Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Nudey Tuesday: KIKO All Over Light in 06 Review & Swatches

Repurchase: Yes
Price: 7,50 € (About $10.18) (0.15 oz)
Product: 23/25
Packaging: 4/5
Value: 10/10
Overall Grade: A-

While in Florence last Winter, I had my first run in with KIKO Cosmetics. I remember walking into the store and being amazed/thrilled/fantastically happy and loving the MAC-like theme -but in purple. From what I gathered, KIKO is sort of like what I'm guessing Inglot is like. It's "like" MAC with all it's variety (both in products and color) and the layout is a lot like MAC too. However, it's a lot cheaper -even with the USD/EUR conversion rate.

I scooped up loads of KIKO goodies and even talked my cousin into grabbing a bucket full of products for his makeup loving (now ex) girlfriend. I promised myself I'd get around to reviewing all my new purchased but like every new product I buy, it was all lost and forgotten simply because I have too much. Well 2 weeks ago while my friend was dolling me up for my birthday, she asked to see all my blushes and highlighters and surprisingly, she pulled out my KIKO All over Light Highligter in 06! So now I'm happy to say, me and KIKO have been reunited and it's finally time for a review.

The Packaging: The highlighter comes in a round, matte black, rubbery compact (similar to NARS.) The brand name is printed on the front in silver and the bottom lists the color and weight. Inside, there's a handy mirror. That and its compact size make this highlighter ideal for travel -I just need to bring along a brush. The downside is that because of the rubbery material, the compact quickly gets dirty with dust and marks.
The Product: (Please let me know if you'd like to see the ingredients -I'll have to dig up the box.)

The highlighter is finely milled and feels creamy and buttery even though it's a powder. It feels light on and doesn't irritate my skin -always a plus. It's also fairly long lasting for a face product and wears for about 6 hours (actually wears longer but I haven't tested it for longer than 6 hours since I always end up washing my face earlier on.)

One of the reasons I forgot about this highlighter was because when I got back home and swatched it, I realized that it was incredibly flashy and shimmery. This is not your every day highlighter unless you work at the club or something. BUT, it is wonderful for nights we're you're going out and want that extra "oomph!" My friend liked it so much she even asked to borrow it for her photo shoot.

This is how it looked when I first bought it!

The Color: 06 is a beige pink with lots of silver glitter and shimmer. Take note (again) that this highlighter is incredibly shimmery and very flashy.


Above (with flash): KIKO All Over Light in 06
Above (with flash): KIKO All Over Light in 06

On the face! (I showed you these Birthday FOTN photos already but here it is again. My friend applied All Over Light to my cheekbones and forehead.)

Overall: I'm so happy that I've rediscovered this highlighter and will continue to use it for special occasions -especially for days/nights that I'll be photographed (weddings, parties, etc.) The only thing, again, is that it can be too much for daily use which is why I lowered the grade of the "product score." But overall, I do recommend this if you can get it! From when I last checked, KIKO still doesn't ship internationally (boo!)

Where To Buy: KIKO Cosmetics

P.S. I'm a little peeved that it's actually cheaper now (considering the rate changes.) Back last December, the rate was something like 1 EUR = 1.51 USD but I guess now it's 1 EUR = 1.36 USD. I want to go back now and buy more!! So cheap compared to other high-end brands. =P

And if you were wondering what I still haven't reviewed from my KIKO haul (this was nearly a year ago), here it is. Talk about being behind!


  1. I've never heard of KIKO before but it looks so pretty on you! I'm superrr behind on reviews too!!! (Mainly because my camera does not have a macro function, and the pics always come out super blurry and non-detailed, its hard to do a review without good pics)....

  2. They are gorgeous!!! :D You have amazing cheek bones!! Your blushes always show up so well!! :) I hope you had a fantastic bday! :)

  3. @ siwing.. Aww.. it doesn't have macro?! Maybe you can score one on Black Friday. =) There should be tons of sales.

    @ Jen.. Aw thank you. =) My friend did apply A LOT so I think that's why it looked really pigmented this time -but the camera ALWAYS washes it out a little. =\ And thank you again! I did have a wonderful bday. =)

  4. to bad they don't deliver :((. they only deliver to Italy the bastards. But i will check them out when I visit my friends in February in Rome. I hope they have a store there cause they have nice products

  5. I am pretty certain they have a store in Rome because I stopped by in Florence and then again when I went to another city -which I THINk was Rome! I can't wait to see your haul. I wish I was going to Italy!! =)