Wednesday, November 3, 2010

$4 For High End Lip Gloss? LORAC Tie Dye For Lip Gloss Collection Review, Swatches, Lip Swatches

Repurchase: Yes
Price: $25.00 (5 x 0.11 oz)
Product: 22.5/25
Packaging: 4/5
Value: 10/10
Overall Grade: A-

I saw this on the Sephora site sometime last week and immediately fell in love so to my shopping cart it went. It's honestly the best thing I could've spent my gift card on. Great quality and amazing quantity for the price -you can't beat that!

The Packaging: First off, I noticed in Sephora's "comments" section that someone mentioned that the brush applicators are very small -much smaller than LORAC's regular gloss applicators. I compared one from this set and one from my normal LORAC Multiplex 3D gloss and they're exactly the same.

LORAC's brushes are on the smaller and shorter side but I feel that they're full enough to get the job done. The tubes (for these glosses) are basic -clear with black text and silvery onyx caps and a sticker on the bottom with the shade name.
Product Description
The Product: Although these 0.11 oz glosses are smaller than LORAC's other glosses (0.17 oz), I'd still consider these to be full size as tons of other brand glosses have glosses that are smaller and at a higher price. The $25 price tag for this set is an amazing bargain considering you're getting 5 glosses for $25 (only $5 each!)

The glosses are all very moisturizing, non-sticky, fairly long wearing (about 4 hours), pigmented, non gritty, and apply smoothly -basically all the qualities I look for in a good gloss. The only downsides are:
  1. The glosses tend to "sit" on the lips for about 20-30 minutes before fully "sinking in."
  2. The smell. I'm not too fond of the sweet scent (but on the upside, there's no taste.)
Other than those 2 things, nothing really bothers me -the glosses are just really great and they're exactly what I'd expect from LORAC.

Above (from left): Flaming Fix, Berry Blender, Social Mixer, In The Mix, Shocking Twist

The Color: I'm loving the whole tie dye idea but just so you know, the pattern doesn't stay forever. Once you use it more/mix it up a bit, it becomes a solid color. I've been very careful as to not mix it up because I love the tie dye!
  1. Berry Blender- Vampy plum raspberry with silver shimmer
  2. Flaming Fix- Bright cherry red with golden shimmer
  3. In The Mix- Warm nude with silver shimmer
  4. Shocking Twist- Bright lilac pink with silver shimmer
  5. Social Mixer- Natural petal pink with minor silver shimmer

Above (with flash) from left: Berry Blender, Flaming Fix, In The Mix, Shocking Twist, Social Mixer

Lip Swatches..

 Above (no flash): Berry Blender

 Above (no flash): Flaming Fix

 Above (no flash): In The Mix

 Above (no flash): Shocking Twist

Above (no flash): Social Mixer

Overall: This set is a must buy. I highly recommend getting it if you don't own a lot of lip glosses and want more variety or if you just really love lip gloss in general. The quality is there and it's an excellent value for what you're getting. At $25, the glosses come out to be just $5 each.
Helpful Hint: Today is Sephora's last day of their Friends & Family Sale so if you order the set right now, you will only pay $20 for the set -that's $4 a tube! (Less than most drugstore lip glosses.) Use the code FF2010 to join in on this deal -plus you'll get 3 free samples and free shipping (if you spend $50 or more.)

Where To Buy: Sephora, LORAC


  1. I don't think Sephora ships to Finland, otherwise I defo would've bought these :)
    Berry blender out of the 5 is gawjusssssss!

  2. they look so pretty! I'm loving in the mix - looks like the perfect nude gloss :)

  3. Aww =( Too bad they don't. Surprisingly, I love Berry Blender too even though I'm usually more into neutral shades! It's really pretty.

  4. @ Alexa P.. It's like the perfect nude for those who don't want anything too light. Lighter shades can sometimes me too corpse-y looking! =P

  5. I love reading your reviews. You wrote them in a very detailed manner and very fun to read. I love how good the quality of your photos and swatches are. And I commend you for adding lip swatches too because swatches on the skin is totally different than on the lip. All in all, your review is so helpful to others.

    I bookmarked your page (ever since I googled and read your Too Faced Enchanted Glamourland review) for me to come back and check your blog once in a while. I'm a very busy grad student but I'll sneak some time checking beauty blogs to de-stressed a bit :)

    About these glosses, they are pretty. The tie die pattern is interesting but I have to pass on these. I'm just not a gloss fan.


  6. Thank you so much Paige, I really appreciate it. I try my best to do lip swatches because it gives people a better idea of the color -even though lipsticks and glosses are bound to look a little different on everyone (depending on they're skin/lip color.)

    I'm so glad you bookmarked my page! And you're not a gloss girl but do you like lipsticks? I should be doing a few lipstick reviews soon if you do!

    P.S. Good luck in your grad school classes. =)

  7. that's neat, I like how the packaging make it look like it's all diff colors in 1 lipgloss but it's not. hope you have a great weekend!

  8. and lol I thought of one day posting a picture of Ms.YestyBubble, but then it might get back to her and then she might just bitch to the managers about me some more awww too bad

  9. @ Pop Champagne.. I like the pattern too. =) And LOL.. that's so true -she SO could come across it. =P Hope you have a lovely weekend too love!

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