Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Perfect Travel Kit? Sephora Makeup Palette To Go in "Bronze Tones" (Review & Swatches)

Repurchase: No
Price: $15
Product: 7.5/10
Packaging: 6.5/10
Value: 9.5/10
Overall Grade: B-
Today I wanted to share this little Sephora Brand Makeup Palette To Go in Bronze Tones. It's a pretty neat palette for only $15 and I think it's something that could work for everyone. I think it's the perfect size for travel if you don't have a lot of room to pack any makeup.

The Packaging: The size of the palette is extremely convenient. Closed up with it's compartments drawn in, the palette is the size of a pack of Stride gum. It's a bit taller in "height" but it's still very tiny. When you open up the lid, the eyeshadows are revealed. The left compartment pulls out to reveal the glosses and the right compartment holds the bronzer. I really like that the glosses are separated from the powder products because in my other palettes that hold lipsticks/glosses and powders in the same compartment, the powder debris always gets mixed in with the lip products.
One thing that does bother me about the palette is that the compartments sometimes slide out. This is a hassle -especially when travelling since the gloss and bronzer could easily ruin or stain the other things you have purse or suitcase. This could be fixed by wrapping a rubberband around the palette but the palette should've been built better.
The Product: The palette holds 8 eyeshadows, 4 glosses, and bronzer. The eyeshadows overall are fair to good quality. The top row has either poorer or medium quality shadows but the bottom row has really pigmented shadows. The glosses are all pigmented and all look rather frosty on the lips when applied. They're pretty moisturizing too and don't dry out the lips. The bronzer might be a bit dark for lighter tones (apply lightly) but I can see it working great for medium or darker tones. It's very blendable and easy to work with. Once applied, the bronzer looks subtle and natural. It's not vibrant and glowy like I expected and you can only see the shimmer if you look closely.
The Color: I will review the shades starting from the left. "T" is "Top Row" and "B" is "Bottom Row." 1 sill be the first shade from the left, 2 the second, and so on..
Top Row
1. T1- Shimmery beige nude with a nice sheen. Good color payoff.
2. T2- Medium nude with gold shimmer that is almost unnoticeable on my skin. It almost completely rubs away if I rub my finger over it (without primer.) Poor color payoff.
3. T3- Shimmery golden champagne. This rubs away easily too. Poor color payoff.
4. T4- Shimmery, light, watercolor green with the very slightest hint of blue. Medium color payoff.
Bottom Row
5. B1- Shimmery medium brown with sort of a rose gold hint to it. Great color payoff.
6. B2- Gorgeous matte medium brown. Great color payoff.
7. B3- Shimmery copper. Very good color payoff.
8. B4- Shimmery, bright, medium blue. Great color payoff.
Lip Glosses (All slightly frosty)
Top Row
1. T1- Sheer shimmery light pink with yellow undertones. This enhances the pinkness of my lips and gives lips a bit of an oomph.
2. T2- Sheer shimmery light peachy-beige. Not much color but lots of frost.
Bottom Row
3. B1- Pigmented shimmery medium orangey red.
4. B2- Pigmented shimmery medium-dark wine berry color.
Medium bronze with some golden shimmer and a minor sheen.

Swatches.. (Non-flash pics are more accurate but I included the flash versions so you could see the intensity.. some shades didn't show well at all without flash.)
Above (no flash) from left: Eyeshadows- T1, T2, T3, T4
Above (with flash) from left: Eyeshadows- T1, T2, T3, T4
Above (no flash) from left: Eyeshadows- B1, B2, B3, B4
Above (with flash) from left: Eyeshadows- B1, B2, B3, B4
Above (no flash) from left: Lip Glosses- T1, T2, B1, B2
Above (with flash) from left: Lip Glosses- T1, T2, B1, B2
Above (no flash): Bronzer
Above (with flash): Bronzer

Lip Swatches.. (As with the other swatches, go with the non-flash as it more accurately resembles the actual color. The flash pics are there to show you the frosty-ness and glitter.

Above (no flash): T1 (Pink)
Above (with flash): T1 (Pink)
Above (no flash): T2 (Peach)
Above (with flash): T2 (Peach)
Above (no flash): B1 (Orange-Red)
Above (with flash): B1 (Orange-Red)
Above (no flash): B2 (Wine Berry)
Above (with flash): B2 (Wine Berry)


  1. what a detailed review! that's bad that the sides slide out, they should really design it better cuz it will smear on the inside of the purse. sighh so many insides of my purses got ruined by lip glosses etc!

  2. Oh I know! =P It took me forever to post an blogger's mega slowness didn't help either. I'm sad about the design too -I hate when my bags and suitcases get ruined by makeup! It's so annoying.

  3. The colors are very summery, so that's nice. Great review!

  4. Thanks =) I think the shads are perfect for Summer.

  5. do you know what the T4 color's name is? they probably sell it at sephora