Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hello Kitty Bracelet

I had a really great Friday with my boyfriend to (sort of) end my week of ups and downs. I actually had a horrible Thursday that consisted of a bunch of terrible events one after another. But anyways, this Hello Kitty bracelet that he gave me as a random "just because" present put a big smile on my face. He knows that I love anything Sanrio related and that I collect Sanrio jewelry so this was really thoughtful.
 I love the box! Polka dot packaging is always adorable.

 So cute <3

 Hello Kitty

 I love the different colored stars..
Anyways, have a lovely Saturday everyone! What are your plans for today? Today I have a little work to get done and then I'm off to my grandma's house and after that, my uncle's.. busy day! =P Hopefully I get some snooze time in soon.


  1. cute!!

  2. So so cute! It's totally unfair how dominant HK is in the US - I want it in the UK! The bracelet looks nice and sturdy, not plastic-ey and cheap.

    By the way, I've just started blogging again, so check me out please? :D

  3. such a cute bracelet! i want more accessories

  4. @ Siwing.. Thank you. =)

    @ Christine.. Thanks. =)

    @ luckiebeauty.. Hopefully ou can find a similar one. <33

    @ In Palace.. Thanks!

    @ alvira.. Thank you Alvira! =)

    @ Isabel.. Thank you. He IS very sweet. =)

    @ Cassie.. Aww hope you can find one like it. And yea that's a problem with lots of "child-like" jewelry but I'm happy this is pretty good quality as opposed to other jewelry I'd find at the Sanrio store.

    @ BuNnYLuverz.. Me too. =) I always wear such plain things -I definitely need to spruce up my look. =P

  5. ohmygod O_____o cuteee!! xD hello kitty all the way~~