Monday, February 14, 2011

Celebrate Valentine's Day with Stila's Make Me Blush Set (Review & Swatches)

Repurchase: Yes (but just the blush)
Price: $20.00 (blush 0.34 oz, lip gloss 2 x 0.05 oz)
Product: 22/25
Packaging: 4/5
Value: 10/10
Overall Grade: A-
I immediately put limited edition Stila's Make Me Blush Set on my wish list when I saw it on I am so happy that I scooped it up before it sold out. The set includes the Make Me Blush blush and 2 lip glazes in Hugs and Kisses.
The Packaging: The blush and glosses come in a simple cardboard box. The blush too is housed in a simple compact -black with a clear plastic lid. The blush itself is beautiful. It consists of bright coral, pink, peach, and bronzed gold hearts. I love the imprinted messages in the hearts reminiscent to the classic conversation hearts.
The glosses are popular among Stila fans. Unlike standard lip gloss tubes that come with a brush or doe foot applicator, these apply with a built in brush. You simply twist the bottom and gloss oozes out into the brush. I'm not a fan of these applicators because it's difficult to control the amount of gloss that comes out. This can be wasteful and messy. I also don't like how the gloss stays clumped up in between the brush hairs.
The Product: The blush is very pigmented -all I needed was a very light dab and I had enough for a full application. The quality is nice too and applies smoothly and evenly. It's not patchy which I love -it blends easily and gives cheeks a nice punch of pink. As for the wear time, the blush lasts for just under 3 hours which is OK with me since it's already such a great value.
If you're curious about the overspray, it wipes off. Once removed, the shimmer remains but the blush gives off more of a beautiful glow as opposed to over the top shimmer.
I was weary when I read over the ingredients and saw that the blush may contain mica since I'm sensitive to the ingredient. However, I did not break out nor did the blush make my face itch. =)
As for the wear time, the blush lasted for just under 3 hours which is OK with me since it's already such a great value.
The lip gloss isn't my favorite but it's decent. It's a bit too sticky for my taste (not as bad as MAC Lipglass) but it's fairly moisturizing which I do like. Kisses (the pink) is very sheer and lasts for about 1.5 hours while Hugs (the red) has good color payoff and lasts for about 2 hours.
 Above: Overspray rubbed off
The Color:
  • Make Me Blush- Bright golden coral with a punch of pink
  • Make Me Blush (with overspray)- Golden bronzed coral with a touch of pink and lots of golden shimmer
  • Hugs- Toned down candy apple red with multicolor shimmer
  • Kisses- Sheer pink guava (very similar to NARS Chihuahua)
Above (with flash): Overspray
 Above (with flash) from left: Make Me Blush (with overspray), Make Me Blush (without overspray)

 Above (no flash) from left: Stila Lip Glazes in Kisses, Hugs, NARS Chihuahua
Above (no flash): Hugs Lip Glaze
Above (no flash): Kisses Lip Glaze

Overall: I really like the blush from the set and for just $20, it was well worth it. However, if I could go back, I would've purchased the blush separately for just $14 at Stila instead. The glosses are OK -Kisses is nice for every day use. I wish I would've just saved them to give away though because these don't stand out among the other beauties in my lip gloss collection (which means they won't get much use.) Overall, the set is nice. If you like Stila's Lip Glazes, get the set (if you can.) If you don't, buy the blush separately.

Where To Buy: Sephora (online exclusive)

P.S. I'm not sure if the Lip Glaze stickers containing the shade names were stuck on the wrong tubes but on Sephora's descripton page, Hugs is supposed to be pink and Kisses is supposed to be red.


  1. its sold out online already ?! i saw this (just the blush) at the store for $15.. $20 is a good deal w/ glosses !

    i love the colors !

    happy valentines day Kali ! ^_^

  2. I love the packaging of the hearts!! reminds of the physicians formula Mood Blushes.

  3. This looks gorg! Please stop making me want things!

  4. wow i never knew stila even had this blush. its so comparable to the one from physcians formula - happy booster!

  5. I just ordered the blush! They've been out of stock for awhile, but I've been looking for it ever since you blogged about this!! :P It's totally after Vday but I don't care :)