Sunday, April 18, 2010

MAC "Birds & Berries" Eyeshadow from Liberty of London (Review & Swatches)

So after drooling over swatches of Birds & Berries eyeshadow for a few weeks after Liberty of London launched, I decided to go back and get it. It was actually sold out at all the MAC stores in my area so I had some high expectations. I have to say though (and people might think I'm insane for this) but MAC is not my number 1 preference eyeshadows. I don't own loads of MAC eyeshadows at all -this is actually my 3rd! Oh the horror! I have a 15 pan palette with only 2 eyeshadows in it and now this. I have nothing against MAC eyeshadows and I need to work on filling up my palette but I tend to like buying those "pre-made" palettes from the loads of wonderful brands available in Sephora. But you know what? Birds & Berries really drew me in. I'm a big "neutral" fanatic and always tend to reach for my neutrals but I have started getting into blues -particulary slate blue or silvery blues.

The Packaging: As I've mentioned before, I absolutely adore the "LOL" collection's packaging. I love the "outer" packaging as well -the beautiful white and black boxes with just a touch of color. (Reminds me of a half finished coloring page.) I wasn't as wowed by the eyeshadows' packaging as much as I was by the packaging of the lipsticks and the beauty powders. The eyeshadow comes in a white plastic container (versus the traditional black container) and features a blue and black flower on the lid.
The Product: I thought this was going to be ultra pigmented from looking at swatches of this online. I also tested it out in the store a few times in the store and thought it would work out. When I swatched it at home, I realized that it was actually pretty sheer -at least compared to many of my other eyeshadows. I had to swatch the shadow several times just to get a good picture. I just feel that there are other brands out there who've produced similar colors that are probably be a lot more pigmented. Also, the color itself is actually kind of dull to me -I thought this would be much brighter.

The Color: Veluxe Pearl. It's a frosty blue with a touch of teal and lots of shimmer.

(with flash)
(with flash)
(no flash)

Overall: This is going back. My favorite part about the eyeshadow is the packaging and I've recently decided that I need to stop keeping products that I'm not going to use (I do feel bad for returning though! Ugh.. such a waste.) I know others will disagree on me about this but personally, this shade is just not for me. I expected the color to be more pigmented and bright and Birds & Berries just didn't cut it for me. Hopefully it works for someone else though! It's already sold out online (they restocked too since it sold out the first time.)


  1. The packaging is amazing and the e/s looks so pretty in the pan, sorry it didn't work out for you.

    Thank you so much for letting me know about the whole comment thing on my posts, I fixed it and now it should be working : )

  2. Yupp.. I'm a total sucker for the packaging. Glad your comments work again.. just left 2! See my picks for this year. =P