Thursday, April 29, 2010

Revlon Daydreamer Collection: Limited Edition Super Lustrous Lip Glosses (Review & Swatches)

Anything pastel, pale, or nude for the lips is a total must-have for me. I've been dreaming of the Revlon Daydreamer collection since I first heard about it a little over a month ago. The collection was due to hit the United States in the beginning of May (showed up at my CVS just this week -end of April.) Daydreamer contains a bunch of pastel glosses, polishes, and a sleek limited edition quad. I ended up with only 4 of the 5 Super Lustrous glosses and skipped out on the quad and polishes. The nail colors from Daydreamer are also really pretty if you wanted to check them out. I'm pretty sure there's 4 in the collection -pastel minty green, pastel lavender, pastel peachy pink, and shimmery gold. I skipped on those since I'm on a budget plus I've never liked any Revlon polishes I've own. There was also a new "Scents of Summer" collection with all polishes. The colors in that collection were mainly pastel and "fruity" colors. Check out Justine's review of some of the LE scented polishes here.
The glosses are each $7.99 at CVS. I guess that's a little on the pricier side when it comes to drugstore glosses but make sure you buy them during a BOGO sale. CVS has Revlon BOGO sales pretty much every other week. Also check Rite Aid, Walgreens, etc. If you're just buying one, check Walmart or Target. Also, for CVS shoppers, make sure to try scanning your CVS card. I know that some "$3 off Revlon products" coupons are printing out this week.
I also have to mention that glosses are going FAST. On Tuesday, the day the shipment came in, I bought the last one of the 4 colors (there's a 5th shade, Firecracker -there were still plenty of those.) So if you see then, grab them NOW. These are limited edition. From what I've been reading online, these are in pretty high demand -especially Lilac Pastelle.
The Packaging: The no-fuss packaging is pretty sleek and is the same as the permanent Super Lustrous glosses. The tube is clear with a shiny black lid. There's a gold "band" under the lid that reads "Revlon." The bottom of the tube contains a clear sticker that states that color, product name, and size (0.2 ounces.) The gloss contains a sponge tip applicator which I like for this gloss.
Something that I don't like, this won't matter to most of you, but the white sticker with the bar code and number is stuck on the side of the tube. I wish this was part of the "plastic wrapping" instead so you could take it off when you unwrap it to use. Most drugstore products are like this though. I just rather not have the bar code sticker on the product -it makes the products look ugly.
The Product: These are probably the best drugstore glosses I've ever tried and I'll actually be using these. Most drugstore glosses I buy usually end up never being used because they're either drying, not pigmented, too sticky, or all around just plain bad.
I wouldn't describe these as "making your lips a whole lot more moisturized" but they will maintain the moisture that you had prior to using the gloss and then some. Does that make sense? When I tried these and had really dry lips, the gloss accentuated the dryness and looked flaky. The gloss didn't feel drying but it sure didn't help how my poor, dry lips looked. However, once I exfoliated and used lip balm and then wore the gloss on top, it looked great and my lips felt great.
The glosses are slightly sticky and my hair did get a little stuck to my lips. Not as sticky as say.. MAC glosses though. I like that there's that "slight stickiness" so it doesn't just slide off the lips. It helps the gloss to adhere to your lips and last longer.
I expected this gloss to be a lot more pigmented and opaque than it actually was. However, I was happy that it didn't just go on clear like many of my other drugstore glosses. I'd say these have light to medium pigmentation but slighty more towards medium. I couldn't really detect any shimmer in any of the 4 colors I purchased except for some light shimmer in Lilac pastelle.
The texture of these glosses was milky and slightly opaque. Again, I'm so happy that these glosses aren't sheer. With just one coat, it might look sheer but the gloss is very buildable. Add a few more coats and you'll be good to go. The outcome will be a slightly opaque look.
Also, this gloss lasts pretty long! After 5 hours (drank coffee and ate some candy), the gloss was still there. It didn't make my lips look as "full" as when I first applied it, but there was still lots of color and shine. On the 6th hour, it started fading.
Something I didn't like was the the gloss kind of sunk into the lines in my lips. I hate when glosses do that. It's really not as bad as some of the other glosses I've tried though and isn't super noticeable unless someone's looking at your lips really closely.
The scent smells like artificial fruit.. Don't know how else to describe it! I've smelled it before and I'm guessing that it smells like the Revlon Colorstay Mineral Lipglazes. I did a review on them here a long, long time ago. Photos are awful! Unfortunately, I've given them away since I didn't like them much and can't compare the 2 scents. The smell goes away after applying though so no worries.

No flash (from left): Peach Petal, Coral Reef, Pink Pop, Lilac Pastelle.
With flash (from left): Peach Petal, Coral Reef, Pink Pop, Lilac Pastelle.

The Colors: I don't have the best vision so if you buy these, correct me if I'm wrong. I couldn't detect any shimmer in Peach Petal, Coral Reef, or Pink Pop. I almost missed the shimmer on Lilac Pastelle but do see now that it has some light shimmer.
1. 150 Peach Petal- Neutral pastel peachy beige with a touch of pink. This was on the sheerer side but still buildable. It's very pretty for an every day look. Did go on slightly uneven but it didn't take too long to even it out.
2. 170 Coral Reef- Nice coral with more orange than pink -on the warmer side. If your lips are fairly pigmented though, it'll tone down the orange. Definitely one of the more opaque shades from the collection and went on evenly and smoothly with no problems. A bit too bright for me (I'm a nudey/pale girl) but it's a gorgeous color.
3. 180 Pink Pop- Fuchsia bubblegum pink. I expected this to be a more pastel bubblegum so I was a little disappointed but it's still a nice color. Like Coral Reef, this is also one of the more pigmented shades. Very nice springy/summery color. I see this working for both cool and warm tones as it's somewhere inbetween.
4. 200 Lilac Pastelle- Shimmery, pastel, milky lilac shade with the very slightest touch of pink. This is more on the cool side but it can work for warm tones since it's not super pigmented.
5. Firecracker- Didn't buy this one but in store, it looked like a cherry red with some coral and orange. It looked bright but not flashy bright. Not sure if this contains shimmer but I don't think it does.

Lip Swatches..
(No flash) Peach Petal
(With flash) Peach Petal
Peach Petal: My lips were actually really chapped in this picture. I didn't bother to exfoliate or use lip balm. Notice how patchy it looks. Gross! Sorry, didn't take new "full face" pics of Peach Petal when I did exfoliate/condition. I look really tired in all these full face pics too!
(No flash) Coral Reef
(With flash) Coral Reef
(No flash) Pink Pop
(With flash) Pink Pop
Pink Pop
(No flash) Lilac Pastelle
(With Flash) Lilac Pastelle
Lilac Pastelle
Now here's what Peach Petal looks like after 5 hours of wear time..
(No flash) Peach Petal (after 5 hours)
(With flash) Peach Petal (after 5 hours)
Peach Petal (after 5 hours)

Overall: Seriously, get these NOW while you can. They're selling out so fast and they ain't coming back. These are the best quality drugstore glosses I've ever found (have tried various glosses from Rimmel, Maybelline, Cover Girl, Wet 'N Wild, NYX, Sally Hansen, other Revlon glosses, etc.) so I'll be trying out some of the other Super Lustrous shades in the future. I really love all 4 colors (especially Lilac Pastelle and Peach Petal) and think they're perfect shades for this Spring/Summer. The glosses ooze with luxury -not too sticky, decently moisturizing and non-drying, moderately pigmented, nice smooth texture, and long lasting. The only cons are that they gross smell (won't be gross to all folks though) and the fact that if you already have dry, crusty lips, this isn't really going to make that disappear. Be sure to add lip balm and exfoliate beforehand. This isn't like say... LORAC 3D Multiplex. When I use that gloss, I can actually use it like a lip balm and wear it on top of dry, gross lips and it'll help the flakiness and not enhance it.

Sorry! This review was so long and pic heavy. I started getting really tired halfway through taking all these bazillion pics for the review. There were about 400 pictures on my camera and I had to sort them all out afterwards.

One more thing..
Doesn't this look yummy?? It's a gummy candy fruit kabob! My little sister gave it to me and it's just too cute to eat.


  1. *grabs car key* these look awesome! I'm going to hit up my local stores to check these out. Thanks for the awesome review!!

  2. Omgosh go ASAP because these are going soooo quickly. I'm not one to go out of my way for drugstore items but these are amazing for the price! I know for sure that CVS has Buy One Get One Half Off this week on all Revlon so I'd try there first.. and scan you card (at the big red price checker machine) to see if you can get Revlon coupons! Good luck and hope you get your hands on some! =)

  3. I 100% agree about barcode stuck on product packaging, it drives me nuts! lol Thanks for another great post, I will check these out tomorrow when I'm at CVS (my go to place for d/s mu!)

  4. Yea I HATE that! It looks ugly. =P Remember to scan your CVS card to see if you get any Revlon coupons! BOGO too on Revlon. I pretty much shop at only CVS too unless they don't carry a certain brand there. They practically GIVE stuff away with all their sales, coupons (at price checker), coupons on your receipts, AND the coupons they mail to you.

  5. aww thanks for linking me!
    I want that purple lipgloss!!!!!!! I've only found the peach and pink one around here. :)

  6. =) Yea, I think Lilac Pastelle has been the "most anticipated" one. That's how I found out about the entire collection. Check your drugstores! Or maybe call them before you go.

  7. thanks for the swatches! i wanted lilac really badly but it seems sheer and would probably look really freakish on me xD now i really want coral reef!

  8. Angie don't worry -it won't look freakish on you! And I just saw a bunch on the "permanent" display at my CVS so I'm pretty sure they're permanent now ..hopefully you can find it. Coral Reef is awesome too but they're totally different colors. =)

  9. I'm totally behind in the game, but thank you for tehse swatches. I finally got off my butt today and got coral reef and pink pop before they completely sold out at my local CVS. I'm not really used to wearing gloss, but I'm loving the colors of these two!!