Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bubblegum, Bubblegum, In A Dish.. Bubblegum Pinks: YSL Rouge Volupté Lipstick in "7 Lingerie Pink"

Bubblegum, Bubblegum, in a dish. How many pieces do you wish? Bubblegum Pinks- The new blog series dedicated to my love for pink lippies. This will include bubblegum pinks, pastel pinks, pale pinks, and peachy pinks.
Repurchase: No
Price: $34
Product: 8/10
Packaging: 8.5/10
Value: 7/10
Overall Grade: B

Prior to purchasing this, I was lusting for some YSL (Yves Saint Laurent) Rouge Volupté lipsticks for quite awhile. I originally wanted Sensual Silk but at the last minute decided to opt for the popular Lingerie Pink instead.
The Packaging: As always, YSL offers luxurious packaging with their Rouge Volupté lipsticks. The rounded tube is mirrored gold and in the middle (under the lid) is a pink band (the band is whatever color the lippie is) with open gold rings displayed inside. Inside each ring is the “YSL” logo. There’s also a mirror on the top of the lid. The bottom displays the color “number” and I wish they’d add the color name because who really remembers numbers? The cons are that the tube is quite heavy and because the tube is “mirrored,” it’s highly prone to icky fingerprints.
The Product: The lipstick (0.14oz/4g) is made in France –when I thing French, I think high-end and luxurious. =) Anyways, this stuff is seriously like extreme pigment on a stick. I couldn't even apply it straight from the tube and had to use a brush. This is a "one swipe" type of lipstick –the total opposite of sheer. Also, it's very glossy. To me, it's more of a "creamy gloss" than a lipstick. Most glossy lipsticks I've tried are usually semi sheer while this on the other hand is extremely pigmented. Also, this stuff does not "become one" with my lips and instead sits on top of my lips –which isn't exactly my preference. It looks like I slapped paint on top of my lips. The lipstick is also very slippery and slides off like no other lipstick I've ever tried making it not long lasting whatsoever –it lasts for about an hour for me. (YSL Claims that this lipstick is long lasting.)
I also have to mention that the lipstick feels fairly moisturizing (in a wet way) but the moisture isn't long lasting for me. My Shiseido and Shu Uemura lipsticks are more moisturizing. Although the lipstick feels somewhat moisturizing, the lipstick still makes my lips look very dry and cakey if I don't exfoliate well –but that can be due to the color (light/pale pinks/nudes tend to do that.) Also, the lippie is supposed to smell like mango but to me, it's more of a slightly sweet, melon candy scent. It's not too strong and is kind to my delicate nose. =P The lipstick also contains SPF 15 which is always a good thing.
The Color: I loved the idea of a pastel Pepto Bismo type pink (which it is) but in person, it’s way too loud for me. I never thought I'd say this, but I think that maybe the lipstick is just too pigmented. Although the color is not as intense as say MAC Saint Germain, it's more intense because of the formula.
I tried to blot it down too to see if I could get away with wearing just a hint of the color but it became a patchy mess (with dry looking lips) when I did that. I guess it’s either full on, crazy looking pigment or nothing at all.


Above (with flash): YSL Rouge Volupté Lipstick in Lingerie Pink
 Above (no flash): YSL Rouge Volupté Lipstick in Lingerie Pink, MAC lipsticks in Saint Germain, Snob (flash swatch is more accurate of Lingerie Pink.. I just wanted to show a comparison between other similar lipsticks. I forgot to take a flash pic!)
Lip Swatch..
Above (with flash): YSL Rouge Volupté Lipstick in Lingerie Pink

Overall: I know that YSL Rouge Volupté lipsticks are extremely popular but I'm not loving them. I'm really impressed by the color payoff but I'm not loving that the moisture doesn't late, the lipstick fades after an hour, and that it makes my lips look patchy and dry. I also think that this is maybe too pigmented as it looks more like paint instead of lipstick. I don't like that it doesn't "bind" to my lips and instead sits on top of them. I'm giving this a "B" grade because the pigmentation really knocks other lipsticks out of the water. To me, the other properties don't live up to all the hype.
On another note, I can see this maybe looking better in another color that's not so "in your face." A more natural shade like Sensual Silk or Nude Beige would probably look a look a lot less weird. I'm not going to rush to buy another tube of this anytime soon (especially since it's pricey) but I'd still like to try a more toned down shade in the future.

P.S. Which "Bubblegum Pinks" picture do you like better? First or second? I couldn't decide which to use.


  1. I must get more pink lipsticks. I love them so and only have a couple. MAC's gaga, creme cup, and maybelline pink please and born with it. I neeeed more. YSL is love, but not for me.. too expensive, but many people like that one and I can see why. ;)

    Saint Germain.... I was arranging a trade with someone for that one and they never came through.. people are weird that way. I need Snob too..and like 4-5x other MAC pinks, what your recommendations for pale pinks from MAC?

  2. Hmm.. From the permanent collection, I currently own Snob (paler pink with mauve), Pink Nouveau (bright medium barbie pink), and Saint Germain (pastel pink.. like Malibu Barbie.) Saint Germain is VERY hard to pull off -I've rarely worn mine but it's permanent now so it's available instores/online/etc. I did have Creme Cup (like you have) and feel it's a better version of Angel (I don't think you need that.) I have GaGa too. You can try Lovelorn which is a light-medium pink with some blue (I gave this and Creme Cup away because they were a bit drying on me.)

    I'm not sure if you wanted paler pinks.. but I also like Show Orchid (pro color) which is a fabulous bright fuchsia pink. Oh I love Up the Amp too.. not a pink but a medium mauvey lavender?

    Hope this helps! I've sort of branched away from MAC lippies in the past few months so I haven't gotten many new lippies. I do recommend Shu Uemura's though -they're wonderful. 343(bubblegum pink) and 344 (light-medium pink with lavender) are awesome. Oh and I love LORAC Baby Doll -one of my first good pale pink lippies.

  3. Oh oops LOL.. you said you were looking for paler pinks so no Show Orchid. =P

  4. saint germain is perm??? since when?

    adding lovelorn, pink nouveau and snob to my "to get list" up the amp is supposed to be like berry haute I think is.. from revlon.

  5. Thanks for the review! I am lemming some YSL Rouge Voluptes myself... Lingerie Pink sounded so cute but glad to know that the pigmentation is a little too much lol. I really want Sensual Silk though!

    PS - I like the 2nd "Bubblegum Pinks" ;D You're so creative!

  6. Hm I'm not a lover of bubble gum pink so can't help in that department. You probably want a sheerer version of these maybe try Shiseido or Asian brands? YSL lipsticks are highly pigmented which I really love. The trick to using these is to dab right in the middle of the lower lip, then use a brush to sheer/sweep out the colors to the rest of the lips. I find this method works best for an even application =)

  7. Loving the bubblegum pinks!! Yeah not a fan of YSL lipsticks, the pigments are awesome and theyre so creamy on the hand, but they makes my lips look peely and ek too. I think they're overpriced and not all that too..


  8. @ Justine.. Saint Germain became permanent a few months ago -I can't remember when but it's on the MAC site ( and is at all the MAC stores (at least here in the US.) I heard there was a Revlon dupe for Up the Amp too but I forgot which color. Thanks for reminding me!

    @ E.Motion In Motion.. I want Sensual Silk too -it's gorgeous! Wish I got that instead. Oh and everybody I asked before posting this chose the 2nd too.. but I still wasn't sure. =P

    @ naturalnchicmakeup.. I love Shiseido and Shu Uemura. Recently got a few bubblegum colored Shu lippies but I want something a bit paler. Shiseido doesn't offer many pales or bubblegums but the colors they have are gorgeous. And thanks so much for the tip! =) I'll give that a try on the "tougher to work with" lippies.

    @ Laura Beth.. Nice! I absolutely love bubblegums. That's what I thought too -the YSL lippies look amazing swatched on the hand but they're too much for me (at least this shade.) And I guess they're peely on others too -not just me! Totally overpriced.. I bet in a few years, they'll be pushed up to $40. Makeup prices go up nearly every year!

  9. I like the 2nd picture better :)

  10. Thanks kali for letting me know about st germaine, it's on too... I had no idea. I am kinda off MAC after the whole marine life craziness.

  11. Aww.. =( Well you're welcome dear. At least you can just go ahead and buy it now instead of swapping with someone who won't come through!! ..Or buying it on Ebay for triple the price!

  12. these bubble gum pinks are really nice! YSL has really hot colors that's for sure. And you're right their packacing is quite adorable. yeah KStewart isn't a good actress, i can't believe she's going to play joan jett. jus cuz you cut your hair into a mullet doesn't make you joan jett!

  13. ooo, I'm going to like this series, even though I don't really think I can pull off most bubblegum pink lippies. Maybe I need some serious dental whitening but they tend to make my teeth look very yellow! Not cute, lol. These YSL lippies look so nice, but I've never given them a try for myself. Which color do you think I should try??

    Oh, and I like the 2nd pic : )

  14. I love these, I sadly have no lippes in my collection and I'm dying to get some. Lack of money is horrible when all you want to do it buy makeup, hsha.

  15. @ Pop Champagne.. I love YSL's color choices. They have so many bright, girly colors but are so expensive. LOL ..a mullet doesn't make you Joan Jett -not it doesn't! Hopefully her acting skills improve.. she still has time to learn. I love Twilight though! =P Wish they had a better script/actors with good acting skills/effects/etc.. but we'll see how the 3rd one goes!

    @ Val.. I really hope you like it! Yea, some bubblegum pinks can make teeth look yellowy but I think some can be really pretty and not make teeth look yellow. I wouldn't object to some whitening though! Umm.. not sure what color you should try since I've only tried this one. I've swatched in store though and if you're into nudes, I LOVE Sensual Silk and Nude Beige looks nice too. Peach Passion look and Frivolous Pink look pretty but they're really bright most the shades.

    @ Stephanie.. Glad you like these! I agree.. lack of money IS horrible especially when you have an addiction like makeup!