Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fun With Target's $1 Section: Super Girly Haul!! (Hello Kitty)

One of my favorite things in the world is bargain shopping so Target's $1 section is an absolute dreamland for me. I always find such cute things including Hello Kitty, Disney Princess, and even Japanese themed items. The only problem is that since everything's around $1 (sometimes they're $2.50 or $3.00), it's easy to get carried away!

Anyways, here are some things I picked up yesterday and during my last Target trip. A few of the things are for my upcoming giveaway -I just have to sort everything out first (hopefully by today or tomorrow!!)

Hello Kitty items- Stamps, pencils, lip gloss, candy, boxes, & notebook
Disney Princess items- Stickers, tin bucket, & misc. "Fancy Nancy" stickers

And this is super random..

My little sister and brother are still in elementary school and they are crazy about Silly Bandz. My sister gave me a giraffe (my favorite animal) and an elephant (doesn't look like one).. but anyways..
Did anyone know that they also had Silly Rings?! They're cute but I personally wouldn't want to wear a rubberband ring or bracelet (it's uncomfortable.) I wish I invented these things -they've actually had these at the Container Store for years now. The Silly Band guy is a genius though! Get kids to like them and you're automatically a millionaire.
What was the shizz when you were in elementary school? For me, it was Gel Pens and Pokemon cards. Everyone was also into Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys, and NSYNC!


  1. lol i lovee target's section too !! hehehe .. i want to get some stamps! hello kitty stamps are so cute!

    in elementary, i collected pokemon cards and was into my tamagotchi =)

  2. We must be around the same age, because that's EXACTLY what everyone in my elementary was into as well! ahhhh, i remember these epic battles of Backstreet Boys versus Nsync, Britney versus Christina, and even pokemon versus digimon (which, really? was no battle at all). even the, now ironic, argument over lance bass being gay or not. it's funny, now no longer being a kid myself, to see what kids get into and what the latest fads are for them. i guess you just wont understand the trends unless you are of that age, haha! (silly bandz? what? lol)

    @siwing i remember tamagotchi! i had a hamster one, and a dalmatian one.

    oh, i have miss thee, childhood! haha =]

  3. Hehe I lovee Target. I so wish I could fit in those socks they have in that section. I only bought the HK boxes. LOL there was a big family looking thru the HK stuff w the daughters & the dad was like 'What Hello Kitty lipgloss???" hahaha. I just laughed b/c I picked one up after he said that but I didnt get it. I didnt see the disney stuff there. MUST GO RIGHT WHEN BF GETS HOME!

    Ahh love all your posts. I can imagine what your xmas post would be like.

  4. i never heard of Silly Bandz until my coworker's son started showing them to me. They look sooo cool!! I've never been to Target before. Will check it out when i have a chance though! LOL. maybe they should come to Canada. We just got Victoria Secret so maybe that's the next chain to move here!

  5. Awww, my daughter LOVES Hello Kitty :)
    Cute finds!

  6. ooh I love disney princess in my early teens my room wall was full of posters of them and I still love them I don't know when will I grow up I still love cartoons and stuffed toys :)

  7. @ siwing.. OMGosh!! I totally forgot about Tamagotchi and Nano pets. I remember one Christmas, all the kids and my family got one as a stocking stuffer. I bought one again in highschool too but my friend broke/lost him! I want one again now!!

    @ Carolanne.. We must be! I always liked the Backstreet Boys' songs and talent more but NSYNC was "hotter." I liked Christina over Britney (and still do!) and then of course Pokemon was the clear winner. =)

    @ Melissa.. That's so funny.. because I was thinking the EXACT same thing the other week. I love the HK socks but they're meant for 3 year olds. =( I hope you scoop up some good finds when you head to Target!!

  8. @ Melissa (again).. P.S. I LOVE your posts too!! And I can't wait for Christmas. =)

    @ Pamela.. Aww.. never been to Target?! When you go, you need to check out the dollar section. There will always be at least something that's pretty cool. And I know Canada doesn't have some American stores.. but I'd love for the U.S. to get some Canadian stores..

    P.S. How did you like the Monday night game you went to?? Warriors won that night. =) We lost last night though! But it's OK because I love Derrick Rose.

    @ Melly.. Aww that's really sweet. =) I loved Hello Kitty (and all the Sanrio characters) when I was younger too and still do!

    @ Alvira.. Me too! I still love Disney and cartoons. One of my favorite tv shows is Avatar: The Last Airbender. I always watch re-runs. =)

  9. omg the $1 section is AMAZING! holy crap! compare to our dollar store for $1 this stuff is like gold hahahaha damn we need a target here. and lol at your comment about Miley, yeah such a fail when you're trying to be all sexy while everyone is like "huh? uhh I don't get it"

  10. I know Warriors won that night!! i was soo happy. I wore my Jlin7 shirt and didn't get beat up!! LOL. It was Asian Heritage Night that day so i'm happy Jeremy played. He had about 15 mins on the court. That's pretty good because some days he gets none or 2-3 mins. Hopefully he gets more playing time but he has a lot to learn!!

    Yeah, i heard about the Warriors loss on Thurs. That was a big point difference that they lost by. But Chicago is a pretty good team. I think the Warriors must be a bit tired out. AT least you guys are doing well in your division. My god, I feel so bad for the Raptors. 7 Losses and only 1 win!!! I'm also going to the Houston Rockets and Raptors game next Friday. I gotta now cheer for Yao Ming. Can't believe Houston is also doing bad. AAAhhh!!

    What stores can you possible by looking forward to from Canada?? I think America has the best stores!!!! I'm soo jealous LOL. and I hope Ulta comes here too someday!!!!

  11. @ Pop Champagne.. Like gold?! LOL.. =P Our dollar stores are actually a hit and miss but I do think the Target dollar section is (pretty much) always good for fun knick knacks.

    @ Pamela.. I finally had a chance to sit down and watch (almost) a whole game so I did see him play. He does have a lot to learn and hopefully he someday becomes a big contribution to the team!

    I think David Lee's elbow played a big part in the loss Thursday.. but I wasn't upset since I like the Bulls (I wish they were doing better though.) And yea I knoww!! Houston's doing pretty bad -I used to love them because of T Mac (too bad he's not on the team anymore/barely even plays.)

    Hmm.. I know Canada has brands like Annabelle and some other ones we don't have (can't recall them at the moment.) The only thing though is I would HATE the high prices in Canada. I can't believe how much you have to fork out for some MAC products!! So overpriced. =( I wouldn't be able to handle that.

    P.S. I used to wish for an Ulta all the time but when I found out we had one somewhat near by, I never went! I went one time in San Diego and I've ordered some things online but I feel like the drugstores are cheaper and the Sephora point system is better (to me at least.)