Thursday, February 3, 2011

MAC Wonder Woman Buys & Weekly Thoughts

I ended up swinging by the MAC Wonder Woman preview party to pick up the products on my list. The collection went on sale (on the MAC website) at noon on Tuesday and I'm kicking myself for not ordering on there when I had the chance! The preview party was INSANE. There were tons of people and products were being sold out within minutes. I didn't get to pick up what I wanted most, Pink Power Mineralize Skinfinish, but I did manage to get Amazon Princess and Mighty Aphrodite blushes and the Golden Lariat MSF. I don't even understand how Pink Power suddenly got so popular -I didn't think it would sell out so quickly. I'm hoping that my boyfriend will be able to pick it up next Thursday morning at the MAC counter because I'll be in class. =\ Wish him luck!!

On another note, how's your week so far? My week has been up and down, mellow and exciting, and weird and surprising. I think the lowest point of my week has been going to one of my classes (I have this class twice a week.) Earlier in the week, I read my restaurant review (which I posted on here) to the class. Although I knew from the get that it wasn't my best writing, I didn't think I'd receive such incredibly negative feedback. I'm not used to writing restaurant reviews as my blog mainly focuses on makeup (which is so different!!) but I was literally crushed by this one woman's comments. She was so mean about it. I can handle criticism like the next person but she was really putting my writing down and it really hurt because I obviously love to write. Then the next time we had class (today), OMG she pointed me out again! I don't know if it was to make me look/feel bad but it sure seemed that way.

BUT onto the good parts? Well yesterday, I was contacted by the Illamasqua's PR and they asked if I would like to be sent products to review. Of course I jumped at the chance! I really enjoy Illamasqua and am so excited to try out more products from them. Also, this is sort of old news but Apothica has decided to sponsor me! So I'll also be reviewing products sent from them. There's a bunch of other good things happening in my "real life" too but I wanted to share some of the blog-related stuff. Also, the weather's been great! I pretty much asked for good "driving weather" on Sunday night and I got it! =)

And on a last note, I've been so busy lately with work and school so don't think I've gone MIA if I go a few days without posting. Usually, I'd like to try to post daily but it's been really hard to. I'm hoping to post more next week -I have an essay, HUGE test, and lots of homework due this week (tomorrow actually.) Also, work has occupied a lot of my time lately so I've just been really tired. =\ This weekend's going to be super busy too -I'm hoping to get back on a normal blogging schedule by next week.

Anyways, have a fantastic week everyone! Share your weeks ups and downs in the comments.


  1. YAAAY!! Congrats for getting Illamasqua and Apothica's attention!! I've never tried Illamasqua products (they don't sell these products in Canada) but i've heard good stuff about them. I know they are at Sephora but only for the US customers. Too bad about the Pink Power MSF. Hopefully you get your hands on them!!!

    Yesterday we had a snow storm so i didn't have to go to work. Today is Chinese New Year! YAY! Have a great week and good luck on your test!

  2. yay congrats! illamasqua =D hehe i'd always wanted to try their products !!

    good luck on your tests !

  3. I can't wait for you to review the Illamasqua products!
    I looked at the Apothica site, but aren't they a little more expensive than usual?

  4. Congrats about the Illamasqua product review offer. How exciting. :)

    My weeks ups and downs...

    Good - went out of the house for the first time in what seems to be forever... and as an added bonus I received my Bobbi Brown/MAC assorted make-up brushes in the mail. I can't afford to spend much on things like that... but I figured my collection was growing and I really needed something luxurious to apply these things. :) Found them on eBay (all GWP size - but still usable and gorgeous) ... and have been happily brushing my cheek with of them all afternoon. ^__^

    Bad? - Heat. Terrible heat... *dies* ;__;

    Have a good weekend, looking forward to next post!

  5. wow, great for ya. i'm so pleased for you honey ;)

  6. @ Pamela.. Thank you!! And I didn't know that their products were only available at US Sephora stores.. If you ever visit, be sure to check out the brand!

    Happy New Year to you! And thank you for wishing me luck. =)

    @ Melissa.. Thank you! I love your blog too! <33

    @ siwing.. Thank you! I do like most of their products -give them a try if you ever get a chance.

    @ Valerie Zhang.. Hmm I've only briefly looked at the site. I've seen some products listed as being slightly cheaper or more expensive than other retailers but overall, they seem to be around the same price (note that I haven't fully gone through the site yet.)

    Here are some comparisons:

    Too Faced Leopard Love Kit:

    Smashbox Blush Rush in Bare:

    Shiseido The Makeup Dual Balancing Foundation:

    Hope that helps!

  7. @ Jen.. Hope you enjoy our brushes! And it's great that you got out of the house -I can't stand being stuck inside for too long. =\

    The heat here was pretty bad last week too but it's getting back to normal.

    I hope you had a great weekend too. =)

    @ Schumitza.. Thank you! <33