Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liners Swatches & My 1st OOTD!

Yesterday I went to Sephora and just played around for a bit. Nothing really caught my eye and I couldn't leave empty handed so I swatched the Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liners. These go for $20 each, which I most likely wouldn't pay for an eyeliner, but I have to admit they're pretty gorgeous. Because I swatched these in the store, I don't know how well they wear but from the swatches, I can tell you that these Smudge Sticks are vibrant, bold, and budgeproof (swatches stayed put after I rubbed my hand over it.) Removing the swatches was very difficult -even with makeup remover.
The reason why these really caught my eye was because these really remind me of MAC Pearlglides (in terms of color and pigmentation) and since they're limited edition, I'm always looking for alternatives. Also, I apologize for the not-so-great camera phone pics.

The Color: The 8 colors are all either shimmery or metallic-y except for Stingray.
1. Blue Ribbon- Slate blue sheen
2. Koi- Metallic gold
3. Lionfish- Deep bronze sheen (on the reddish side)
4. Moray- Golden olive sheen
5. Peacock- Vibrant teal sheen
6. Purple Tang- Dark purple sheen (with indigo/blueish glitter)
7. Silver Dollar- Metallic silver
8. Stingray- Jet black (no shimmer)


Above (with flash) from left: Stila Smudge Stick in Blue Ribbon, Koi, Lionfish, Moray, Peacock, Purple Tang, Silver Dollar, & Stingray. (Purple Tang is more purple-y than in the pic.)

And My OOTD..
I absolutely love checking out other bloggers' FOTDs and OOTDs so I decided to share my very first Outfit Of The Day -even though this is actually an outfit from the weekend. I've never done an OOTD before and felt extremely awkward "posing" so please bear with me. I seriously didn't know what to do! Whenever I tried striking a "fierce pose," I'd crack up laughing. Hope this is alright.. =P
My toes are totally sliding out of my sandals!
1. Jacket- Gap Kids
2. Tunic- Gap
3. Belt- Not sure??
4. Leggings- Old Navy
5. Wedge Sandals- Old Navy
My Wedges! I didn't feel like you needed to suffer a close-up of my feet!


  1. Love you're OOTD! I can totally relate! I always feel ridiculous when posing for a ootd or a fotd, lol. Hope you do more of these. Those eyeliners look so pretty, thanks for the swatches : )

  2. @ Val.. Thanks! I knoww.. I feel so silly having my picture taken!

    @ max.. Thanks =)

  3. Love the outfit, so cute!

    Also I love those stila liners, they are not joke long lasting! I def believe it took forever to come off. I LOVE the purple one, it's so deep and has a great sparkle. I wore it the other day, it was gorge!


  4. Thanks! I wish I had a few of the Stila liners -I'm jealous! I really want Purple Tang (the one you like), Peacock, and Blue Ribbon.

  5. Cute outfit Kali! Those liners look real pigmented. Don't enable me now..I'm soo broke over makeup..LOL. Btw, do you see any of my updates or posts? For some reason, the blog ring is not updating for other blogs I'm reading either. Weird...

  6. Oh aren't they pigmented and beauuutiful?? I know how you feel about being broke over makeup though. =(
    You know what! I haven't.. I don't think I've seen any of your updates for weeks. I'm not sure what the problem can be! That's really strange.. Are others having the same problem?

  7. Hmm I'm not sure but I've been posting quite regularly. Ah well..blogger bug!

  8. I just got Tang and am really looking forward to trying it out now!

    Best, Lisamarie

  9. Awesome! I want Purple Tang too -along with several other shade, but I'm seriously trying to save for MAC Venomous Villains in September. =(

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