Saturday, November 13, 2010

2 FOTNs & Makeover Madness (Pic Heavy)

So I went out with 2 of my girls last night for my birthday (part 2.) I'm such a low-key girl when it comes to hair and makeup -I usually keep it very simple and natural. For my makeup last night, I did a subtle brown smokey eye with thicker (upper) eyeliner than usual. Here's how my look came out:
HOWEVER, they (my girls) wanted "more" from me. They ended up giving me a full blown makeover (well hair and makeup) even though I was set and ready to go!!

Here's how my second FOTN came out. My friend Jordan added a lot more eyeshadow, false lashes, more blush, etc. Nancy did most of my hair. What do you think?
I absolutely loved the makeup that Jordan did. It made me open my eyes and finally see that I could wear more eyeshadow -I could rock darker shades and go beyond my crease. I just need practice. As for what she used -all the eyeshadows are from Urban Decay's NAKED palette (not sure which shades.) The blush is a mix of like 5 different shades and the lips were LORAC Multiplex 3D lip gloss in Polished.

Have a lovely Saturday everyone!! I'm off to the city for the day. Still sorting out the giveaway btw -I got more things to add to the prize today. I'm hoping to really start the giveaway tomorrow.


  1. You looked gorgeous!! happy birthday :)

  2. Happy Birthday - I think that you have GR8 friends!! You look lovely before AND after :)

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Oh all you ladies look lovely!!! i love the brown make-up!! Hope you had a fun time :)

  4. Happy Bday!
    I really like your full on makeover!You look super cute and much more "birthday girl" than the first pic :)

  5. i forgot to ask. What type of false eyelashes are those? Thanks!!

  6. Happy birthday,hope you will have lot of fun and get lot of good presents:) I love both FOTNs but second one looks more dramatic and makes your eyes look more pretty your friend did a great job

  7. WHOA! OMG, you look awesome! I love the final look! your hair looks awesome 2!

    Happy B-DaY!!!!!

  8. You look amazing <3 And belated Happy birthday <3

  9. Happy birthday u look sooooo purrty!

  10. @ Jennifer.. Thank you so much!! =)

    @ too_busy_to_stitch.. Aw I do have lovely friends. Thank you so much -I loved my "after" look 100x more than my "before." =P

    @ PrincessLisax3.. Thank you Melissa!! I always love the way you do your hair too -I stink at curling my own hair.

    @ Pamela.. Thank you! The lashes are Ardella 117s ..I got them years ago. =P

  11. @ Widdlesh.. Thank you! I definitely agree with you -I'm glad I handed myself over to their capable hands. =P

    @ alvira.. Thank you so much for the good wishes Alvira. I did have lots of fun and got some lovely presents. =) And I agree, Jordan (my friend) did such a wonderful job! I have to ask her for some makeup lessons now.

    @ Kristie.. Thank you. =)

    @ Anonymous.. Thank you so much. =) I loved the final look too.

    @ Melly.. Thank you girl! =)

    @ PrincezzJazmin.. Thank you. =)

    @ cocoabee.. Thank you!! =)

  12. yeah, they totally re-vamped you :P
    I'm all about strong colors right now so I've recently purchased a SLEEK I-Divine Acid Palette that one of my coleagues says it looks like oil paints :)). I can't wait to get home cause thay arrived this morning. I shall Swatch them!

  13. @ Schumitza.. LOL they really did! I've seen the Acid Palette and it looks awesome! Hope you like it. =)

  14. Wow, you are look lovely and sexy