Monday, November 8, 2010

My Favorite (New) Bag & What's in my Bag..

I figured it was about time I do a "What's in my bag" -I love seeing these types of posts. I'm always curious to see whats' in the bags/purses of others so here's mine!

The bag I've been using for the last week is this Old Navy brown leopard print bag (above.) I bought it over a week ago for dirt cheap. I saw it the Thursday before Halloween not on sale for $12.50 and fell in love with it after carrying it on my shoulder around the store while shopping. However, I knew it would go on sale so back to the shelf it went.

The next day, I visited another Old Navy to find that all bags were 30% off! And when I went to the register, I asked for 10% off my purchase (I did one of the surveys but left my survey at home.) The cashier said he'd give me the 10% but told me that if I "screamed" (Old Navy was having a special Halloween promotion), I'd get 20% off instead! Ok, I really didn't want to scream since the store was so crowded and quiet but I did manage to let out a tiny scream. The cashier shook his head and told me I had to scream louder. I tried again and he shook his head! So finally, I pulled out the big guns and gave him the biggest puppy dog pouty face I could give and he finally budged and gave me the 20% off. I walked away with the bag for a little over $7 (with tax) and a huge sense of accomplishment.

And now for a peek of what's IN my bag..

Surprisingly, the items you see above are the only "beauty-related" items in my purse. I always need tissues (for my horrible allergies), lotion, hand sanitizer, Pangea Organics lip balm (or Jack Black lip balm), and my favorite LORAC Multiplex 3D gloss in Polished.

I always need food and water/juice because I'm always thirsty/hungry. It's great to have snacks on hand especially if you're held up at school or have to wait some ridiculous 6 hours at the DMV or Urgent Care/ER (the worst!)

I also carry my phone, keys, iPod, Nintendo DS, and Kindle with me. If I'm somewhere where there's a long wait, the iPod and DS really help to make time pass more quickly.

And of course I need my wallet. I switch off between the black one (I can fit loads of coupons and cards in here) and the Hello Kitty one (for when I don't want to carry a huge wallet.) I also carry a coin purse -I prefer this to having to stuff all my change in my wallet.

And for the miscellaneous items.. I often carry a book with me if I'm assigned one for class. I also carry a little bag (since this Old Navy bag has no zippered pockets) where I keep my pens, tampons, scissors, and rosary (for good luck.) I also carry a little notebook in case I come up with ideas (lyrics, stories, drawings, etc.) or need to scribble down some notes.

So that's it for what's in my bag! What do you carry in your purse -what are your most important items? Happy Monday everyone!


  1. wow great deal on the bag! I like your story about screaming "Old Navy was having a special Halloween promotion" LMAO. If that were me, i would have asked if i could say this over the Old Navy store microphone so the whole store can hear me. LOL. I wouldn't want to scream but at least saying it over the microphone would help me stay anonymous and not have everyone stare hahah...

    oh and BTW, i am going to the Raptors and Warriors game (as per your question from the other post). Can't wait! only 7 more hours till the game starts!

  2. Cute bag! I hope Old Navy still has it over here. I want a cute lil small bag like that for like running quick errands.

    Love this post. Im nosey w what people have in their bags to haha. I did one on awhile back.

    Old Navy is always crowded and awkwardly quiet every time I go there..seriously.

  3. @ Pamela.. LOL! I don't think I could even do THAT. I'm just not a screamer. I can talk loud but I just can't scream -never could! =O

    That's so exciting!! I hope you get to see your man in action. =)

    @ Melissa.. They had a whole bunch when I was there and they have some online too (in a variety of colors and prints.)

    LOL.. I just think what's in a someone's bag says a lot about a person -it's pretty interesting. And that's so funny! That's how I feel too. Crowded but quiet -strange but true.

  4. wow your bag must be heavy!

  5. Can you do a review/swatch of the LORAC Multiplex 3D gloss in Polished?

  6. @ Anonymous.. LOL it is!

    @ Anonymous.. I actually have a review (with swatches and lip swatches) here:

    Also, here's a post that shows swatches of all the shades from LORAC's Multiplex 3D line:

    This is my favorite lip gloss. It's non-sticky, long lasting, smells nice, moisturizing, and makes your lips look nice and full (without the burning plumping sensation.) The other shades from the line are all very pigmented but Polished is a sheer light pink with a peach edge.

  7. Omg, how do you carry all those electronics with you at one time!? My back would break!

  8. ohhhhh nice!! I agree with Krystine LOL. how do u carry all those electronic things? One thing i am scared of is to be robbed!! I am always scared to carry stuff in my bag =/ just careful yeah? :)

    Rinz @

  9. @ Krystine N.. LOL I just get REALLY bored easily so I always need something to keep my entertained. =P Sometimes I don't carry the Kindle but the phone, iPod, and DS are pretty much a must. Sometimes I carry a camera too.

    @ Rinz.. Yea I know.. I actually had my camera stolen 3 years ago and it sucked! I just always make sure to check if I have everything before I leave anywhere. I always have to do a head count!

  10. oMG, that's a lot of stuff. i've recently damaged a couple of bags from the amount of stuff i carried in them and that made me stop doing it. Now I only have my wallet, a little bag with miscellanious, my headphones, phone and earmuffs for the cold

  11. Wow! I've never damaged any of my bags but that's good to know.. It's so hard only carrying the necessities -I just feel like everything is a necessity!

  12. well, it's mostly the handles that seem to detach themselves from the bag. the fact is that I used to carry a lot of crap around: umbrella all the bloody time, usually my lunch, a big notebook, makeup, etc. and My favourite favourite bag that resembles this one,4,shop,bagshop,bagshopbags

    got ruined. It;s not exactly the same as I cannot find that bag anywhere on this site anymore but the handles are breaking from the bag.

    I mean, I think it's a problem with the bag also, you get a larger bag to stuff things into it, not to carry you clutch. And then it doesn't fare well.

    If the bag would have been any other colour than a delicious teal I think I could have found a way to fix it, by taking it to a shoemaker or to someone that works with leather to re-saw it, but I am afraid it's hard to find that kind of coloured leather.

    Pff, sorry for the ranting, just lettin' ya know what happened to mine. Maybe tomorrow I can make time to take a picture and put it on my blog and show you.

    Sorry for some of my english mystakes, I rant a lot and I haven't written this much in english since university :D

  13. Feel free to rant. I just realized that this happened to one of my bags too. The handles started breaking off but I didn't love the bag so I just threw it out. It's probably half what you carry and half based on the bag's quality that causes this to happen. The bag I posted in this post is pretty cheaply made too!! ..But it's been holding up so far. I just have this big problem where I just can't carry ONLY what I really need. =P

  14. I'm pretty much the opposite.. I always carry my camera, but hardly any other electronics! Although I'm rarely out sitting around somewhere with nothing to do (this is probably a good thing), so I don't bring entertainment unless I know I'm going somewhere where I'll have a lot of alone waiting time. When I was a student or commuting by train, I usually had my iPod or DS or a book with me, but usually only one of the above!

  15. I WANT to carry my camera but I have a fear of losing it/getting it stolen. =P My first one got stolen so I only carry it when I need it now. Sometimes there are things I want to take pictures of though and I HATE having to use my terrible phone camera!