Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I Want This..

I went to the mall today because I was having a bad day. (I know, horrible excuse -I really need to stop drowning my sorrows in shopping especially when I shouldn't be spending.) While I was browsing in Sephora, I spotted THE cutest falsies I've ever seen at the Make Up For Ever shelf. Now I already have a ton of falsies at home (and I've used two of them once or twice) so I didn't bother to get them since it would be a waste. I can't stop thinking about them though..
Aren't they adorable?! I've never seen a pair like them. $19 for a pair of lashes I'll probably never use just seemed too impractical so I skipped out on them. What do you think?

Buy them here.


  1. When I saw this on my email, I wanted it!! Well, the eyeshadow colors, I'm still too chicken to try fake eyelashes >.<

  2. I saw a blogger wanting them also but instead she grabbed some plain falsies and glued teeny purple bows to them and they looked adorable! It made me want to buy tiny cute things to glue to lashes lol

  3. They're so cute, but when would you wear them?

  4. I have to agree with you, it's def really cute! :p But the rational part of me says to pass, but that's because of the price! But if you have an event you can wear it to, justifiable :)

  5. Omgg...this is awesome ! i love it !

    (\_ _/)♥
    (\_ _/) ♥
    Kisses from Honeÿ Bunny!

  6. Cute but I could never pull those off, not literally of course :)

  7. so cute :) not sure I'd be able to wear them mind xxx

  8. I think i would only wear those eyelashes on Halloween. Definitely not to work.. I don't know if i would want to wear them while i am driving :P Could be distracting LOL. But they are cute...

  9. OOOH...the false eyelashes and the duo eyeshadow palette are going to be on my "Wishlist" too! They're too cute to pass up like the Tarina Tarantino collection and the Hello Kitty Beauty collection! Do you happen to know any other products at Sephora that are similar to these items and the Tarina Tarantino collection? I must say I'm a sucker when it comes to packaging!

  10. Cute but not really wearable lol And you can just stick your own whatever onto your falsies

  11. @ SiSi Sparkles.. Are you going to buy the eyeshadow duo from this collection? It's pretty cute.

    @ KittenMittens.. I was thinking of doing that also! I just don't know what glue I'd use. I'll have to look for some bows too. =P Do you remember the blogger? I'd love to see!

    @ Rinz.. It sure is. =)

    @ Valerie Zhang.. Maybe for Halloween or a party or something -I'd find a reason!

    @ Jen.. I'm on the same boat. Too expensive for a false lash newbie like me.

    @ Christine.. Oh isn't it??

    @ Honeÿ Bunny.. I love them too!

  12. @ Juno.. Me too. =P

    @ Tracy D.. Aww I think anyone can with the right makeup. =)

    @ Jo Woods.. I think you definitely could! Just need the right makeup to go with them.

    @ Pamela.. Me too probably -or to a party or something. LOL I didn't think of that.. Could DEFINITELY be distracting while driving.

    @ Swt Azn Qt.. Hmm I'd say Tokidoki and Too Faced. Tokidoki has really cute packaging and the products are pretty good too (but not amazing.) Too Faced has more fairy and princess type packaging but I like most of their products.. The products I've tried have mostly been great quality!

    @ Isabel.. Yupp that's what I was thinking in the store. Have to find some glue and tiny bows though.