Monday, June 7, 2010

Pssssst.. Did You Hear? (A New Urban Decay Book of Shadows)

So today I got some new info after reading Muse's blog. (She got her info from British Beauty Blogger.) Anyways, Urban Decay is coming out with a 3rd (well technically 4th) Book of Shadows called Book of Shadows Vol. III that will be inspired by New York City! British Beauty Blogger informed us the palette would be out in the UK in September but I have no idea about the release date for us here in the U.S. I'm thinking it HAS to come to the U.S. since it's inspired by a U.S. city and all.. Looks like we'll just have to wait and see..
I myself will not be indulging in this if it's going to be like the past Book of Shadows -mainly the same shades as the other UD palettes and barely any new shades. I bought all 3 Book of Shadows and have only kept the Alice in Wonderland one due to its "rareness." I ended up selling the other 2 since most the shades were available in UD's permanent palettes anyways. It would be really flippin' cool if this one had ALL new shades -I'd definitely buy if that were the case. Hopefully it is! Will be crossing my fingers.. If not, there's always MAC Venoumous Villains to look forward to (launches in September.)

So.. will you be indulging? I know in the past, I've followed the hype simply because it was limited edition and it was a "Book of Shadows."


  1. I don't have any Urban Decay products and I really want to try it so I will get this if I don't get a different one of their palettes! Probably depends on when it comes out and how long I can wait. Great post!

  2. Thanks! Yea it's definitely worth a shot especially since you don't have any UD palettte yet. Plus it's got 16 shades and even if they're all permanent shades -they'll be new to you! =)Hopefully you can wait until it comes out! =P

  3. Oh man, if this one includes new shades, my wallet is in trouble! Like I need to add 16 more e/s to my collection, lol!

  4. I know!! I have to admit I fall deeply when it comes to LE items. Plus we got the MAC Venoumous Villains to save for. OH the temptation..