Sunday, November 14, 2010

Birthday Haul

So yesterday was my Birthday again LOL ..(part 3) where I celebrated with my boyfriend. I didn't really have anything I "wanted" -I just wanted to go to San Francisco and pick out some random things. Not surprisingly, most my gifts ended up being beauty related and being from Sephora!

I picked up NARS Blush Angelika, Illamasqua Intense Lip Gloss in Indulge, Benefit's Some Beauty to Love Set, and Shiseido's new Nourishing Mascara Base (actually from Macy's.) Since I had a gift card and VIBS were getting 20% off, I also bought Sephora Brand Liner Electro in Marine Electro and Waterproof Smoky Cream Liner in Water Park. I initially wanted Stila's Smudge Stick in Peacock but I kept feeling it was too expensive and "fat." I prefer liners that I can sharpen and since this is a twist up, I have no idea how I'd sharpen it to create a sharp point. I also got another deluxe sample of the Tarina Tarantino primer because my boyfriend has his iPhone!!

The Benefit Some Beauty to Love Kit was what I really wanted. I was ecstatic to see it in the store since it sold out online. For just $1 more ($29 for the set) than buying the Coralista blush individually ($28), you get the Coralista blush plus a mini Bad Gal Mascara, mini That Gal, and full size Eye Bright!! Also, you get the cute box it comes in!
I also picked up 2 long sleeved tees from the GAP. I love my basics and I really needed to get some long-sleeves.. I bought these as a present for myself. =P Can you believe they were only $10.50 each with the F&F 30% off?! I wanted to go to Old Navy too but we didn't have time so boo. =(

My boyfriend also got me this single rose while we were shopping but it was pretty much destroyed by the time I got home. He totally crushed it (it was behind the seat) while he was in the car!! I still put it in a vase though.

And then he also got me balloons! I still love balloons even though I'm "too old" for them.
We stopped by this Hot Dog cart in from of GAP and they hot dogs were so delicious! I haven't had a hot dog in months because of how "gross" they can taste but this was so tasty! I want another one now!

That's pretty much it for my birthday "haul".. I got some gift cards and whatnot here and there but didn't feel like they were worth mentioning as they're pretty boring. I do wish that we could've stayed in SF all day and eat there but we really didn't have much time. I hope we get to come back soon!!

What were/are your weekend plans? Any plans for today?

P.S. I'm going to 100% TRY to have the giveaway up by tomorrow (Monday) but I'm going to make the deadline (for myself) this week if anything. I'm just a bit tired from the last few days so I haven't had the time to sort everything out and write up the rules yet. Sorry if I seem like I'm lagging -I totally am! But please, be patient. There will be one coming!!


  1. Happy belated birthday, Kali! Sounds like you had tons of fun...when is shopping not fun, right? lol. Love that Benefit kit! Their kits are always such a good deal and Coralista looks gorgeous!

  2. Your boyfriend really loves you, you are so lucky.I love all the haul things but your tees are my favourite perfect colour fot winter season

  3. I <3 SF! there r so many stores! My fave place though is definitely the West field mall!

    And i agree with Alvira your Bf definitely loves you a lot!

  4. @ Tiffany.. I know! Shopping's always fun -unless it's at Home Depot or Orchard Supply (HATE going there.) I'm so happy I got the Benefit kit.. I got the last one!

    @ Alvira.. I really love the tees too (wish I picked up more.) I can't wait to wear them with leggings and/or jeans. =)

    @ Anonymous.. Me too! I love roaming around the city shopping and eating good food.

  5. ha, great b-day presents, i should start hinting to my boyfriend from now until march maybe he gets the ideea.
    I especially love the benefit bag (i'm a bag person, i love every container and case possible)

    I had an all girl weekend watchin' movies with my cousins, you know, like chick flicks haha. And we ate at the new Indian restaurant in town

  6. You should! Just casually slip in, "This would be nice...... for my birthday." =) But I definitely wouldn't be able to wait until March! It's so long from now. =P I <3 the Benifit Bag/Case too -I wish it wasn't cardboard though but I'll probably put it up on display.

    Hop You had a great weekend!

  7. Your bf is so sweet! Enjoy your beauty products, they look great! :*

  8. I'm totally enjoying Coralista but the NARS Angelika blush -not so much. The color is just all wrong for my skin tone. =\