Saturday, February 12, 2011

I'm Back I'm Back I'm Back

Hey everyone! This is the longest I've gone without blogging in a really long time. I was sick earlier this week but work and school have drained me so I haven't had much free time lately -all my free time has been dedicated to sleeping! =O I have tons of reviews to work on.. and when I say "tons", I really do mean TONS. I've taken photos of most items but haven't had time to swatch or write. I do have a few reviews that are "ready" but need to be put together (editing, sorting, etc.)..

Anyways, what should I do? Quick reviews (meaning less photos and descriptions)? Keep to the same reviews (in depth reviews and lots of photos)? Just swatches? If I'm keeping to the same reviews, there won't be as many posts but if I do swatches or quick reviews, I'll be able to post more often. What do you think? I just have like three bags full of makeup that I haven't even touched yet which is why I told my boyfriend the other day that I absolutely do not want any new makeup right now.

Also, I can't believe that Valentine's Day is right around the corner. I meant to do a giveaway but I've really been so, so busy and haven't had much time to sort things out. I'm still sticking with the pink and red theme but I guess I'll be shifting it to a Spring Giveaway instead -just don't think I've forgotten. =\

I need to finish up a few things this weekend before I jump back into blogging but I'm going to do my best to try to put out regular reviews again. How have you all been? What kind of posts would you like to see? Let me know in the comments! Have a great weekend.


  1. Nice makeup haul!! I spot a few things I'm hoping to see on a review :D

  2. Welcome back!! Just keep doing what you always did - there's no need to change something that's already good :D

  3. I hope you are feeling better now if you can not do detailed reviews then quick reviews with few swatches are O.K

  4. wow wow... what beautiful lipsticks! candy to my eyes!

  5. Welcome back! I've been loving your reviews since the day I followed, so don't change them please! Only if it's easier though. I love heaps of photos, in depth reviews and plenty of swatches.
    Keep up the brilliant blogging!

  6. welcome back :) keep the same in-depth reviews <3!

  7. So glad you are back! I like the in-depth posts, but do whatever you can!

  8. I like the detailed reviews too, I think we're all patient enough to wait!

  9. OMG what a nice haul! I'd love to see reviews please :D

  10. yayyyyyyy welcome back !

    i hope you are feeling better..

    i like your detailed reviews. they are so helpful! but i wouldn't mind short sweet simple posts either =)

  11. Welcome back! Can't wait for reviews ^_^

  12. Welcome back! :)

    I guess if you are pressed for time you can always review new items in 'groups' just to catch up on reviewing... like lipsticks review then one on recent skin-care purchases etc. That way if a particular item gets some interest from comments or takes your fancy, a detailed post could be something special to do when you have some free time. :) That could be a short-term solution while you are feeling swamped, perhaps.

    Good luck finding a way to blog effectively but passionately. :)

  13. Welcome back!
    I think quick reviews would be good, to see at least everything, even if it's not in details!

  14. Hey nice to see you and I hope you have a happy v-day! :)

  15. Welcome back!!! Is that your haul there ^^ It looks really nice and full of pretty colours!!

  16. welcome back!!!:))) lots of goodies i see

  17. @ Everyone.. This was just a random photo I used for the post. It was a pic I took MONTHS ago so no new items in the pic. =) I've reviewed most the items too.

    @ Tara.. Please scroll through the archives/labels -there are reviews on most of the items. If you don't see one for a product you're interested in, let me know and I'll try to whip one up asap. =)

    @ Rinny.. Thanks for the input. I'm really trying to get back into the blogging kick -it's just so hard when you're so busy!!

    @ Alvira.. Thank you dear. I do feel better. Just fighting some random aches and whatnot but all is good. Thanks for the input as well.

    @ for the love of beauty by lara.. Thank you! =)

    @ ♥Mishi à la mode♥.. Me too <33 I love lipstick!

    @ Leah.. It looks like everyone's on the same page. I'm going to try 100% to keep putting out solid reviews. I just need to manage my time better. =O

    @ Jennifer.. Thank you! Thanks for the input. I definitely will. =) Maybe squeeze in a few quick reviews here and there but the majority of the reviews will stay the same.

    @ PoorCollegeStudent.. I like in depth reviews too which is why I do them. I'm happy we're all on the same page because sometimes I DO feel like my reviews are too long. =P

  18. @ Tracy D.. Thank you for being patient. =) LOL.. I do feel very bad when I can't put out reviews and poss regularly. =\

    @ Fifi.. This is an old photo so most of the products have been reviewed. They can be found in the archives/labels under the product and/or brand name. =) If one's not there, let me know!

    @ siwing.. Thank you! I'm going to try to do a little bit of both but for products, probably keep the same, detailed reviews.

    @ MSodapop.. Thank you! Me too. =)

    @ Jen.. Thank you for the great suggestion. =) I'm always trying to see what readers want and like.. this may be a way to give them what they want while still getting some sleep!

    @ rock-or-not.. I'm going to do my best. I have loads of new products that I've purchased over the months but haven't used. Thanks for the feedback!!

    @ Justine.. I hope you enjoy your Valentine's Day too. I celebrated a little early but it was nice. =)

    @ ~Lisa.. Thank you. <3 That's actually an old photo. I didn't want to do yet another post with no photo so I used one of my favorites. =)

    @ Rinz.. Thank you! The ones in the photo are old but I do have many new ones that need to be reviewed. =P

  19. Yay.
    I've been busy to, with schoolwork.
    I would love to see an all time favorites post and a couple FOTDs. (:
    Have a good Valentines Day! >w <

  20. All time favorites? Umm.. I can do that. Most of my all time favorites have been listed in my "monthly favorites" posts so if I take awhile, definitely check those out.

    As for FOTDS, I haven't been wearing full looks lately just because I've been busy. =P And when I do any looks, I forget to take pics! I'll try though. =)

    I hope you have a lovely Vday too. <33