Friday, February 25, 2011

Revlon ColorBurst Lip Gloss Quick Review & Swatches

I've had the new Revlon ColorBurst Lip Glosses for months now but haven't gotten around to reviewing them. Honestly, I'm just not really excited about them (which is the reason I haven't reviewed them!)

My quick take on them: Revlon's Color Burst Lip Glosses are decent but to me, they're only average and honestly, I don't pay attention to average when I have so many other glosses to choose from. To sum it up, they are sheer, moisturizing glosses that last for about 2-3 hours. They are very moisturizing -more than the Super Lustrous glosses. The majority of these glosses are NOT pigmented and if you're looking for something sheer and shimmery, these will be perfect for you but if not, keep on walking.

I'd recommend picking up 1 or 2 but don't go rushing to buy every shade -they're really no different from the other sheer glosses on the market and they're a bit expensive at full price.

The packaging is cute -clear tubes with black, quilted lids (similar to the ColorBurst Lipstick tubes.) The applicator is thinner and straighter than the usual doe foot with an oval edge.

I'm sorry I don't remember the price but I got them on sale at CVS for $6.49 -they should be around $8-9 retail price. (I'll update when I find out for sure.) Contains 0.20 oz.

  • Crystal Lilac (002)- Light almost grapefruit pink with pink and blue violet shimmer. On the lips, this gives a light wash of lilac (because of the shimmer) pink. I like the color of the shimmer in this.
  • Strawberry (006)- Bright strawberry red with silver shimmer. On the lips, this gives a nice tint of bright, strawberry red.
  • Hot Pink (010)- Bright fuchsia with silver shimmer. Finally! A shade that’s pigmented. This is a nice shade of deep fuchsia on the lips –it’s really not like flashy and bright.
  • Orchid (012)- Medium orchid pink with shimmer. This is one of the more pigmented shades although it still goes on semi-sheer and gives a tint of medium orchid-lilac to my lips.
  • Sunset Peach (022)- Golden peach with gold shimmer. This goes on very sheer on the lips and looks more like a MLBB shade with a hint of golden shimmer.


Above (with flash) from left: Crystal Lilac, Strawberry, Hot Pink, Orchid, Sunset Peach
Above (no flash) from left: Crystal Lilac, Strawberry, Hot Pink, Orchid, Sunset Peach

Lip Swatches..
Above (with flash): Crystal Lilac
 Above (with flash): Strawberry
Above (with flash): Hot Pink
Above (with flash): Orchid
Above (with flash): Sunset Peach

Have a marvelous Friday everyone! <33


  1. Like you said, there isn't much difference in the colours when they're on your lips! I do quite like Orchid though, it's got a very dusky tone to it.

  2. I got papaya and that one seems to be a lot different than the rest in the collection since it is creamy and pretty opaque. I have orchid and ya, I have to pack it on to see a result. I prefer the super lustrous for sure.

  3. oo very nice!!

    like the look os strawberry and hot pink!!

    steph xox

  4. I hate glosses that have no pigmentation! I was never excited by these as I suspected they would be like this. I much prefer the reformulated NYC liquid lipshines for drugstore glosses. The only drawback to them is that after about 3 hrs on the lips without touchups they feel a little bit grainy, but the pigmentation is awesome, the price is great ($2.49), they smell like vanilla coconut cookies, the color selection is beautiful, and the applicator makes application so easy. I can live with the alight grainy-ness since I try to touch up gloss more often since my lips are very pigmented. I also like the smashbox lip enhancing glosses that I never would have tried if you hadn't posted that smashbox deal! I need to reread your favorite gloss post.

  5. Sunset peach, I wish they had done a few without shimmer!

  6. thank you so much for the swatches and review! i totally wanted these when they first came out but held back due to the price.. now im kind of glad i did because these definitely lack in pigmentation :( thanks for sharing and helping me save my money for something else on my wishlist! :D

  7. That's too bad they're sheer, the colors look really pretty in the tubes. I really like Crystal Lilac and Orchid :D

  8. I'd love to try strawberry and orchid! The packaging is pretty cute too =)

  9. orchid is lukin luvly on u.... bt all look almost the same coz of their sheerness..

  10. I lovelovelove orchid and peony. This review helped A LOT. Thank you so much!