Monday, February 21, 2011

Gap & Old Navy Haul (Clothes, Accessories, & Flats!)

Everyone that knows me knows that I'm practically a walking billboard for the Gap company (consists of Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, Piperlime, Athleta.) I'm by no means a brand whore -I just like simple clothing options and accessories without all the extra bells and whistles. Gap, Old Navy, and Banana Republic gives me that with just the right amount of "spunk" I need.

During the weekend, I went to Old Navy and Gap and scooped up a few goodies for some really great prices. Here's what I got:

Old Navy Ballet Flats- $11.70 (orig. price $19.50) I saw these a few weeks ago and am so glad I waited. It's difficult to see in the photos but they're a metallic, dusty rose shade -perfect for spring!
Old Navy Chain-Applique Faux-Leather Flats- $13.50 (orig. price $22.50) I really liked these at first because of the nude color but the more I tried them on (at home) the more I realized how big they made my feet look. The toe area is just really weird and make my feet look gigantic.. and I'm a size 5.5/6! Definitely a return.

Gap Mini-Crossbody Bag- $13.43 (orig. price $39.50) I LOVE this bag! I first purchased it in the pewter shade but after a night of much debate, I decided to return it because I didn't love the color. When I came back the next day, I found two left in the stone/tan color and instantly fell in love. It even looks like real leather and the material feels very buttery and soft.

Gap Metallic Tote- $16.23 (orig. price $49.50) I love Gap's tote bags (I have a black "patent leather" from a few years back a lot like the one above) so I had to add this to my collection. It comes in a variety of shades including metallic bronze, rose gold, silver, and plum. I thought the plum was kind of cool (and VERY pretty) but I felt like bronze was more practical since it would go well with most of my clothes.

Gap Woven-Back Cardigan- $21.27 (orig. price $59.50) I'm a sweater/cardigan whore and wear one on a daily basis. I bought this in the canvas color and it's such a fun, girly addition to my wardrobe. It's different and I haven't really seen anything like it. I love the ruffle detailing in the back and it's a really great fit -something especially difficult to find when you're petite.

Gap Sequin Sleeve T- $11.19 (orig. price $34.50) This is the only shirt I bought in a different size. I'm usually an X-Small (the petite sizes fit me better but I prefer my shirts longer so I buy the "regular sizes" in their sweaters and tops) but I went ahead and got a Small because the XS would not cover my butt. I love the length of the Small but the chest area sometimes droops down -exposing my bra (not the look I'm going for..) Overall though, I do like the material and length. The "sequin" sleeves are OK but I find them a bit odd. Oh yea, my boyfriend HATES this shirt.

BTW, the sleeves don't contain the traditional, sparkly sequins. They're more like little circles with a dull, semi-shiny finish.

And lastly, yesterday, when my boyfriend first came by, he surprised me with some of my favorite things -giraffe and Hello Kitty items! He got me a stuffed Giraffe, a Hello Kitty key chain, and some Hello Kitty mints. I can't stop eating the mints -they're delicious.

Have a nice night/morning/afternoon everyone!

Above images of models from Gap.


  1. Nice haul! I'll have to check out Gap soon - that cross body bag looks really cute. I've been looking for something similar in a neutral color for the spring :D

  2. cute buys !! =D

    love the flats.
    and HK TY !! i collect them =D

  3. totally digging your hauls! these are awesome neutral pieces with great price tags :)

    and the BF's so sweet for those cutesies.

  4. I love the gap and old navy! I also love Banana Republic for work clothes. I really like simple clothes that go from season to season.

  5. looks like you got some great bargains - the flats you picked out are gorgeous, i need to pick some up! xxx

  6. The flats are super cute.

    I gave you an award on my blog :)

  7. You got some great deals, love the tote bag...perfect bag for carry on. That ruffle back cardi is adorable too :)

  8. i went to the gap today and i wanted the "rose gold" tote. It was kind of too shiny for me... I think i would buy the bronze one instead. looks very nice. it costs $30 CAD and that's the sale price. You're lucky to get it for $16.23 :P

  9. @ charlene-ann.. Thanks! Agh I hope not the flower ones because I returned them. =P They looked weird ON my feet. =O

    @ Rinny.. I highly recommend it! I love, love, love it but it's a little small.. (just so you know.)

    @ LazyCat.. Thank you! =)

    @ siwing.. Thank you! I used to (sort of) collect them also but ended up giving them away. =\

    @ Promotional.. Thanks.

    @ herroyalbleakness.. Thanks. I tend to lean torwards neutral pieces that I can wear with everything. =P

    @ PoorCollegeStudent.. Aren't they great? Love the quality AND sale prices.

    @ ♥ Heatherette ♥.. I really hope you're not talking about the flower ones because I returned them! I sort of regret it now! But they did look really odd on my feet -made my feet look big.

    @ Kaitlynn.. Thank you for the award!! <33

    @ Tracy D.. I'm falling for the tote too. I wasn't in love with it when I bought it but after using it today, I'm starting to really like it.

    @ Pamela.. Over the weekend, there was an extra 44% off on all sale items! That's why I got it for $16.23. =P I liked the rose gold too but like you said, too shiny and bright.

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