Tuesday, June 8, 2010

LORAC Multiplex 3D Lip Gloss in "3D" (Review & Swatches)

Repurchase: Yes
Price: $22
Product: 8.5/10
Packaging: 8/10
Value: 8/10
Overall Grade: B+
I’ve reviewed the LORAC Multiplex 3D lip gloss (0.17oz) twice now (here & here) now and it’s still one of my absolute favorite glosses. I’ve been lemming for 3D for months now but it was always sold out at every store I went to (like 4!), online at Sephora, and even online at the LORAC website.

Company's product description.
Random story/rant (SCROLL DOWN TO SKIP TO REVIEW =P ..OR stay and read my rant): I was talking to this girl during class about makeup and she asked me what my favorite brand was. I mentioned Lorac as one of my faves (I pronounced it La-Rock) and started talking about how much I love the eyeshadows, blushes, glosses, etc. and she goes, “Huh? I’ve never heard of that brand.” (Thinks to herself for a few seconds..) “Ohhhh.. you mean LORE-RACCCKKKK!” and gives me this B*TCHY look. I mean mugged her back. She then proceeded to tell me that her favorite brand is Chanel and of course it’s better than other brands and that everything they make it good because well it’s –Chanel.

Any “beauty addict” knows that a brand can’t just be good because it’s a designer brand. Cheap brands can be good too –along with anything in the medium range and high range. Also, not every brand produces has ALL great products. I’ve never found a brand like this in my life and I’ve tried loads. My beloved NARS has had a few terrible eyeshadows. I know for sure that Chanel has produced some dull, unpigmented palettes and other poor products just like YSL, Dior, etc. has too. Anyways, the moral is that one brand is isn't better than others just because it’s expensive and designer and no brand has all “super amazingly excellent” products. Oh yea, and she told me Shiseido and Shu Uemura were bad. Then she told me she never even tried Shu Uemura. Lady are you crazy??!

Because I'm insanely stubborn, I later looked up how to pronounce Lorac. I was right. It’s “La-Rock” (see here.) Silly girl. Enough of my ranting and onto the review!

The Packaging: The tubes are clear and are sort of like the MAC Superglasses which is like a hexagon instead of rounded like a circle except for the Lorac Multiplex has more sides and corners BUT they feel perfectly round. Weird? You can see the edges and corners but I think it’s cased inside the rounded tube which makes it feel rounded. I hope this makes sense.
The cap is mirrored which I don’t love because it’s prone to fingerprints. There’s also a holographic “ring” at the bottom of cap –it rubs off  but so does the text, etc. of all my glosses. The gloss contains a brush applicator which is really nice as it helps to evenly distribute the glitter.

The Product: In general, I think that LORAC’s Multiplex 3D gloss is the epitome of the perfect gloss if you like glitter. The glosses (in most cases) have the following qualities:
1. Glitter is fine and not gunky (like MAC Dazzleglasses.)
2. Extremely moisturizing and better than some lip balms. Lips stay moisturized after gloss wears off.
3. Doesn’t sink into lip lines and make lips look dry and flaky (even with the lighter colors.)
4. Excellent color payoff.
5. Makes lips look full and pillowy without the burning effect of a lip plumper.
6. Not sticky.
7. Not gritty.
8. Long lasting. Most of the shades have lasted up to over 6 hours for me and I’m sure it would’ve lasted longer but I needed to eat. =P
9. Leaves behind a light “stain” after the gloss fades.
10. Smells like tropical fruit.
11. No taste really.
12. Makes lips look 3D!
13. Brush applicator that applies the gloss perfectly
14. Nice packaging

What about this particular shade? Of this entire list, I have to say that it was all true except for the “extremely long wearing” and “color payoff” parts. I’ve tried 3 other shades prior to this shade and they all lasted for 6+ hours. 3D however faded in about 4 hours and by 4.5 hours, the gloss had nearly completely gone away but the glitter was still all there so it looked like I had smeared glitter all over my lips with no gloss or lipstick underneath. Also, like Polished, this shade is a bit more on the sheer side. However, the other shades in the line are extremely pigmented.
The Color: Semi-sheer bronzey nude with bronze and vibrant pink glitter. The glitter (mainly the pink) in this particular shade stands out a lot more than the rest of the shades in the line (even though those are packed with glitter as well.) The pink glitter particles look bigger than the glitter in the other glosses. It looks a bit frosty on since it's so glittery.
For swatches of all the LORAC Multiplex 3D shades, click here.
If you look super closely, you can spot a few pink flecks.
Above (no flash): LORAC Multiplex 3D in "3D"
Above (with flash): LORAC Multiplex 3D in "3D"
Lip Swatches.. (Resembles "real color" best with no flash.. so no flash pics this time.)
Above (no flash): LORAC Multiplex 3D in "3D"
Above (no flash): LORAC Multiplex 3D in "3D".. You can see all the glitter here.

Overall: This shade in particular is very glittery but it will work for certain looks –definitely not for a natural look. I don’t like that it’s not as longwearing as the other shades from the line. However, it’s still a great gloss. It’s moisturizing, not gritty, smells nice, etc. 3D is a great shade for those who like LOTS of glitter.

I can’t say enough about this gloss. I seriously feel like LORAC’s spokesperson. I recommend that everyone buy this in at least 1 of the 6 shades available. The only reason I can see somebody not liking it is if they hate glitter. There’s a shade for everyone as all the shades are very wearable.

So are you a glitter person? I <3 myself some glitter.


  1. I love that gloss, so pretty, would look great for a night out over a lipstick.

    Ok I was going to say you totally did say LORAC correctly, I actually meet Carol Shaw the creator of the line, so that girls a dumbass. I love how CHANEL culted people think they're so trendy and rich. CHANEL cosmetics are not all that in my opinion, and the women that work at their counters are so nasty. We're smart enough to know we don't have to pay $45 for a mascara, that we can find better quality for our buck. I hope you put that girl in check next time you see her lol. ;)


  2. I've got to try these since I really love MAC's dazzleglass...and that girl, how rude (like stephanie from full house, lol)!!

    LOL @ Laura Beth, lol that girl's a dumbass, ahahaha I couldn't stop laughing!!

  3. @ Laura Beth.. Glad you love it too!! Because I totally love it. =)

    I do appreciate certain Chanel pieces (though I could never afford their clothes and whatnot).. but I agree. Some people are total snobs when it comes to brands. I've met a few really great counter ladies but I've met SO MANY that are stuck up and nasty like you said. And seriously right? Why pay THAT much for something that's OK when I can get something brilliant for cheaper. Not saying Chanel carries bad makeup -sure there are a few things that might really stand out but you can buy the MAJORITY of the products at a lower price. =P So many ladies (esp. at the nail salon) have given me the "I'm better than you look" when they talk about how they will only wear Chanel makeup. PSHHH.. we know better. =)

    And LOL I know.. she IS a dumbass and terribly annoying. And oh don't worry.. I already have!! ;)

    @ Val.. Oh if you love Dazzleglasses, you HAVE to!! I DEMAND it. I used to love Dazzleglasses too -they're super gorgeous but way too gritty for me. I don't even use any of mine anymore!

    And oh goooooodness she was so rude. There are so many girls who think they're better than the rest of the world but I don't put up with that!!

  4. hey there, OMG that looks sooo good on you! I saw it at the Sephora store and really loved it, but i didn't by it since its too expensive for me. I'm wondering if you know maybe a drugstore one or a cheaper dupe of this.

  5. Oh well, I'll admit, I've been saying Lore-rack myself. Guess it doesn't matter too much as it is made up from the creator's name of Carol backwards. Just found that out. It is a shame you didn't care for this shade as much as it is closest to what I like--a bit browny, bronzy, yet kinda sheer too. I just ordered the red carpet collection that has this in it as I was too cheap to spend the $22 on just the gloss alone, lol! I might go for the duo next which has this shade and a pinkier one that's not normally my kinda thing just because you get both full size for $28. That is, if I can find it. Don't worry about the girl. She's getting her payback for being so snobby by wasting all her money on overpriced cosmetics ;) I may like the good stuff, but I'm always up for investigating good dupes and bargains. Btw, since you like glitter, you should look into Physicians formula shimmer sticks eyeshadows. 9 shades for around $10-12. I just got the smoky hazel collection. Tried only one look (just out of curiosity that night). I didn't use any shadow base and it still lasted for hours without creasing! I was amazed! The next day, I found a place online selling their stuff for buy one get one half off and ordered the general smoky collection with traditional black, white, and grey hues plus an eyeliner set of green, purple, and black liners.