Friday, November 26, 2010

What are your Black Friday plans?

I'll be updating from a phone the next few days through Sunday. The hotel I'm staying charges a crazy rates for internet so I won't be getting to do any reviews like I had planned so I apologize in advance! And there will likely be some spelling/grammar errors. =(

Anyways, what are your Black Friday plans? I MAY be going shopping but not sure yet -I REALLY hope I get a chance to go to Inglot since they don't have it where I live. Well, have a lovely Black Friday everyone! Hope you get some GREAT deals!!

P.S. Have you ever been to Inglot? What's it like??


  1. Hey girl, check out my latest giveaway, I'm giving away a Temptu airbrush! It's only a five day contest, so the chances of winning are great ;)


  2. I am packing, moving to another apartment this weekend, it's great fun..NOT. Packing my makeup is making me the most nervous, I threw out tons of clothes too. I kept the boxes of every MAC product I've ever bought too, in the back under my bathroom sink, so that was fun, seeing the piles and piles of stuff!

  3. @ Laura Beth.. I'll definitely check it out. Thanks!

    @ Justine.. Aww.. That sounds like a lot of work! Be sure to take a break so you don't get too tired. =) I love looking at all my makeup too -lots of fun!

  4. I did my shopping online. I bought some eve pearl concealers so I can start doing more makeup on other people. They are specifically kit concealers, not for me. I bought some basic tops and sweaters from Forever 21's sale, I used a Macy's gift card I had to get a blazer and work clothes, and I did get a fall coat on ebay because I don't have one and I'm freaking freezing. Does it sound like too much? Please tell me if it sounds like I bought a crazy ton!

  5. That doesn't sound like too much at all! I can totally justify (if these were my purchases) because:

    1. The work clothes were for work AND on a gift card.

    2. You NEED the coat (from Ebay) or you'll catch a cold.

    3. You NEED the concealers for your kit which is for work. =)

    4. The basics (from F21) will be good would all kinds of outfits so you'll make plenty of use out of them.

    Hope this helps you NOT feel guilty. =) Sounds lke a great haul to me!!

  6. well, let my begin by envying you about the Black Friday affair. we don't have Thanksgiving here so ergo, no Black Friday, no discounts no nothing. I've seen some of the promotions online stores carry, but come on, Benefit has a 80$ buying policy for free shipping so no thank you... I can't even imagine what I could buy for 80 bucks...buying just for the heck of it is not my style, and certainly not in that amount.
    and I've seen that cherryculture for example has 20% off but as for most american based online stores the shipping ends up costing me more than the items themselves.
    so I'll probably stick to ebay. I've set my eyes on some Coastal Scents highliter/contour and blush palette after I've fell in love with teh Stila trio after your review. So i'll probably buy that one or some similar one i've found elsewhere online. That migh just be it for my shopping

  7. I love how you always respond! You really made me feel better! Do you think you can help me justify buying a trench coat from goodwill?

  8. @ Schumitza.. Aww.. I'm so sad that you don't have Black Friday and I hope you scored some online deals. I know what you mean about the ridiculous shipping fees -I absolutely HATE paying for shipping and I know how I'd feel if I had to pay something lke $20, $30, or even $40 for it! Such insane prices! Some sites do offer free shipping (worldwide) but I would never buy $80 in Benefit products -only if they did free shipping AND offered a discount (like 20% off my order.) However, last I checked, they only offer one code at a time! Only if I liked everything and had the money would I pay that much..

    Ebay's a great place to buy products but you have to be careful. You're probably experienced with Ebay already but for any "newbies" out there, be sure to check seller feedback and know what you're buying! I've been the victim of buying from a bad seller/buying a fake product before. =(

    As for the Coastal Scents contour palette (contains 6 shades), I personally DO NOT recommend it. I did own the palette along with a bunch of their other eyeshadow palettes and disliked every single one. The contour palette broke me out badly which was alarming because I rarely break out with so many pimples all over my face. The eyeshadows -they're OK but I rather buy eyeshadows that are better quality (in terms of ingredients and color payoff, texture, etc.) I don't even know what goes into those products so I'm very weary of them now! I do still own the 120 Pro Palette but I rarely use it -I only keep it around for when I'm in a bind and need a certain color that I don't already own (from another brand.)

    Anyways, please don't buy the CS palette. If you like the Stila palette, tons of sellers sell that on Ebay and all over the internet (just be sure to check feedback.) However, if you do buy the Coastal Scents palette, I really hope it works for you. I just had a horrible reaction from it and I trust Stila 100% more than I trust Coastal Scents and the factories they buy their palettes from.

    P.S. Sorry for the rant! I just really don't want you to spend on something that I've tried and has broken me out so badly.

  9. @ PoorCollegeStudent.. I try. =P I know how you feel and I always want my friends to help me justify my purchases -especially if I really do need them!

    The trench will be great especially for the Spring season coming up in a few months. At least here, we get a good 2-3 months of full on rain so I definitely think a trench or rain coat is a necessity. Everyone needs a light jacket that's easy to put on and pull off to keep them warm and dry. Plus, a heavy winter coat may feel "too bulky" in the Spring since it does get a bit warmer (but a lot more rainy.) Also, since winter coats are usually made of wool or similar fabrics, they don't dry very fast -trench coats do. =)

    I'd say an umbrella and rain boots (or any waterproof boots) are also necessities.

    P.S. I've been looking for a trench too!

  10. @Kali, thanks for the feedback on the CS contour palette, you really helped in not spending money on something not great. In termns on eyeshadow I don't own anything from them but I've seen people darn happy with the 120 colors. For me, I don't even like that many eyeshadows in a palette and like you I rather buy more better quality eyeshadows. For starters I've bought SLEEK (well, after thowing or giving away most my makeup) and I couldn't be happier. On the same ocasion I've bought a Beauty UK mini palette from the same seller thinking, heck, 2.75 pounds(like 5 dollars)...if it's not good I'll just not use it or give it away to someone with less expectations and I really lucked out, they are great.
    this is the website

    I have number 2 and consider buying the earth tone one and the day to night one.
    Although I own a Sephora palette and I really adore Sephora I would have to say that both of my recent purchases are better than sephora. The sephora it's chalky, the eyeshadow falls onto my cheeks on aplication and doesn't last all day. Consider the shock I had when I returned home from work after wearing all day an eyemakeup made from SLEEK and Sephora shadows and seeing that the sephora one was worn out, and it looked ridiculous, as only the middle colour faded and the other two where still in place.

    ps: I will try and buy the Stilla one, do you have any idea how their foundation is?
    pps: If we continue to rant like this I will be forced to translate my beauty blog into english to, as to rant there also :D