Thursday, April 1, 2010

LORAC 3D Multiplex in "Polished"

So I mentioned in my March Favorites post that LORAC's 3D Multiplex($22) in "Polished" was quickly becoming one of my must have products. I just wanted to do a little review on the color and gloss. If you want to see my previous, more indepth review on these glosses, click here. For swatches of all the 3D Multiplex glosses, click here.
The Packaging: Same as all the other 3D Multiplexes. Clear Tube, silver cap.Holographic type "ring" around the tube right under the cap and holographic "LORAC Multiplex" logo. I didn't mention this in my previous review because I didn't have it long enough yet, but the little holographic ring rubs off after awhile. I've been using this almost daily and it's been rubbing off so that most of the ring is still there but some is gone. I don't like that -it looks messy and dirty.
The Product: I've raved about these glosses before and I'll do it again. I LOVE these glosses. They're nonsticky, long lasting, smell like tropical fruit, extremely moisturzing, non gritty, plumping (without the burn), and have the prettiest, smoothest glitter ever. Btw, these glosses aren't meant to be plumping, but I've personally found that they make my lips look fuller.

The Color: While the other 5 3D Multiplex glosses are incredibly pigmented, Polished is rather sheer. It's a light peachy pink with multicolor shimmer but I mainly see fuchsia glitter. This does make your lips slightly paler -but again it's sheer and not opaque whatsoever. Polished is the color that will for sure look great on every one.

On the Lips..

See how my lips do look a bit lighter.. but from a distance?

Overall: As I've already mentioned, I LOVE these and can't get enough of them. I want to get all the colors but they're still a little pricey at $22. But then again, there are tons of other glosses that are more expensive and aren't nearly as great as this. I highly recommend getting at least one of these glosses (unless you hate glitter.) Polished is a safe bet but for those who like more pigmented glosses, try one of the other colors. Polished is the only sheer one of the bunch. I recommend  Vivid -will look nice on lots of different skin tones.