Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hearts & Hello Kitty @ Claire's

I stopped by Claire's last week to pick something up for my sister's Valentine's Day present and found some earrings for her -and me! I bought three pairs of the cute heart earrings above (on sale for $1.50!) for her, me, and for a giveaway.
At the register, I saw a bucket of $6 Hello Kitty earrings and rings (all the same design) so I scooped up another pair of earrings. I love Sanrio earrings and am always on the lookout for more!

Do you have any Hello Kitty/Sanrio jewelry? What are your favorite pieces? Have a fabulous Wednesday everyone!  <33


  1. Cute earrings! I have Hello Kitty hair-clips that I use all the time. ^__^ I love having a fringe, but occasionally I really need to keep it out of my face when I'm doing something like reading or cleaning... :)

  2. ohmygoodness ! my friend just turned 21, and she's obsessed with hello kitty, I'm definitely gonna have to pick some of these items up.

    keep up the good work =]

  3. so cute !! ^__^

    i know you posted your HK mood ring awhile back.. and i've been looking for it at sanrio eversince !!! they always say its sold out.. =(

  4. So cute, I love anything Hello Kitty :) xxx

  5. @ Jen.. Lucky! I want some Hello Kitty clips. =)

    @ Rinz.. Thanks!

    @ imani nikkol.. Thank you. And Happy Birthday to your friend! =) I hope you find some awesome Hello Kitty items.

    @ siwing.. Aww, I hate that happens. =( Next time I go to the mall, I'll check to see if they have any at my store and I'll send it over. <33

    @ Jo Woods.. Me too! I love all things Sanrio. =P

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