Monday, November 29, 2010

Vacation/Black Friday Haul & Update (Will be MIA until next week)

I wanted to share my vacation haul real quick before I head back into the world of studying. I have 2 projects, 2 essays, homework, and LOTS of reading due this week and 2 tests and 3 essays due next week so I'll pretty much be MIA until next Tuesday -I just wanted to give everyone a heads up. Anyways, onto the vacation haul.

I've been wanting OTK boots for the longest time (2 or 3 years!) The thing is, all the one's I've wanted were either too expensive (around $400-$500 range) or I didn't think the quality was worth the price. These boots that I got from The Rack (at the Vegas Outlets) will do until I can afford a super expensive pair. They were only $29 on sale! =) The only thing is the smallest size was a size 7 (I'm a 5.5-6) but with socks, the fit is decent. I can wear them with the cuffes up (for OTK style) or down for more of a pirate style.

I picked up a heather gray shaw collar cardigan from GAP for $20 on Black Friday (originally $49.50) -I originally wanted New Vineyard or Navy but I'm OK with the Gray. I'm confused at why the buttons online are brown though while my buttons are gray. I also got two hidden chain tees from Ann Taylor LOFT for $10.19 each (they were on sale for $16.99 in the store plus I got 40% off on top of that.) These were originally $39.50 each.

Before the trip, I bought my cousin's birthday present from HappyFamily on Etsy. I got the robot messanger in red (not shown) and gray and the Dino tote was free. The customer service was excellent -I was weary of some of the poor feedback comments left by other customers and the TONS of comments saying that they take forever to ship (some people didn't receive their items until months later) but I got my items in under a week! The seller was also quick with emails AND I got the free tote so overall, I had a great experience with them.

I got a trio lipstick freedom palette from Inglot for $16 (colors are 07, 15, 36) and their Lip Paint in AMC 57 for $12. I also went to CCO and picked up a Birds & Berries eyeshadow single from the Liberty of London collection for $10.25. I actually did buy this when LOL came out but I swapped it with someone since I wasn't in love with it. But, I was wanting it again so I'm glad I found it at CCO!

I also picked up a few souvenirs (for gifts) from M&M's World. I have to say that EVERYTHING was so overpriced. I really wanted some M&M's earrings (just plastic studs) but they were $10! That may not seem like a lot to you but to me, it's very overpriced especially since they were just tiny plastic circles with and "M" on each one. Also, the plastic necklaces (like what little girls would wear) were around $15-$25!

This last set of EOS lip balms weren't from my trip but I thought I'd post them since they were such a great deal. I got 3 EOS lip balms in Pomegranate Berry, Sweet Mint, and Honeysuckle Honeydew, and a pretty mesh pouch for just $9.99! I got this from Walgreens and have no seen it at any of the other stores I frequent (like CVS and Target.)


  1. I LOVE EOS lip balm. It keeps my lips moisturized especially during this cold weather.That robot bag is cute!

  2. I've been liking it too! I keep meaning to review it but haven't had time. I think it's an excellent base for lipsticks.

  3. Woo you are really busy goodluck for the tests

  4. @ Alluring Bath & Beauty.. Thanks! Did you get anything during Black Friday?

    @ alvira.. Thank you. =) Just can't wait for it to be over.

  5. I wish EOS would come to my country!! T_T

  6. wow great haul!!! i love the OTK boots. You got a great deal!!! LOL and i'm also size 5.5-6. you know how difficult it is to find shoes (especially when there is a sale) :) I've never heard of EOS. i'll try to look for them at Wal-mart since i don't have Target *tears* Good luck with all the school assignments!! :)

    and as per your comments from the other post, i got a few business-office cardigans and sweaters from Jacob. They were 40% off so i only paid an average of $20 something per item. I also got the Xmas Body Butters from the Body shop (eg. spiced vanilla, cranberry, and jolly orange LOL). They weren't from the regular line so i figured it was a good deal. As for the tote, we canadians don't get free shipping unless it's at least $120 *tears* That's a lot for me to spend on cosmetics especially since i still have a lot of stash to go through... eeeeek!!! and i'm still waiting for some type of Sephora discount to come through for us Canadians. Only the VIB's got it so far but not for the regular shoppers. hopefully soon!!!

  7. whoops! i meant to say "Wal-greens" in my previous post instead of "Target." And i've never been to a Wal-greens either :S States always have the good stuff...

  8. @ Isabel.. Aww.. where are you from? I hope they come there soon! =)

    @ Pamela.. Aghh! There are never any size 5.5 or 6s!! I THINK Walmart should have EOS since I've seen it at most drugstores -hope you find it! And thank you for the good wishes (for school.) =)

    You're haul sounds great! I love basics (tees, hoodies, cardigans, sweaters) ..I don't think we have a Jacob here but it sounds lovely! $20 for sweaters/cardigans is a really good deal -sometimes they're WAY overpriced. The Cranberry body butter sounds delicious too. =P

    And about Sephora shipping -that STINKS. I wish Canadian shipping was the same as U.S. shipping since it's so close.. it's ridiculous that you'd have to buy $120 worth of stuff just for free shipping. And I hope you get a special Sephora discount soon! =) ..Makeup can be SO expensive ughh

  9. Really want to try out he EOS lipbalms.. they seem to pop-up everywhere.. ~

  10. I didn't use them for the longest time because I thought they were just overhyped (they were all over Youtube etc.) but when I finally tried the Honeydew flavor, I loved it! For me personally, it doesn't cure dry, cracked lips but it's a good basic lip balm for "normal" lips and keeps your lips moisturized. It's an EXCELLENT base for lipsticks though!