Saturday, March 20, 2010

Current Spring 2010 Must Haves (wishlist)

SPRING 2010 Beauty Must Haves
I love polyvore -great for creating a "wishlist" collage. Currently, I'm on a No-Buy (with limited passes) until Easter and it's been pretty difficult for me. However, I am saving money by doing this.. so that's good! A no-buy doesn't mean no "browsing" though and this is what I've been drooling over:

1. MAC Pearlgide Intense Pencils (Art Supplies collection)- $14.50
5. OCC Lip Tars- $12.50

I have an unhealthy obsession. I can't help myself. The minute I get "bored" with what's currently on the market, something new always mysteriously comes along. Can't wait until my no-buy's over!

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