Saturday, April 17, 2010

Tokidoki Perfetto Liquid Eyeliner in "Donutella"

So I've been a bit absent on the blog for the past few days and totally feel out of synch but this $16 Tokidoki Perfetto Liquid Eyeliner has been on my "to-do list" of reviews for the past week or so. Although I did do a brief review of the all the Tokidoki Perfetto Liners here, I thought a indepth review was extremely needed.

The Packaging: I've already applauded the packaging on the majority of Sephora's Tokidoki products. The packaging for these liners are among my favorites. The liner looks more like a fun pen or marker I'd find in a trinket type shop (think Sanrio) but it's actually a liquid liner! The entire pen is black (end of pen and cap) with a pink label and fun image. (All the liners have different colored packaging and images.) The picture features a cute little girl with pink bangs and a hat with "donut (or doughnut)ears. Yum! She's also wearing a nude leotard with a donut tutu and pink slippers. I'd love to be her for Halloween. There's also some other fun designs mainly in black and white (like the star above her, etc.)

These liquid liners have a felt tip (like felt tip pens) instead of the traditional ink well/brush packaging. This is like the L'Oreal Lineur Intense Felt Tip Liners-but the packaging on the outside is designed to resememble a pen or marker. Also, the tip is designed to be like a calligraphy pen so that one side is wide and flat while the other is skinny (sort of like the popular Styli-Style Flat liners.)What I didn't like was that pink ink would spill all over inside the cap and edges of the pen (around the tip) -causing pink ink to get onto my hand and fingers when opening it up to use. Also, you have to constantly shake the pen (for more ink) when lining your eyes -but more on that later.
Here are pictures of the liner's tip:

The Product: I have to mention again that this was the product that I was most looking foward to when the Tokidoki line first came out and I'm saddened by the outcome of my experience with this liner. I'm not a fan of the calligraphy pen like tip of this liner. Because the sides are different, you have to make sure that you keep the pen at the same angle from start to finish when lining your eyes. That means if you even turn the pen in the slightest, you're doomed to mess up. I was able to achieve a fairly thin to normal line -but it was kind of difficult only because one side is flat and wide while the other is thin. The whole "lining" process just totally irked me. (You most likely won't have too much trouble though if you have steady hands.) Also, right in the middle of lining when I was winging the line out, it ran out of ink! So I had to stop lining and shake the pen for more ink. By that time, the liner (on my eye) had already dried so when I was winging the edge out, it looked incredibly streaky/crusty. Even when I tried to go over the whole line again, everything looked crusty. I do not like this look.

Eye Swatches!

(Both pictures taken with flash) ..Sorry for the eyebrow mess!

The Color: I thought I'd love this color, but I think I'd prefer a darker or bolder pink for this purpose. I'd describe this as a mainly matte (there's the slightest hint of "satin-ness" to it) slightly muted medium pink. The color is very pretty if that's what you're going for though.

(no flash)
(with flash)

Overall: I'm again so disappointed in the outcome of my experience with these as I was so looking forward to them. As of right now, I won't be buying any more of these. I don't like how when you're in the middle of lining your eyes, the line gets streaky and crusty if you run out of ink. It's too much of a hassle. Sure sometimes you might not run out of ink and get a decent line with only mild crustiness, but that's not a risk I'm willing to take! I highly dislike having to remove all my eye makeup due to a liquid liner accident. However, I have to mention again that I love the packaging of these liners and they do come in some pretty, unique colors that you won't find from most brands (matte periwinkle, white, etc.) I'd say give these a try if you're interested in one of the colors but overall, they're not something I'd use just due to my overall dislikes of the product.

P.S. Here are swatches of all the colors:
Perfetto Liquid Eyeliners (no flash) top row from left: Sabochan, Carina, Ciao Ciao, Donutella, Mostro, Arlecchino, Rondine Love, SANDy.
(With flash) Top Row from left: Sabochan, Carina, Ciao Ciao, Donutella, Mostro, Arlecchino, Rondine Love, SANDy.


  1. Man, what a let down(the swatches looked so pretty). Great review : )

    And girl, what eyebrow mess?? Lol, you want to see eyebrow mess??? Look at my pics, lol.

    I'm so happy that I discovered your blog, I love it!

  2. LOL. It's funny because when I pluck and tweeze -I think I get all the hairs out but when I take these close-up eye pics, I can spot these tiny hairs and it just totally bugs me!

    And I know.. love the colors so I was so sad. I think they'd be alright with just some work (if you can line your eyes without the pen drying out because if it does, you're skrewed! Ugh!)

    Thanks for finding my blog. =)

  3. P.S. Totally tried to comment you on your blog but I they're not working?? Maybe it's just me? =P

  4. I just bought this to try on my lips lol