Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Favorite New Snacks, SF Giants, & Bandwagoning

Flamin' Hot Cheetos Puffs- My favorite Hot Cheetos and Cheeto Puffs put in one.. this is delicious. It's the ultimate snack for when you have the munchies.

Skittles Fizzl'd Fruits- OMGoodness.. I tried this on Halloween and was in Heaven. To me, these are like skittles coated in teeny tiny pop rocks.

And onto the Giants.. we won yesterday! Honestly I'm not a huge baseball fan but I do support them since I'm from the area. I've been to/watched a few games but I just am not a baseball lover -the game's too slow for me and I always end up falling asleep!! I can watch it live (it's a little better) but it's really not my thing -I'm a lot more into basketball. I don't know.. maybe I'll get into it next season -my boyfriend's really into it and sometimes I feel bad that I can't watch it with him.

Something I noticed though is that 9/10 people are just jumping on the bandwagon which sort of irritates me. For instance, people who've hated SF all their lives are now all, "Oh I loveeeee the Giants!! I always have!" Smh.. such BS. Then there are the people who have never even watched a game in their life -they're rocking Giants gear from head to toe and I just think it's WEIRD. People got to like what they like and not just jump on the wagon because "everybody's doing it." So now SF has like 10,000 fake fans -oh well, Lakers are worse. Half their fans aren't even true fans -they're bandwagoners. You're either a Laker lover, Laker hater (me), or Laker bandwagoner. =P

Also, my little brother's suddenly really interested in baseball -he especially loves the Giants. He just started Catholic school this year and our priest was a huge Giants fan (he recently passed) so the whole school is all about the Giants. Now, he'll only get things in Giants colors!! Like today when we went on a walk to get a Slurpee..
On another note, I'm sad because I'm in class and missing the Miami/Minnesota game right now!! I have Yahoo Sports pulled up to keep track of the score but can't find anywhere to stream the game. =( I'm pulling for Miami! Hopefully they win by the time I'm home -they've been up the whole game so I have hope. We got this!!!! =)

P.S. Blah.. Miami's got a gazillion bandwagoner fans now too.

P.S.S. We won! 129-97


  1. Hmm, snacks! It doesn't help that it's 12am now and I am craving for munchie foods :p Do you like the Flaming Hot Lays? LOL I love those!!! :P

  2. Get yourself out to a 24/7 Safeway or 7eleven!! I haven't tried the Lays but now I want to! =P

  3. thanks Kali for the comment on the blog. he cried LOL ;) I facebooked him at 12 midnight ha ha

    By the way I am tagging you on my blog award:) I know it's not much but i really enjoy reading your blog.. xoxo


  4. He cried??! That's SOOO cute. =P And thank you so much for the award -I really appreciate it! =)

  5. Well, congrats to the Giants!! I'm not a baseball fan either. Totally agree with you that the game is slow!! However, i do enjoy playing baseball (well more like softball) and it's more fun than watching. For the past few days, i actually watched some of the Texas/SF games. I can totally relate to how the players must have been feeling cuz i too was in "playoffs" and it was crazy exciting. I also agree with you when you stated "people who have never even watched a game in their life" and now they seem like they are fans. Maybe the Giants helped changed their mind about baseball and hopefully it encourages more people in the SF area to come out and cheer for them. Over here in Toronto, noone really cares about the Blue Jays but i'm sure if they started winning again, it would be different. May take a long time though LOL.

    On a side note, i now officially hate the Lakers LOL. I noticed that Derek Fisher pushed my Jeremy Lin on the Oct 31 game and i'm pissed at DF. Hope they don't win this season. Okay, i'll root for Miami with you LOL :)

  6. congrats on the giants. I know what you mean about jumping on the bandwagon, like back with world cup, people that doesn't even know about soccerr were like "yeeah world cup!!" so stupid

  7. @ Pamela.. Yea I get how you feel. I think that also may have been the case for some. I so agree about baseball being more fun to play than watch -SO TRUE!

    LOL good now you can join me and be a Laker hater. I hate Derek Fisher and have since 2004 on Game 5 Lakers vs. Spurs. ..The 0.4 shot. I CRIED during that game but thank goodness they didn't win that season (Detroit did.)

    @ Pop Champagne.. OMGosh!! Yes.. I honestly was not into the world cup because I've never been really into soccer but I do respect the people who play it (it's tough!!) Left and right people that never cared for, watched, or played were screaming "Yay world cup!!." But I guess like Pamela said, maybe they got excited because everyone else was excited?! Smh.. bandwagoners.