Monday, April 5, 2010

Tokidoki Inferno Bronzer (Brief Review & Swatches)

Brief Review: I can't say much on the "wear" of these $22 Tokidoki Inferno bronzers but when I swatched them, they looked decently nice (they did look to be a tad on the orangey side though -will work for medium to darker skintones.) They're just plain ol' shimmery bronzers. They do offer good pigmentation I would compare them with Physicians Formula bronzer (Physicians Formula does offer some great bronzers if you're on a budget.) from your local CVS or Rite Aid -nothing too unique. They were also a bit powdery to me. I like that the Tokidoki line offers the bronzer in 2 colors: Diavolina and Royal Pride. I can't say there's anything "amazing" about the product but if you're looking for a new bronzer with cute packaging -you might want to give this a try.

1. Diavolina- Medium/tan with gold shimmer. (Description from Sephora site.)
2. Royal Pride- Light/medium with gold shimmer. (Description from Sephora site.)


Above (no flash) from left: Royal Pride, Diavolina (last shade is highlighter.)
Above (with flash) from left: Royal Pride, Diavolina.


  1. Hi Kali,

    Thanks for sharing these great bronzer products. I think i'm gonna check out Toikidoki bronzers. :-)


  2. You're welcome doll. =) I was so excited about the Tokidoki line. I think the highlight of their proucts are the ultra cute packaging. =P