Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Check the Mail! Did you get your Sephora Gift Card?

I totally forgot that every year, Sephora VIBs are sent gift cards during the Holiday season. The amount of your gift card depends on how much you've spent during the year. The weird thing is, I didn't buy that much from Sephora this year and if I did, it was mainly with gift cards so I was really surprised when my gift card was for $20! Last year, I'm pretty sure it was only for $15.

The catch? A $40 minimum purchase is required. At least it's like getting 50% off your purchase and I was planning on getting some Christmas gifts from Sephora anyways. And it's nice to get the gift card since the whole month of December will be all about spending on everyone else and nothing/very little on myself -at least I'll be able to get a little something for ME. =)

Here's how it looks..

P.S. I mentioned in the last post that I'll be VERY busy until next Tuesday and will be MIA so I apologize for missing out on Nudey Tuesday! I believe it's the first time I've ever missed it. =(

P.S.S. Happy Birthday to my cousin!! She turns 24 today. =)


  1. do u know if this applies for canandian vib's too? or just us vibs?

  2. I'm not sure but Pamela (a reader) told me in a comment from my last post that Canadians did get the VIB discount recently (which I got too.) So if they got that discount, I'm thinking they SHOULD get this VIB gift card as well.

    And I remember reading on Sephora's VIB page awhile ago that VIBs get special "perks" throughout the year and it mentions that during the Holidays, VIBs are sent a gift card depending on how much they spend. So if that's still the case, Canadians SHOULD get it if they're VIBs. I hope you get it! =)

  3. I getting antsy because I haven't gotten mine in the mail yet...I hope it comes soon! If I recall correctly, VIBs got $20 off of a $35 minimum purchase last year but I think regular beauty insiders only got $15 off. I could be wrong though. Happy birthday to your cousin! :)

  4. I'm nowhere close to VIB but this is a really nice offer from them. Looks like Sephora is offering more discounts this year compared to last?

  5. @ Kristie.. There was a gift card for VIBs last year as well PLUS another one for regular Beauty Insiders (from what I remember) now that Tiffany brought it up. But I remember reading on the VIB page a long time ago that one of the main "perks" was that VIBs would receive a gift card during the Holidays based on how much they spent during the year so this should be a yearly thing.

  6. Oooh I never knew that they did this! This is my first year of being a VIB. I think I'll go check my mail soon :) Thanks for the heads up!


  7. I hope you get your gift card soon Amy!

  8. oooooh *drool*... when i was at sephora (Toronto location), there were some women who had the email print out and they were VIB-ers. I believe this was around the second week of NOvember. i should have asked these women if they would purchase some stuff on my behalf. It would also go towards their beauty card so it's not like a total loss for them :P *tears for being chicken* LMAO

    However, i wouldn't mind getting this card :) wow 50% off. i would maybe buy those "10 mascaras gift set."

  9. CORRECTION to my reply to Tiffany's comment:

    @ Tiffany.. Ok so I THINK last year, there was:

    1. F&F Sale (20% off for everyone)
    2. VIB 20% off (which I believe lasted longer because I remember using it many times)
    3. $15 off $35 minimum purchase for everyone (VIBS and regular Beauty Insiders)
    4. Gift card for VIBs only. I got a $15 one for sure and I believe this was based on the amount you spent during the year so everyone probably got different amounts.

    From what I remember, I was able to use all of these discounts and promos since I was a BI + VIB. I hope they have another $15 off $35 (for everyone!!) That would be AWESOME on top of this $20 off $40 (for VIBS.)

    You should get yours in the mail soon. Don't worry, it doesn't even start until Thursday. Also, I remember last year I was emailed about this stuff. Strange how I haven't gotten any emails lately from Sephora about VIB deals though -just regular mail!! Agh..

  10. I'm so excited now! Thank you for telling me!

  11. @ Pamela.. Aww.. you should've asked so that you could've gotten the discount! I would've even let you use mine if I had known you wanted to get something. (I think all you need to do is give them the email of the VIB.)

    I'm sorry, I accidentally mentioned in my comment back to Tiffany that this card would be for Beauty Insiders. What I meant to say that VIBs will be getting this gift card. If you're a VIB, you could definitely get it (but I'm not certain if Canadians will be getting it.) However, if you're not a VIB, you won't be getting it. =( Sorry!! BUT maybe Sephora will send another $15 off $35 gift card to Beauty Insiders again this year -and hopefully you can get that!

    @ Valerie Zhang.. You're welcome dear. =)

  12. The card says you have to spend at least 40...but you don't. Not online, at least.