Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Urban Decay Friends and Family Sale & Sephora 15% off Sale

I just wanted to do a quick post on some major beauty sales this week. First off, Urban Decay's Friends & Family sales starts today -they usually have it once or twice a year I believe, so if you've been lemming for that Urban Decay palette or want to stock up on UDPP, get it now since you can save 30% off. Code is 1SFNF. The sale ends Monday April 19th.

Next up is some great Sephora news. For V.I.B.s, you have a chance to save 15% off starting April 8-19th. If you're a V.I.B., you will get the email printout sent to you (I got mine today) and if you're shopping online, use the code V48ML6. You are a Sephora V.I.B. if you are enrolled in the Beauty Insider account and have spent $350 in a calendar year. You qualify for the current year and the next year. For more info on V.I.B., click here.

Don't worry non-V.I.B.s, you also get 15% off but your discount does not start until April 12th and runs through the 19th. Same as the V.I.B. deal, bring your coupon (check your email) to the store and if you're ordering online, use the code BI15.

When I called Sephora, they told me that the coupon can be used multiple times throughout the time period (April 8-19th for V.I.B.s and April 12-19th for non-V.I.B.s) so keep your coupon in case. If the cashier takes it from you, print another one!!

As for the "bring a friend" deal, V.I.B.s will be able to bring a friend during a special "event" in which the friend will also receive 15% off -even though she or he is not a V.I.B. They just have to sign up for the Beauty Insider program. Be sure to bring the email printout to the store -it contains 2 coupons: 1 for you and 1 for your friend. To my knowledge, all stores have different times so check beforehand. Also, you, the V.I.B., can use your coupon at anytime during this time period and don't have to come in the store at a specific time -that's just if you want to get your friend the discount. Also, I'm not sure if non-V.I.B. Beauty Insiders get to bring a friend -I just know about the V.I.B. deal but I'll update if I learn anything new.

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