Wednesday, June 23, 2010

MAC Dazzle Lipsticks form Digi-Pop (Swatches)

Launch Date: July 15, 2010 at Nordstrom & The Bay
The Dazzle lipsticks are the only thing I'm semi-interested in from the entire MAC (Nordstrom Exclusive) Digi-Pop collection. I wanted them, then didn't want them (after seeing swatches online), and went back to sort of wanting them after I swatched them in person. To me, they're basically like frosts but more pigmented and packed with a ton of glitter. They feel smooth on the hand are seem to be buildable. I thought a few of them were a bit on the sheer side at first but after layering, I got some decent color payoff.
(I didn't swatch them on my lips. By the time I got to them, the lipsticks were disgusting, smooshed, and a few of them even had hairs in them. Plus, I'm afraid of these strangers' germs -even though the lipsticks are sanitized.)
Dazzle Lipstick ($14.00 USD/$16.50 CDN)
(I have swatches for the following)
1. Baby's On Fire (LE) (Pearl)- Deep red
2. Glaring Hip (LE) (Pearl)- Light Peach
3. Hellraiser (LE) (Pearl)- Light lavender
4. Hot Sass (LE) (Pearl)- Bright orange
5. Liquid Lurex (LE) (Pearl)- Tarnished gold
6. Naughty You (LE) (Pearl)- Neon pink
7. Smash Hit (LE) (Pearl)- White beige
8. Snazzy (LE) (Pearl)- Deep plum
9. Sweet Bits (LE) (Pearl)- Light lavender pink
10. Win-Win (LE) (Pearl)- Light pink
(No swatches)
11. Infused With Glam (LE) (Pearl)- Copper brown
12. Troublemaker (LE) (Pearl)- Magenta
13. Wham (LE) (Pearl)- Plum brown

Swatches.. (I apologize for lack of hand swatches. I took pics of the swatches on my hand but they got erased! I had these as backup though..)
No flash
With flash
No flash
With flash
Promo Pics..
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  1. Thanks for the swatches! Hellraiser looks so awesome (well, several of them do!)

  2. I like glitter in eyeshadows and maybe nail polish but not sure if I like them in lipsticks. Thanks for the swatches, beats me going to mac and trying it all myself while the sales clerk is like ummm are you gonna buy anything LOL

  3. LOL! I think they give me that look all the time -plus I'm there taking pics too!

    You know what? That's what I was thinking too. Sure I like glitter in my lipgloss but these had a TON of glitter so I really wasn't sure. I'm still debating on whether to get them or not since they ARE limited edition.

  4. I did swatches of these as well and frankly I didn't like any of them. Too glittery and gaudy for my taste. You are right..the testers look like they've been through WWII. What is up with that...

  5. I know! I found hairs, dust, dirt.. What do people have on their hands and fingers these days?! Maybe it should be law to always carry hand sanitizer.. =P I couldn't even imagine putting that on my lips!