Monday, June 28, 2010

My 1st Giveaway (What type of giveaway should I hold?) & Sephora Haul

First off, my random Sephora haul! They got everything right except they didn't give me any of the samples I ordered so I got some samples I didn't want.
1. Too Faced Naked Eye Soft & Sexy Eye Shadow Collection
2. Sephora Collection Professional Flat Blush Brush #42
3. CARGO Color Eyeshadow Palette in "Bermuda"
4. Smashbox Mini Cream Eyeliner & Brow Palette
5. Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Deluxe Sample
6. Narciso Rodrigues "For Her" Eau De Toilette Sample
7. Clarins Lift-Minceur High Definition  Body Ligt Sample
8. Per-fekt Beauty Skin Perfection Gel in "Radiant" Sample
Too Faced Naked Eye Soft & Sexy Eye Shadow Collection- I've been looking for reviews and swatches for this for weeks (it's been out for about a month now I think) but haven't been able to find anything so I ordered it myself.
Sephora Collection Professional Flat Blush Brush #42- This brush looks so promising! It's really soft.
Smashbox Mini Cream Eyeliner & Brow Palette and Photo Finish Primer Deluxe Sample- My VIB gift. They ran out of these within the first few hours of the coupon being emailed to Sephora VIBs. Not sure if they re-stocked.

Palette! Didn't want to take the cover off because I'm not sure if I want to keep it or give it away.

CARGO Color Eyeshadow Palette in "Bermuda"- One of the prizes in my upcoming giveaway!

PLEASE Read Me. I need your opinions on how to do the giveaway..

I will be holding a giveaway very soon (could be this week or later in the month since I still need to gather prizes.) I'm not sure whether or not yet to include only my current followers or followers who start following once the giveaway starts. I really want to thank my current followers for reading and following my tiny blog -I know I only have 65 followers but you wouldn't believe how ecstatic I was to even have one! If I do choose to also include new followers who start following the blog once the giveaway starts, I will be giving each follower (who was following the blog before the giveaway) 2 extra entries each.
So why would I give current followers extra 2 entries? Well, I just feel that there are so many people who simply follow a blog just for giveaways and contests. I feel that the winner should be someone who actually reads the blog and follows because they enjoy the blog rather than just because they want to win a prize. There are just so many people who will just stop following bloggers right after the giveaway ends and I think that's so mean! (I by no means think that all people do this, it's just something that's bound to happen.) That's why I want to give current followers more chances to win.
Also, I'm not sure if I should hold a "medium" giveaway right now and then a larger one in the coming months or just wait and do a big fat one in about a month -all at once. What do you think?
So what do you think about blog giveaways and contests in general? What are your likes and dislikes?


  1. First, I want to let you know that I really enjoy reading your blog. You're well informed, you write great reviews and you have a great personality (thank you for supporting my blog!) And I agree with you that there are people who do just subscribe to win free stuff, and ultimately when you do a giveaway you want someone who really appreciates your blog to win. So, if you go with the 2 extra entries idea, I would not be opposed. Also, I think you should have 2 giveaways, that way more chances to win kind of thing, but it's entirely up to you!
    P.s. I don't usually enter giveaways because I never win, lol.

  2. Great haul.
    I love seeing what other people buy it helps me build up my collection and give me a look into if I would really buy it and love it. You got some great items. For being someone who is an addict of makeup im shamed to say I have never tried cargo. They have some amazing things. Ill get around to it :D Anywho looking fwd to your upcoming posts.

    About the giveaway mm I started my first giveaway at 50 followers I didn't think anyone would fancy a read on my blog lol. I love your blog I like to hear others rambles esp when it comes to beauty and all things girlie :D Youll start to notice what followers are really around for what you have to say as your posts go on you just have to stay a look out. I have already spotted my normal blog readers. I love them and now im addicted to my blog :D lol

    Have a great rest of the week !!
    Hope you get all your questions answered :D x

  3. Well, since I started my giveaway I've had an onslaught of new followers, and these aren't really people that comment, but people who just join to get entered in the giveaway cause everyone likes giveaways. I imagine it would be hard to keep track of old and new followers though? Either way, I will still read your blog contests or no contests and I will comment whenever I have something meaningful to say!

  4. Awesome haul, sorry to hear you didn't get the samples you wanted though :( I was kind of interested in the Smashbox Palette.. will you be doing a review on it? :)

    For the giveaway, I agree that there are many people who just follow blogs for giveaways, as well as people who hold giveaways in order to gain more followers -_-; I actually rarely enter giveaways... I personally don't participate in them if it is a requirement to follow and/or make a post about the giveaway on your blog because it makes me feel like the person just wants you to follow & advertise them. I think that should be optional for more entries. I like simple giveaways where all you have to do is leave a comment w/ your email LOL XD

    When I had my first giveaway, I had it open only to my current followers.. I feel like that's a great way to say "thanks" to the people who actually take the time to read and comment on your blog. I think it's a good idea for a first giveaway to be "followers only" and then giveaways after that to be open to anyone :)

  5. I have won 3 giveaways so far, one was for a lace brooch, other two for make up. What I don't like: When the blogger holding the giveaway urges you to follow his twitter/facebook/whatever account in order for you to win. Or when they say sth like "I will check if you're a follower". I mean, hey! Isn't that ridiculous? For me it is. It's nice to have many followers but don't end up being a pain in the ass for your readers. That's all I have to say, hope I was helpful for your own giveaway :)

  6. I agree that some people only follow to win giveaways! I've only won 1 giveaway so far, but a lot of times I don't join if they want me to repost it, that's just advertising for their blog and they can do that on their own. And yeah I think Kim Kardashian admit to getting botox! I agree her face does look tighter and more plastic!

  7. Nice haul Kali. Let me know how you like that eye palette. It's popping up everywhere on blogs now. As for the giveaway, it's really up to you how you want to do it. There will definitely be people who join or create an account just to win the giveaways. Not much you can do about that but it's pretty easy to find out who your regular readers are. These people actually care about what you write and often respond to the posts. You can always make it for current followers only to avoid the hassle of finding out who's new and who's not =)

  8. @ Val.. Thank you so much. I really, really appreciate that since, as any blogger does, I work really hard on reviews. Thanks for your input about giveaways.. I really hate when people just follow for giveaways and then stop following when it's done! So terrible. =P

    Also, you SHOULD enter giveaways. I thought the same exact thing but I stil entered some giveaways here and there and so surprisingly, last week, I won one!

    @ Renay Shanel.. Thanks doll. =) You REALLY should try CARGO. They have some really nice eyeshadows and amazing blushes (just hate the packaging.) Also, thanks so much for your thoughts on giveaways. I definitely agree that you really notice who's a "real" follower and who's just in it for the giveaways. I feel so bad for other bloggers when they say people stopped following them after the giveaways are done!

    @ Justine.. Thanks for telling me about your personal experience with your giveaway. I agree -most people like giveaways but the thing is, you should only enter giveaways from blogs you actually read ..that's at least how I feel about it. As for keeping track of the "current followers", my plan was to just write everyone's name down (like their display names) they day the giveaway opens. I'm still in planning mode though.

  9. @ e.motion in motion.. Aww that's ok! I'll probably just give the samples away to whoever wants them. Since you're interested in the Smashbox palette, I'll definitely review it. =)

    I totally understand how you feel about the whole "advertising" thing. I'm kind of in the middle when it comes ot "advertising" other people's giveaways. I know that there are some people out there who of course just do giveaways for more followers -which I don't like. That, to me, makes me feel that their blog is more about publicity and popularity. On the other hand, there are some blogs I really love reading but don't have that many followers. I feel like they do DESERVE more followers and more attention because they do a wonderful job on their blog -I'm happy to "advertise" for them. Also, it is nice getting an extra entry when I do this. =P But I definitely wouldn't repost someone's giveaway if they were just in it for the popularity.

    I'm leaning torwards your idea actually -doing a blog only for current followers and then maybe doing another one later on for anyone. The giveaway is really meant to thank the followers who read the blog so that would make sense.

  10. @ Pink_Fish.. I just LOVE your profile pic. That pink fish is so unique and pretty. =)

    That's really cool that you've won giveaways! It gives people hope that people do actually win LOL. Agh I agree -definitely DON't end up being a pain in the big ol' booty for your followers. Thanks for your input. I really like knowing how people feel about these things.

    @ Pop Champagne.. That's cool you've won 1! It feels really exciting to win. =) Agh I don't like "reposting" giveaways for publicity whores but I'm fine doing it ONLY for a blogger I like and think that deserves more followers and readers. Plus the extra entry doesn't hurt. =P

    @ naturalnchicmakeup.. Just did the review on the Too Faced palette. I'm surprised you've seen reviews because I've been scouring the internet for reviews and haven't found any! I'd really love to read them if you still had the links.

    I think it's sad that people create "separate accounts" that are soley meant for giveaways. That's just so stupid to me -like the do ALL that to get free stuff.

    I'm pretty sure now that I'll be making the giveaway just for current followers. It'll really lessen the hassle of having deadbeat followers! I rather have followers because they like to read my reviews.. I don't want followers just for "popularity's sake." What's the point of followers if they don't even read the blog you work so hard on?!

  11. Great you sure got a lot of stuff. I splurged on Smashbox's brow kit a while back and it was nice but too $$ for me.

    As for the giveaway, I noticed some bloggers give current followers 2 entries and I LOVE that idea. I want to do something like that when I do my 1 year giveaway, because it's so nice to appreciate those who follow you for your content and not just to win something for free!

  12. @ PetiteAsianGirl.. Thanks! Well actually over half the stuff was free. =) Glad you liked the Smashbox Brow Kit but I agree -it's pricey!

    That's cool you're having a 1 year giveaway. I think it's a great idea for bloggers to thank their readers and followers who like them because of their blog -not the freebies!