Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Nudey Tuesday: LORAC Snake Charmer Palette (Hidden Treasure!) Review & Swatches

Repurchase: Yes
Price: Originally $35 (Eyeshadows: 0.23 oz, Blush: 0.11 oz)
Product: 23.5/25
Packaging: 4/5
Value: 8.5/10
Overall Grade: A-

I wanted to share one of my favorite palettes today -LORAC's Snake Charmer Palette. I purchased this at Sephora for $35 over almost three years ago when I first got really into makeup and still have it to this day. A few months ago, LORAC did put this in their VIP Discount Section for some insane price like $10.99 but it's sold out. If you're interested, you can try looking on Ebay (I see these on there all the time) or other discounted beauty websites.

The Packaging: The palette is covered in a golden "snakeskin" design with jewels on top. The (outer) box was almost identical to the palette but I gave it to my little sister -it has a little gold "band" that you could wear as a bracelet or armband -it would've been cheesey though. Inside, the palette contains a mirror which makes it ideal for travel.
The only thing I don't like is that the "upper part" of the palette (that holds the mirror) doesn't stay up on its own. It's floppy and either lays open or shuts closed.
Product Description
The Product: The Snake Charmer palette is one of my favorite "nudey" palettes for on-the-go. It holds 4 eyeshadows and a pretty blush.

They eyeshadows are all extremely soft and buttery and apply smoothly with no problems. They are also very pigmented and last long (even without eye primer.) They also blend with no fuss -I can't find anything wrong in terms of quality. I guess they could be "more" pigmented like some Urban Decay eyeshadows but they're already quite pigmented. I also like to use Royal Brown (the dark brown) for lining my eyes.

The blush is also wonderful -it's smooth, silky, pigmented, and blends easily. The only downside is that it only lasts for about 3 hours (with no primer) on me.

LORAC Snake Charmer Palette (Top Row: Enchanted Ivory, Mystical Gold Bottom Row: Charming Copper, Royal Brown Right: Hypnotizingly Peach blush)

The Color:

  1. Enchanted Ivory- Pale ivory with shimmer
  2. Mystical Gold- Light champagne gold with shimmer
  3. Charming Copper- Medium copper-y tan with shimmer
  4. Royal Brown- Beautiful dark, bark brown with gold and copper shimmer

Hypnotizingly Peach- Coral peach with shimmer


Above (with flash) from left: Enchanted Ivory, Mystical Gold, Charming Copper, Royal Brown
Above (with flash): Hypnotizingly Peach

Overall: If you happen to come across this palette, snap it up right away. I used to have a backup (that I ended up gifting) but I wish I had another backup and bought it while it was only $10.99 on LORAC's site. This palette is just perfect for natural looks and you can always build up the colors for a more dramatic, evening look.

Where To Buy: Ebay, maybe LORAC (I've seen it get restocked a few times)


  1. It's a very beautiful palette!! I can see why you like Lorac so much. The price is insane for $10.99 :) I have to try some of their stuff soon. Thanks for linking their sale site :D

  2. ooh this looks like it's right up my alley! I love natural looks and I've been really into peachy blushes lately :)

  3. Haha! it looks like you use the dark brown shade ALOT!

  4. @ Jen.. I absolutely love LORAC. They still have one palette left for $10.99 (I have it and it's a great palette although not my favorite because of the shades included) if you're interested. Definitely try their eyeshadows and glosses.

    @ Alexa P.. Aww this sounds like the perfect palette for you! I hope you're able to find it. =P

    @ Anonymous.. I sure did! Usually as eyeliner..

  5. Kali I need to ask something it has nothing to do with this post I hope you will not mind.My question is can I mix two differnet foundations ( of different brands)to get the right match for my skin tone or is this not right please do tell me

  6. Hey Alvira, to me, that's totally fine! I've done it before and as long as both foundations work for your skin (don't make you break out, cause allergic reactions, etc.) then I really don't see why you can't. The texture and consistency of your final product will be different but if it works for you, then there should be no problem!

  7. Thank you so much for guiding you are so good:)

  8. The colors (especially the blush) look amazing.. and and and the casing <3

  9. i really want to try Lorac, this looks amazing :)

    xoxo Christine


  10. @ Isabel.. Totally agree as this is one of my favorite palettes! =)

    @ Christine.. Definitely try it when you get a chance. The brand's amazing -I've NEVER bought a bad product from them which is very rare.