customers can still get the lipsticks for just $8.99 but only with a card. I'm not sure if other stores have raised their prices.

The Packaging: Revlon ColorBurst lipsticks are packaged in matte black square tubes. The design alternates from a solid to quilted pattern around the tube.

The top of the cap contains a "shade" square representing the shade inside. The bottom displays a sticker stating the shade name.

"Revlon" is imprinted onto the lipstick giving it a high end, classy feel.

The Product: I think the formula has been altered for these new ColorBurst shades. Unlike the original ColorBurst lipsticks which contained no scent or taste, these smell like raw cookie dough and leave a light, artificial sweet taste behind.

Also, I noticed that these shades aren't nearly as pigmented as the original shades. They're quite sheer but still somewhat buildable. Because of the sheerness though, all the lipsticks (with the exception of Icy Nude) apply a bit patchy.

The lipstick is doesn't add any extra moisture but keeps lips soft. Icy Nude and Cherry Ice last for about 3.5 hours and then start to fade. Petal and Candy Pink last for under 3 hours. Pink Sugar, however, lasts for under 2 hours.

Icy Nude
Pink Sugar
Candy Pink
Cherry Ice
The Color:
  1. Icy Nude- Warm caramel brown with subtle silver shimmer
  2. Pink Sugar- Light pink with chunky silver shimmer
  3. Candy Pink- Bright blue pink with blue shimmer
  4. Cherry Ice- Juicy cherry red with red shimmer
  5. Petal- Medium neutral pink with silver shimmer

Above (no flash) from left: Icy Nude, Pink Sugar, Candy Pink, Cherry Ice, Petal
Above (with flash): Icy Nude
Above (with flash): Pink Sugar
Above (with flash): Candy Pink
Above (with flash): Cherry Ice
Above (with flash): Petal

Overall: I was disappointed with these new ColorBurst lipsticks. I spent a lot of time searching for them and they didn't live up to my expectations at all. I don't understand why Revlon decided to add a sickly sweet scent and taste and some poor color payoff when the original shades were awesome. I think the saying's true -don't fix something that ain't broken!

Where To Buy: CVS, Walgreens


  1. thanks for the review ~ i didn't even know they came up w/ new ones! i can't keep up anymore! lol. sucks that they had to change the formulation..

  2. I have the baby pink lipstick and i love it. Its a very cute color :)
    Sad these didn't work for you :(

  3. I passed on these this time because of how expensive they are, in canada they are even more than this.

  4. Great post, love the swatches, they look very pretty but a bit too sheer for me x

  5. I love, love, love the icy nude!! I would definitely try that soon!

  6. Great job with the pictures & swatches, these are getting to be very expensive (especially in Canada as Justine already said) and should deliver for the money!

  7. Really dissapointed you didnt love these as i usually love the revlon lipsticks, Wont waste my money if they on them all if they are not brilliant ... like the look of Pink Sugar, Candy Pink tho xox

  8. Thanks for the review! I love the originals, but at the price (as Justine said they are waaay more in Canada) and the fact that they are so sheer, I'll have to pass.

  9. I felt the same. Since my lips are so pigmented the colors just didn't work. I returned them immediately!

  10. @ siwing.. Hopefully they get back to the old, non-smelly formula soon. =O

    @ Christine.. Baby Pink is one of the original shades -I loved all the original shades that I tried. These new ones, however, don't seem to be the same!

    @ Vintage Makeup.. They're pretty -but just too sheer for my taste. =( I think Candy Pink is the prettiest of all the shades though.

    @ Justine.. Oh goodness! That's going towards department store prices!

    @ nicoletta.. I agree. Too sheer -especially for the price.

  11. @ Rinz.. Give it a try -it was the only one that seemed to have the qualities of the original formula ..but plus the new raw cookie dough scent.

    @ Tracy D.. I agree! Companies definitely need to start stepping up their game -especially with prices going up higher and higher.

    @ Steph xox.. I usually love the ColorBurst formula as well so I was very surprised with these. I'd recommend picking up 1 or 2 (at most) if you like the shade. Just be prepared to layer it on a few times.

    @ Bailey.. I would too. They're not worth it if you have to pay even more than the U.S. price.

    @ PoorCollegeStudent.. I returned mine too! xP I have to be honest here.. And luckily they took them back. I didn't want to be stuck with them since they were so expensive. I did keep Candy Pink though.

  12. i like the icy nude and pink sugar for it matches the skincare texture of my lips. I also like the cherry ice perfect for party hang outs and other occasions.

  13. OOoh.. Will you be getting any?

  14. Candy Pink looks pretty on you! It's too bad they're sheer and smell/taste sickly :(

  15. I'm disappointed that these are so sheer and why so many shimmers too? You would think they might add a creme or two in there. The candy pink and cherry ice both look good on your lips though. Still...why are they messing with a great formula???

  16. permission to borrow your swatch pic please....thanks