Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Nudey Tuesday: Urban Decay Loose Pigments in "Shag" (Review & Swatches)

I picked up this Urban Decay Loose Pigment for $9 during a Sephora "Sweet Steal" over a month ago. I wasn't actually planning to use it as an eyeshadow -in the store, it looked like it would be a really gorgeous highlighter. I thought for 9 bucks, I'd give it a try but I limited myself to only getting one in "Shag."

The Packaging: The packaging is pretty but I don't feel that it's practical. I like the metallic-y purple and swirly designs but other than that, I'm not loving the packaging. The pigment comes in a tube container and when you twist off the lid, there's a brush attached to it. It can get messy if you're not careful opening the lid because you run the risk of getting "fairy dust" everywhere. The brush isn't very useful -I use it just to get the pigment out of the tube. It's too stumpy to be used for application purposes.
The Product: This stuff can get messy (thought a lot of that has to do with the packaging.) It's very sparkly and I can see myself using it as an all over wash for my eyelids or just a little bit as a highlighter for my cheeks (if I use too much, I'll look like a disco ball.) I like that this can either look soft and subtle or you can built it up to look really intense. It is overall very shimmery though and there is some fall out when applying it to the eyes.

The Color: This is a really nice nude color for my skintone and is descried as "pale bronze" on both the Sephora and Urban Decay websites. I like that it's not too dark -it's a very natural looking shimmery bronzey nude color. This was my favorite of the 4 colors available at Sephora during the deal (also available were Yeyo, Smog, and Baked.)

Above (no flash)
Above (with flash)
Above (no flash) and blended for more subtle look

Overall: For $9, I think this is worth it but I wouldn't pay the regular $20 price tag for it. I have many loose eyeshadows/pigments that look like this already so I don't think it's really a "standout" product -it's more of a "nice to have." I think it'll work as a pretty highlighter for summer and will work great as an all over wash for my eyelids on "lazy days."


  1. The color looks nice but too bad there's fall out. Thank you for your great review. I'm now following you. Pls drop by and say hi when you get a chance =) Thanks!

  2. Thanks! I'll definitely drop by when I get a chance.. I haven't been on Blogger/reading other blogs for a few days and already I've missed out on so many great posts. I need to catch up! =P