Friday, April 2, 2010

Tokidoki Perfetto Liquid Eyeliner & Brillante Glitter Eyeliner (Brief Review & Swatches)

Perfetto Liquid Eyeliner
Brief Review: I'm calling this a "brief review" because that's what it is. I did buy one (it's the only thing I bought from the line so far) but haven't gotten a chance to test it out yet so I'm reviewing this (and everything else) based on when I tested it out in the store.

Anyways, this was the $16 Perfetto Liquid Liner was the product I was most excited about. These are actually liquid liner "pens" unlike the traditional brush and bottle type. I was told that the pen tips were designed to be like calligraphy pens. The staying power is also good (at least on my hand) and requires makeup remover to take it off. After just simply washing my hands with soap and water, the swatches were still there. Overall, I really liked these although it seems like it might be difficult to achieve a thin line versus a medium to thick one. The colors are fairly pigmented with just one swipe with the exception of Carina (purple), Rondine Love (white), and SANDy (forest green) -you'd have to go over it twice to make a bold line.


I want to say (from memory) that all the colors were overall muted and matte with the exception of Sabochan (black.)

1. Sabochan- True, deep black with slight sheen.

2. Carina- Eggplant purple. This was the least pigmented of the bunch.

3. Ciao Ciao- Periwinkle blue.

4. Donutella- Slightly muted, medium pink.

5. Mostro- Moss green.

6. Arlecchino- Beautiful deep blue.

7. Rondine Love- Bright white -reminds me of white out.

8. SANDy- Medium-dark forest green.


Perfetto Liquid Eyeliners (no flash) top row from left: Sabochan, Carina, Ciao Ciao, Donutella, Mostro, Arlecchino, Rondine Love, SANDy.

Brillante Glitter Eyeliner
Brief Review: First off, the colors are really pretty and glittery. These $14 pencil liners are also incredibly fragile and soft. The first time I swatched one, the tip of the pencil broke up (big waste of product.) This is the case with most of the liners although some are "harder" than others. You have to be very careful with these because they do have a tendency to break. The pencils are also smudgeable (not "budge proof" at all) but when I did a "smudge test" after applying the liner, it smudged too much. That made me steer clear of it because I like wearing liner on my waterline. (Btw, the store had only 13 or the total 14 pencils. My swatches are missing "Melodia.")

1. Adios Apple- Violet with silver glitter (has a hint of blue to it.)
2. Carina- Champagne nude with hint of pink and gold glitter.
3. Diamante- Deep silver with silver glitter.
4. Liberty- Teal with gold glitter.
5. Marrone- Medium-dark brown with gold glitter.
6. Melodia (not swatched)- Dark gunmetal grey with gold silver.
7. Mozzarella- True black with silver glitter.
8. Peperoncino- Light-medium cotton candy pink with silver glitter.
9. Rosetta- Medium lilac with gold glitter.
10. Rondine- Turquoise blue with silver glitter (very pretty.)
11. SANDy- Grass green with silver glitter.
12. Savana- Bronzey brown with gold glitter.
13. Skeletro- Gorgeous deep blue with silver glitter.
14. Unicorno- Very pale champagne yellow color with gold glitter.

Brillante Glitter Eyeliners (no flash) bottom row from left: Adios Apple, Carina, Diamante, Liberty, Marrone, Mozzarella, Peperoncino, Rosetta, Rondine, SANDy, Savana, Skeletro, Unicorno.
Both Perfetto Liquid Liner & Brillante Glitter Eyeliner Pencils (with flash.)

*Click on photos to enlarge.


  1. Neat. Thanks so much for posting these! I've been dying to see some killer swatches for tokidoki products. Perfect.
    The colors are drop-dead gorgeous!

  2. Tokidoki products looks so cute. I think I like the eyeliner in black looks good.

    Thanks for sharing the swatches! ^^

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