Monday, November 22, 2010

Crazy Experience: Drug Bust @ Target & Haul

Hello lovely readers, I just wanted to tell you a RANDOM story from what happened last night. (Scroll down to skip to the haul!!) Anyways, I headed out to Michael's to buy some supplies for my cousin's birthday present -I'm making her an Alice & Wonderland themed bag and I needed fabric paints. After Michael's, I decided to try Target for "extras" to add to her present. I searched the dollar section and found a calendar with an Alice in Wonderland cover and a short Alice in Wonderland book. Score! I also found two more calendars (one for my little sister and one for my other cousin.) Since that was all I needed, I paid and headed out.

As I was walking to my car, I saw a cop car with his lights flashing sitting RIGHT in front of my car so I think, "Oh great, someone hit MY car or there was an accident near my car." (Luckily my car was perfectly fine.) I asked the cop when he would be moving his car (since it was directly behind my car -no way to back out) and he assured me it would only take 15-30 minutes. I asked if he could just move his car a few feet (I guess it's kind of bad if you ask a cop that.. but he seemed nice) and he said NO! He couldn't for whatever reason. SO.. I got back in my car and waited. 15 minutes later, 2 more cop cars show up (including a cop "van.") Anyways, I waited the 30 minutes and finally couldn't wait any longer so headed back into Target.

I walked around browsing since I had no intentions of buying anything else. The employee working at the food/cafe area gave me a free drink and popcorn because she felt bad so that was nice. Over an hour passed so I went to the fitting room to try on clothes "for fun." When I walked out, I noticed a clearance section full of dresses! There were no X-Small's (my normal size) so I grabbed a few dresses in Small and headed back to the fitting room. I found some really pretty dresses!! (Btw, has anyone noticed how expensive regular priced Target clothing can be? Some are like $40 for a sweater! Some of their things are more expensive than Forever 21 or H&M!) Anyways, I walked away with two dresses at $10.98 each.

I decided to try the manager and ask for an "inconvenience discount" for the whole fiasco going on in behind my car outside. He gave me 30% off on both dresses so I got them for $7.69 each! He also offered to call Security to tell the stupid cops to move. However, as he was walking me out, the 2 remaining cop cars FINALLY moved over.

Anyways, I was happy that I got 30% off on the dresses but seriously, 2 hours?! How on earth are you going to block cars for so long AND block 2 lanes so that no one can get out. If the first cop had moved his cars ONLY a few inches, I could've gotten out but nooooooo, he couldn't. In the end, I found out it was a drug bust (95% sure) since an employee told me plus the whole car was totally stripped by the time I got to leave. Plus, as the cops were arresting the first girl, he took a bottle full of "something" (who knows?) from the girl. PLUS, they were all wearing gloves so I know they had to be looking for something right? Last time I saw this happen, it was at school but at least those cops didn't block 2 whole lanes and a bunch of cars. Jerks.

Anyways, onto the haul..

This was my favorite dress. The chiffon-ish dress is a dusty rose with a cinched waist. There are black straps and a black ribbon at the waist -I like the color contast. The pink kind of blends in with my skin but I'm OK with that -it makes it  a good casual dress that I CAN dress up if I wanted to.
(Buy it here)
This is a nice white dress with a swiss dot overlay. I sort of like it -couldn't decide so I just added it in (I can always return it.) The thing is, it's really big on me so I HAVE to wear a belt with it. I'm still undecided -what do you think?
(Buy it here)
Calendars for birthday presents
Backs of calendars
Tinkerbell Fairies Calendar and Alice in Wonderland book
Back of calendar and Alice in Wonderland book
Also, when I stopped by Michael's, I spotted a whole cart of random/cute erasers! I found some "makeup" ones and had to get them for a giveaway or something. The set contains mascara, lip gloss, lipstick, and nail polish. They also had one with a toilet, a pile of poo, toilet paper, and a plunger (so random/gross/kind of cute!)

Anyways, sorry for the rant! Hopefully my next trip to Target won't be so chaotic. Definitely try out Target -they DO have some nice clothes and check out the clearance section since some of their regular priced items are overpriced for the quality/style. Also, as always, check out their dollar section for great stocking stuffers and random items! You never know what you might find.


  1. adorable dresses <3
    and pfft at the cops for blocking the lane : p

  2. I love cheap but pretty dresses! =)

  3. LOL i've never heard of an inconvinent discount before, huh, gotta try that one out next time. and the dresses you picked up is super cute!

  4. OMG I love those dresses!!! I see drug busts here a lot. The funny thing is, when they happen, tourists take pictures! It's hilariously awkward.

  5. Ah you had to wait for 2 hours that sucks but the good thing is you got some really pretty dresses and free drink and popcorns :) and I love the calenders and erasers I used to collect erasers like these upto 7th grade I had a large collection of different cartoon characters , flowers and heart shaped erasers then I gave all of them to my little cousins

  6. I think the 2 hours of inconvenience is totally worth it! I've never heard of an inconvenience discount though. It doesn't happen here. But it's ok coz you snagged yourself some pretty dresses. On your previous posts, wow what discounts on the stuff you bought. It's times like this when I wish I could shop in the States.

  7. @ Pop Champagne.. LOL I don't think there's really a such thing but I asked for one since I wanted a discount for being "inconvenienced." ALWAYS ask for a discount if something goes wrong. One time, Macy's put a whole bunch of tops on hold for my mom but then "lost" them so they ended up giving her like an extra 40% off her whole purchase! She was so upset they kept adding a larger and larger discount.

    @ PoorCollegeStudent.. LOL! I see them every so often but they've never actually affected me like this! That's weird that tourist would take pictures. I'd actually feel bad for the people being searched/arrested.

    @ Alvira.. I wasn't too upset since I did get so many freebies. =) That's so funny because I used to collect erasers too! They're so cute and colorful.

    @ Jo.. There isn't a such thing (I don't think so at least) but if you're ever "inconvenienced" at a store, definitely try it.

    And if you're looking to save, do they take coupons where you live? If they don't, be sure to look out for sales (ask the workers when they'll have sales and when they'll stock new items.) For example, here, at clothing stores, new sales usually start Thursday night/Friday so I always check out the stores on those days if I can.

    Hopefully you get to come to the States and shop! I'd love to go other countries and shop though (Asia, Europe, ..)

  8. Hiya, just discovered you blog! The dusty rose dress is beautiful!

  9. Glad you like it! I'll definitely keep it for sure.

  10. the erasers are cute! i love those types of erasers :D I got little cake erasers for my little sister when I was on vacation last summer ^_^ i love your "chiffon-ish" dress. hehe!

  11. OMFG i legit bought the exact same dresses! except i got the lace one in grey.