Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Smashbox VIB Cream Eye Liner & Brow Tech Palette & Sephora Brush #42 (Review & Swatches)

Smashbox VIB Cream Eye Liner & Brow Tech Palette
Repurchase: Yes
Price: FREE! (Full Size Cream Eye Liner Palette $32, Brow Tech $24)
Product: 8/10
Packaging: 8.5/10
Value: 10/10
Overall Grade: B
Since Erynn of e.motion in motion was interested in this, I am reviewing the Smashbox Cream Liner & Brow Tech Palette that I got as a VIB freebie from Sephora. This is not the full size version but I’ve seen the full size Cream Eye Liner Palette in stores and it looks about the same size or maybe just a tad smaller -the Brow Tech comes in a trio. In any case, this is a generously sized freebie and came with a deluxe sample of their popular Photo Finish primer complete in a small, clear case.

The Packaging: The sleek, matte black palette is very thin and the same size as a credit card which makes it ideal for travel. Like NARS products, it is prone to fingerprints but wipes clean with a baby wipe or wet nap.

The Product: The Brow Tech is nice. I like that the powders are pigmented and blend easily into my brows. I can see this working for most people as there are 4 natural shades total in the Brow Tech line.
The majority of  the cream eye liners are rich and pigmented. The texture is creamy and smooth –not chalky or flaky at all. However, I ran a “smudge” test on my hand swatches and after just rubbing a finger over all the swatches at once, they smudged easily and the colors faded. "Image", the only shimmery shade, did the best job holding up although it still faded too. I also tried swatching it over some UDDP but it still smudged.
However, it was different when applied. After 6 hours, it hadn't budged at all. (Take note that I do have dry skin so most eye makeup lasts on me all day.) However, since the liner did smudge when I rubbed over it intentionally, I’m sure this wouldn’t last through an afternoon nap –most of my cream liners and liquids don’t.
The Color: The palette contains 1 Brow Tech wax, 3 Brow Tech powders, and 6 Cream Eye Liners.
Brow Tech
1. Taupe- Medium taupe
2. Brunette- Darker brown
3. Blonde- Medium blonde brown
Cream Eye Liner
1. Image- Olive with golden shimmer
2. Thunder- Mossy gray
3. Putty- Medium brown
4. Caviar- True black
5. Picasso- Deep ink blue (slightly sheer)
6. Midnight Brown- Dark chocolate brown

Smashbox Brow Tech above (no flash) from left: Taupe, Brunette, Blonde.
Smashbox Cream Eye Liner (no flash) from left: Image, Thunder, Putty, Caviar, Picasso, Midnight Brown. This pic most closely resembles the actual colors.
Smashbox Cream Eye Liner (no flash) from left: Image, Thunder, Putty, Caviar, Picasso, Midnight Brown. This pic if clearer.
Smashbox Cream Eye Liner (no flash) from left: Image, Thunder, Putty, Caviar, Picasso, Midnight Brown. Here are the liners after the "smudge test."

Overall: The palette offers great variety and is packed in a conveniently sized case. The Brow Tech powders work really well while the liners are overall pretty pigmented with the exception of "Picasso." The only thing is that these might be smudgey for those who have trouble with their eye makeup smudging and fading easily -although it worked fine for me (I wore primer and a base underneath.) It will definitely smudge if you were to rub on it though. Overall, a great palette. I'm thinking about getting one of the full size cream liner palettes but I have way too many liners.

Sephora Collection Professional  Flat Blush Brush #42
Repurchase: Yes
Price: $10 (from $22)
Product: 10/10
Value: 9/10
Overall Grade: A
The Sephora Collection Professional Flat Blush Brush #42 is on sale at Sephora right now for $10 (from $22.) Since there’s not “packaging” and/or “color” for makeup brushes, I skipped right to the “product.” I absolutely love this brush. It’s small, compact, and perfect for at home use or on the go. An extra plus is that the bristles are super soft and don't scratch at my skin. Not including the brush head, the entire handle measures just over 4.5 inches. The widest part of the brush head measure 3 cm and from top to bottom, it measures 3.25 cm.
What Sephora Says.. "This design is flat with a tapered point and contains a lower concentration of bristles, which translates to a higher concentration of color. The naturally versatile shape allows you to easily maneuver across the crevices of the face—and even re-appropriate it as an all-over shadow brush."
What can I use this brush for? Although it’s a blush brush, I can’t see myself using it for blush because it’s too flat. I prefer fluffy blush brushes. I really love it as a contour or bronzer brush –as I usually contour with my bronzer. It’s perfect and fits right into that hollow cheekbone area and makes blending a breeze. I don't see myself using it as an eyeshadow brush (like Sephora suggests) though -it's way too big.
More Pics..


  1. great choices for the brushes. I like fluffy brushes too, tomorrow im going to sephora in town so yay cant wait

  2. Thanks for the Smashbox review! I was thinking trying it awhile ago but now that I see the liner smudges easily, I think I'll have to pass :( I'm always looking for non-smudging liners because EVERYTHING seems to smudge on me >_< the best I've tried so far has been WnW Mega Eyes Creme liner, and it's so cheap! XD

    The blush brush, me likey though! I'm always on the hunt for new blush brushes as well.. especially ones that can multi-task! Might have to pick this one up sometime!

  3. You give such detailed reviews, it's amazing! The brush looks nice :)

  4. @ Pop Champagne.. Mhmmm.. I <3 fluffy brushes. Although this wasn't fluffy, it was great for contouring. Hope you have fun at Sephora!

    @ E.Motion in Motion.. You're welcome dear. =) Sorry it disappointed a bit (the smudging) but it's great that you've found the WnW one. I need to look into it!

    And if you're liking the blush brush, pick it up FAST. They're gone at my local Sephora (since they're on sale) and online they've been going in and out of stock for the last few weeks so you can keep an eye on that:

    @ Ariel.. Thanks dear!