Friday, April 2, 2010

Coming Soon: Brief Review & Swatches of ALL Tokidoki (at Sephora) Products

I just wanted to do a quick post and let everyone know that I will be putting up (brief) reviews and swatches of the entire Tokidoki line at Sephora (I blogged about the launch here.) I visited the store the last night and the wonderful employees at my favorite store (Walnut Creek, CA) let me swatch the entire display with no problems. I was allowed to take pictures at the store entrance (away from the store) but I couldn't take pictures of the actual products (the picture above happened by accident LOL.. I swear -my camera went off when I was walking back to the display!).. but I'm happy I got the shot. =P I'm currently in the process of sorting out all the pictures (I took over 100) and writing some reviews. Sooooo.. if you're interested in the Tokidoki line (I've been super excited about it), then hold on tight and stay tuned for (A LOT) more!!

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