Friday, April 30, 2010

Make Up For Ever HD Complexion Travel Kit Review

I’ve been meaning to do this review for over a month! I featured the Make Up For Ever HD Microperfecting Primer and Microfinish Powder in my “March Favorites” post. When I saw the little HD Complextion Travel Kit that Sephora was offering, I jumped to get it because it offered 3 products (that had good reviews), was fairly cheap ($29), and I really have a hatred for shopping for “face” products and it was just convenient to get everything in one shot. I’ve been needing a translucent setting powder and a primer for quite some time. The kit contains a 0.5 oz tube of HD Microperfecting Primer, 0.16 oz bottle of HD Elixir, and a 0.17 oz jar of HD Microfinish Powder. The travel size primer and powder alone would’ve been $30 if I bought them individually so the elixir was like a little bonus.
The Packaging: All the goodies came wrapped in black Make Up For Ever tissue paper. That was a nice little touch –kind of like opening a package or present.

1. HD Microperfecting Primer- This came in a little squeeze tube with a black cap. It was basic and I liked the size of it –perfect for travel. It got dirty easily though when I put it in my makeup bag with the rest of my products.
2. HD Elixir- This came in a little bottle with a dropper. You use the dropper to get some of the “elixir” out of the bottle and just squeeze the product onto wherever you need it from there. I thought it was kind of weird since I’ve never had any product like this before. Probably could’ve come in a tube. It was a bit inconvenient to use.
3. HD Microfinish Powder- This came in a little sifter jar with a shiny black lid. Ok, this might sound stupid but you know whenever you mineral makeup and it comes in a sifter jar, there’s a clear sticker to cover the holes (where the powder comes out of) so that it doesn’t get all over the inside of the lid before you buy it. Anyways, I could not for the life of me get the sticker off. I actually ended having to take off the entire sifter cap/thing to get to the powder –which caused the powder to fly everywhere.
The Product:
1. HD Microperfecting Primer- This was my favorite product of the set. The regular sizes of the primer actually come in 7 different colors. The “neutral” one, which is in the set, supposedly “adds natural luminosity to the complexion.” There are others to counteract sallow undertones, lighten dark complexions, minimize redness, etc. I’ve tried the “2 Mauve” and “4 Caramel” before from samples and both smelled like wall paint. This one however didn’t really smell at all –maybe they changed the scent? Not sure.
Anyways, the texture is kind of gel like and felt smooth and moisturizing. I liked the primer because it didn’t break me out. I have such sensitive skin and am always so scared to put anything “all over” my face. I also liked that it did its job as a primer. I guess I saw a little “luminosity” from the primer but not enough to make me go buy it for that reason. The primer is white in color but once you apply it, it blends into your skin.
2. HDElixir- I really didn’t see the whole purpose of this. It felt gel like and I tried applying it on dry patches on my skin as it’s supposed to “hydrate and add radiance to skin.” I guess it made my skin a little more moisturized –but so does lotion and face cream. Also, be careful of applying to much as it can look oily. I didn’t use it all over my face –just on certain dry areas and I only used a tiny “drop” for every area.
3. HD Microfinish Powder- I wanted to use this as a setting powder. You’re supposed to be able to wear it over foundation or on its own. It’s supposed to “slightly mattify skin without changing its natural colors” and “soften the appearance of imperfections.” Also supposed to “completely even out the skin for a glowing, radiant look” and is supposed to work on all skin tones.
That being said, I honestly think it did most of that. I tried it with tinted moisturizer, foundation, and bare skin. It made my skin did slightly mattify my skin –which I liked since it didn’t make me look too matte or cause my skin to dry out. It also went on “clear” and didn’t give me a white or grayish cast like other “translucent” powders can do. It did “soften” imperfections but don’t expect them to disappear. I have these veins on the lower area of my cheeks kind of near my lips (gross I know.. I’m a bit self cautious of them) and it didn’t make them disappear –just very slightly softened them. It also sort of evened out my skin –like under my forehead and down. My forehead an the rest of my face or 2 completely different shades –like 3 shades apart. This powder did not even out that but did even out the “minor” uneven areas. I don’t feel it made my skin look “radiant” and “glowy though.” How can it make skin look glowy and matte?? (That’s what their product description says.)
There’s been some controversy over this product. The product contains only one ingredient –silica powder, which in my opinion makes this way too overpriced. So many people have been recommending that every one just buy plain silica powder from TKB Trading or Coastal Scents because it’s supposedly “the same thing.” And if it’s just plain silica powder, I’m guessing that it is but then you want to be sure you get “good” silica powder. Honestly I’ve had such bad experiences with Coastal Scents items (I’ve owned like 5 of the palettes) and I’m not willing to risk buying from them again just because their stuff has either always dried my skin out or broken me out. I’m not bashing the company –lots of people have wonderful experiences with their products but I’m not one of them. Anyways, I might go ahead and try one of the TKB Trading silicas though. They’re super cheap and you get a lot more product than MUFE. And maybe their silica won’t break me out.

Overall: The only thing that I feel is worth getting from the kit is the HD Microperfecting Primer. I’m so scared to try face products so if something works and doesn’t break me out or dry me out, I don’t want to try anything else. It did its job as a primer. It didn’t add a bunch of “luminosity” like it’s supposed to though but I’m fine with that. The other 2 products just didn’t do it for me. The elixir wasn’t bad –I just don’t feel it was something I needed and would use. The powder was nice but it broke me out. Also, I couldn’t even get the sticker off the thing! Anyways, if I could do it over, I’d just buy the primer on its own and skip the other 2. However, this is only because it didn’t work for my dry, sensitive skin. I felt that the products did do their jobs. This might be a great kit for others and I think it’s set at an awesome low price. I’d say give it a try if you’re looking for a new primer and powder.
On another note, if you’re only interested in the powder and don’t want to shell out the money for it, you can try TKB Trading or Coastal Scents like I mentioned above. You’ll pay a much lower price for a lot more product with those retailers. I haven’t done this so I can’t say what’s better or worse but I’m suggesting it because the HD Microfinish Powder is just basic silica powder. There are also tons of other places that sell pure silica so it wouldn’t hurt to research other options!


  1. Great review! I saw this kit but can't get myself to buy it b/c of the silicon scare. I think I'll stick with LM primer for now.

  2. Thanks. =) Yea, I'd skip this kit personally -it might be great for others though! Just didn't like the fact that it broke me out! Plus, the Microfinish Powder is just pure silica -super overpriced.

    I'm somewhat aware of the whole silicone scare but there are SO MANY ingredients that they say are "bad for you." I was avoiding anything with silicone myself for quite some time but decided to take the chance. I'm just grateful I didn't have some sort of terrible reaction. =P How are you liking your primer?

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