Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Nudey Tuesday: Wet 'n' Wild NEW Color Icon Trio in I'm Getting Sunburned Review & Swatches

Repurchase: Yes
Price: $2.99 (0.12 oz)
Product: 22.5/25
Packaging: 3.5/5
Value: 10/10
Overall Grade: A-

I was so happy to find Wet 'n' Wild's new I'm Getting Sunburned eyeshadow trio over the weekend because it was all I needed to complete the "set." I honestly didn't think anything of this particular trio and really wanted it only for "collection purposes" but I was very, very surprised by how much I actually liked it!

The Packaging: The three eyeshadows come in a black plastic palette with a clear lid displaying the shades inside. The palette includes a small bottom compartment for the eyeshadow brush and sponge applicator. The two obviously aren't the best makeup tools but will get the job done if you're in a pinch.

Product Description
Product Directions
The Product: I tried the new Silent Treatment trio last week and while I thought that was great, this is even better.

All three shades contain great color payoff -if I had to choose which has the poorest pigmentation, it would be the browbone shade even though the color payoff is still very good. The crease shade has the best payoff and swatches effortlessly with a single swipe.

Along with the great color payoff, the eyeshadows blend easily and are long lasting with a good primer. Also, I don't find them to be powdery at all like I did Silent Treatment and the 6-pan palettes (original formula.) They are less chalky than the original formula eyeshadows (but there's still a slight issue with chalkiness.) There is some minor fallout but overall, the positives outweigh the negatives and at just $2.99 a piece, the trio is really a fantastic deal.

The Color:
1. Browbone- Frosted pale pink with silver shimmer
2. Crease- Dark chocolate brown with reddish copper shimmer
3. Lid- Golden bronze with bronze glitter

Above (no flash) from left: Browbone, Crease, Lid

Overall: I really love this palette and I don't think I've said that yet about any of Wet 'n' Wild's products. The formula and color payoff are excellent and at $2.99 (actually $1.50 with a rain check!), I really can't complain. I highly recommend this (along with Wet 'n' Wild's other Color Icon eyeshadows) to anyone who's on a budget or loves playing with colorful shades.


  1. These palettes are wonders!
    We can't find them in France )=

  2. Mmm.. The gold looks gorgeous. WnW is not available here! T_T~

  3. @ rock-or-not.. Aww.. =( But France has a ton of things that we don't have either! I'd love to visit again.

    @ superslickgloss.. Me too! =)

    @ Isabel.. Aww.. If you ever come across some of these, be sure to try at least one!

    @ Christine.. Me too. I wish all makeup brands were available everywhere!

  4. OOh! I saw this in store, but I wasn't sure if I liked the pink, but I totally do! Great review :)

  5. Great swatches! I'd love to see this on your actual eye!

  6. @ Bailey.. Ooh I hope you get it now! I wasn't sure if I'd like the pink either but I wanted to have all of them. =P Glad I got it now.

    @ makeupbykatie.. I'll try to do a look soon! I'e just been so busy that I haven't been able to actually WEAR "full" makeup in ages. Lately it's been just eyeliner and mascara for me.

    @ Ania.. I think so too. =)

  7. The brown looks so nice and pigmented! So cheap I would get it for that reason alone.
    Great site.